Boyer 30 Day Weight Loss Program Journey – My Day by Day Experience

boyer weight loss program by trish

My Boyer Weight Loss Journey – Trish’s Day by Day Weight Loss Journal & Food Challenges

My Day-by-Day Experience following the Boyer weight loss program designed by Angelique Boyer.  Last night I began preparing for my Boyer Weight Loss program. With Fiona by my side, we spent an hour and a half chopping, simmering, chatting and preparing our meals for today’s start (we also drank way too much wine and ate way too many cauliflower patties as our last hurrah!).

For the next 30 days we will be on a totally life-changing diet – or better words, way of eating for our life. I went to bed excited about the start of the diet (with a really full belly!).

Boyer Weight Loss Program

Boyer Weightloss Program – Day ONE of 30 days – Bye Bye Wine and Latte

DAY 1 – Eating to Live

The menu today consists of 3 meals, one consisting of a vegetable broth, a crunchy green salad, and a delicious quinoa, kidney bean and avocado salad.

Wow – my kitchen is covered in this delicious, colourful array of vegetables and spices. A feast for all the senses.

Each of these meals have been divided into 4 containers and the plan is to eat them throughout the day, one hour intervals. So basically I’m eating every hour. Not very much food, but no time to get hungry.

Now I will say this is my second time around with this diet. I managed to get from 78 to 72 kilograms last time around about 12 months ago. I’ve managed to maintain my weight at 72 kilograms, but I’m now ready for another ‘burst’ of weightloss to get me closer to my ideal weight and within the normal weight range on the BMI scale. So my goal is 4-6 kilograms weight loss, not a huge amount of weight, but I know this is weight that stays off, so I’m pretty excited!

See you Latte!

I swapped my morning Soy Latte for a short black this morning. Even added a half teaspoon of organic maple syrup (yes, the real stuff!), to give me the fix I need to start my day (yes, I’m a coffee addict, but I’m Italian, it’s to be expected).

So here I am at the end of a busy day, filled with delicious food, feeling healthy and quite righteous for not partaking of that bottle of wine with a friend tonight.

I’m on my way. Day 1 done and dusted. Now to catch up on much needed sleep and prepare for my body to absorb all the nutrients and release all my toxins and excess tissue.

Mmmmmm think I’ll close with a warm herbal tea. So far so good – Day two, here I come.

Day 2 – Hung-Sober and BYO Soup

Geez woke up feeling like I had a hangover this morning, and it was without the joy of drinking the night before! WT? I did have a full-on socializing week last week, so yes I must be detoxing. Only one coffee a day isn’t helping either, I’d love one more, but no – I’m gonna be really ‘good’. It’s only 30 days, we can do anything for 30 days.

It was so hard not to jump on the scales today, just to see if anything has started to work yet. Started the diet yesterday at 72.9kg on the dot, so keen to watch those numbers go down. Resisted it though, think I might have to put the scales away so I’m not tempted.

So started my day today with the usual short black. I managed to get a half decent amount of water in today – this is obviously something I’m going to struggle with – it’s so hard to drink water when the weather is cold. I’d rather have a coffee! I’m finding if I fill a glass and make a conscious effort to just sip, it seems the only way that works for me – I’m not into sculling water, I prefer to sip delicately (must have been a princess in a past life! LOL).

Managed to get a personal training session in with Sammi at “MOG” tonight too. I asked her to go easy on me because I’m on day 2 of a detoxifying diet. She was pretty kind to me – although I did manage to chat the whole way through, it was like I hadn’t seen anyone all day and just needed to talk, talk and talk some more.

Didn’t eat anywhere near as much as I probably should have today, but just wasn’t hungry. Pretty interesting evening though, we had a family dinner at the in-laws tonight, good old-fashioned lamb roast with veggies, home made gravy (yes with the pan juices), followed by home made apple crumble & nan’s traditional custard. Don’t get too excited because I DIDN’T HAVE ANY OF IT! I took my bowl of soup with me and warmed it up. So I did get to eat with the family, just not what they were eating. I’m sure they all felt sorry for me I could see the pity in their eyes, but hey I was ok with it. I was saying to myself “when you see me next you’ll be like WOW!” and it will all be worth it!

Started crazy yawning about 8pm, looks like an early night for me, got a big 2 hour walk planned with the girls in the morning. Shaz is coming to pick me up at 6.30am, hope I wake up!

Day 3 – Chocolate is a Dirty Word

It was so hard not to jump on the scales today, just to see if anything has started to work yet. Started the diet yesterday at 72.9kg on the dot, so keen to watch those numbers go down. Resisted it though, think I might have to put the scales away so I’m not tempted.

Woke up this morning while it was still dark. Got out of bed at 5.30am coz I just couldn’t stay in bed any longer. Think I was over-excited for my big walk and didn’t want to sleep through it. So we managed to walk 12kms in total, took us about 2 hours, which doesn’t include the coffee shop stop at the half way mark. Ok here goes – I have a confession to make! I know, it’s only day 3 and already. Well I’m only human. Well it wasn’t too bad anyway. What was it? Well while we were having our coffee this morning, I had 2 short blacks – yes that’s right 2!! OMG they were amazing, and I have to say the second one was even better than the first. I figured I deserved it. After having it of course I got an attack of the guilts and must have drunk about a litre of water within 5 minutes! Flush that coffee..

Everything tastes better when someone else cooks..

Now to food. Today was especially enjoyable because Fiona prepared all of our food for the next two days last night. Don’t know what it is about food consumption, but it seems to be more enjoyable when someone else prepares it for you. I’m thinking this is a great idea, I only have to prepare food every other day. Pretty good, I think I could get used to this.

Dinner time at home was the usual – everyone eating their food and me eating mine. So this evening I got to share my meal eating time, with the rest of my family chowing down on pizza, a bottle of wine, and just to really stick the knife in – CHOCOLATE! OMG I loooovvveee chocolate. It’s my other dirty “C” word – coffee and chocolate, grrrrrr.

Boyer 30 Day Weight Loss – My Day Three - Chocolate is a Dirty Word

view of one part of my morning walk – the tea tree lakes byron bay

Found myself a bit hungry this evening though – I think I may not have eaten enough protein during the day. So I had a pig out – yes a pig out – on about a cup of chickpeas. Figured I hadn’t had enough protein. How funny does that sound, “pigged out on a cup of chickpeas” LOL seriously, what has my life become, and I’ve only just started!

Early start again tomorrow, so feeling a need to get to sleep. Need extra zzzzzz’s to help prepare for the upcoming charity walk in a couple of days – 36kms Ballina to Byron. I’m pretty sure I’m not going to go the distance, but I figured I will do as much as I can and just stop.

Till tomorrow..

PS – I have to jump on those scales tomorrow – I need to know!

Day 4 -Blogging, Boyer and Bolting.

I’d barely opened my eyes this morning and bolted up out of bed coz I knew I had to get all my food for the day ready for our road trip up to the Gold Coast.  With huge container of crunchy salad packed with legumes, quinoa, avocado and herbs, I set off with this and a thermos of soup for my day trip to the goldie for an all day conference.  Nothing worse than being hungry and not having the right food to eat.

Another day of being with people eating what could only be termed a ‘feast’. So during the morning tea break with cakes, biscuits and slices on offer, I found myself avoiding being around people when they were eating.  At lunch and afternoon tea, once again I avoided everyone.  I found that a quick trip to the shop helped, but there was sooooo much food around – it’s everywhere!!  The temptation is ridiculous.  Actually if I wasn’t doing this blog I reckon I would have had a soy latte today for sure!! (and probably a whole lot more)

So seems to me when you are dieting ‘solo’ things can be pretty uncomfortable and you can be pretty unsociable.  Better planning on my part would be to avoid these situations. But then on the other hand, life doesn’t stop coz I’m on a diet.

All in all with the obstacles that have come my way today, I am extremely happy that I have managed to stay on track with the strict regime that the first 10 days of this Boyer Weightloss diet consists of.  And yes, I succumbed again and had that second cup of coffee – which I actually needed to keep me away for the afternoon session. Long black, no sugar – ahhhh haven’t had one of those for years!

This is what I call walking…

Now I’m getting psyched (and friggin nervous!) about the huge 37km Charity Walk Ballina to Byron that I’m scheduled in for tomorrow.  Figure it will take us about 6-7 hours and I’m going to have to carry all the food and water I need for the day.  Gawd, this is gonna kill me!  I better lose LOTS of weight!

Finally got home after a full day out and was starving so had a pig out on a whole cup of chickpeas with olive oil, salt & freshly squeezed lemon. I know it may not sound that appetizing, but I swear it was pure bliss after a day of salads and soup.  Gonna have a cup of mint tea before bed – would have loooveeeddd some chocolate – when I finally get some it’s going to be AMAZING.

Till tomorrow … (if I make it home!)

Day 5 – The Four Tokes Stride Forth

PHEW, what a Sunday!  Absolutely glorious day on the north coast today.  Had to get up before the birds this morning to get my meals prep’d and ready so that I would be able to survive the marathon walk.  Started my day with a short black – yes I knew I was going to need all the energy I could muster and figured the coffee would help.  So all 4 of us (my team “The Four Tokes) set off at 6am for our big Westpac Helicopter Charity Walk. We drove for ½ an hour to get to the start point.  It was freezing cold this morning, seemed like winter had set in for the day.  Glad I took a few layers, coz by the end I was almost naked!

The walk consisted of 3 stop points, you could choose 12km, 25km or 37km.  I booked myself in for 37km’s about 3 months ago.  I decided yesterday I was going to be lucky to get in 12kms.  At the 12km point what did I do? You guessed it, we stopped for another coffee!  I figured extra energy, I’m not even going to apologise for that today.  Somehow by some sort of miracle I managed to stagger to the 25km checkpoint!  Amazing! I was both exhausted and exhilarated, I didn’t think I’d last.  Took us 5 solid hours and we were really going at a fast pace. My friends are all so fit, I think I’m needing some more less fit friends, coz these uber fit ones are killing me!!  I love them to bits, they make me do what I think I can’t . It is said to hang around with people that you want to be like, and actually I just realized today, that’s what I do in my life.

After the walk our meeting point was the Suffolk Pub, where our three teams of combined friends were going to celebrate our achievement with drinks and lunch.

Ooooooo here we go again!  Sh……..t!  Is this going to be a daily issue for me?  Do I need to lock myself up?  Anyway, by the time I got to the pub I was dying for a drink with a bit of substance, I was so over the water.  So what did I order?  Hahahaha, you guessed it – a short black!  OMG that’s coffee number three today – I’m only supposed to have one a day.  Well, if that’s cheating, so be it! I followed this with mineral water with fresh lime squeezed into it.  I had two of these and it really quenched my thirst.   BUT once the lunch talk started, I almost jumped out of my chair I couldn’t leave quickly enough. Nope, not gonna sit at my favourite pub not drinking any alcohol, and watching everyone eat chips – I’m outta here!

Perfect opportunity to go home and have an Epsom salt bath – soothe the pain.  Looks like an early night for me tonight. Bit of telly, cup of herbal, hot water bottle, bed.

Wish I could find where Bruce hid those scales, grrrrrrrr!

I woke up this morning feeling absolutely incredible!  I didn’t think I was going to be able to get out of bed, I thought I’d be sore.  Well totally the opposite, I jumped out of bed like a leaping lizard and absolutely couldn’t wait to start my day.  I thought I’d be sore, but the Epsom bath must have done more good than I thought.

Quick food prep in the morning, straight to my office and started my extremely busy day. Had a cracking day at work today, not sure why, just in great spirits and got lots and lots of compliments for getting through the marathon walk yesterday.  You’re not going to believe it, I put on an Italian espresso this morning, and left without remembering to drink it!! WT?? that’s not like me.  Once I realized this you can betcha I was straight in the office kitchen making myself a short black.  It was so good.  I’m getting used to having my coffee with no sugar.  Not sure if that will be a habit I keep once the 30 days is over, but it’s ok for now.

Fiona (she’s doing this with me) was pretty excited today – she’s already lost 3kg’s!  WOW!  It’s only day 6, not even a week yet and she’s managed to lose 3kg.  OMG I so wanna jump on those scales.  I’ve begged Bruce to tell me where they are but no joy, he’s making me hang out till day 11.  Phase 1 of the diet goes from day 1-10, phase 2 is day 11-20, and phase 3 is 21-30.  Probably not a bad thing not to check in everyday (which is what I would normally do).  I think this is keeping my moods in order, because as you might appreciate there’s nothing worse than working hard to lose weight and being disappointed when you jump on the scales.

Definitely needed to stretch my body today, so I did my once weekly Gyrotonics lesson today.  Thought I’d take a pic to share with you.  What is Gyrotonics? To me it’s like stretching the deeper muscles within.  It’s combined with breathing, and I love it, it’s kinda like a deep stretch breathing routine – that’s the best way I can describe it.  I so needed it today!  I’m loving this pic, makes me look quite slim, I might have to frame it bahahaha!!  Don’t be fooled though, I am locking in my core (part of the exercise), and I was giggling too – I wish I WAS that slim.

Headed out to the shops to get all my goodies for my 2 days cook-up tonight.  It’s a great thing to do, because once it’s done you don’t really have to worry about food for the next 2 days.  It’s all there, all you have to do is dress your salads, and warm your soup.  Pretty easy, convenient, and this diet is all about the preparation.  What’s that saying, the five P’s.  Proper Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance – mmm isn’t that six?

Still craving chocolate every night though.  At the moment I’m managing to keep this desire at bay with a herbal tea and teaspoon of maple syrup (the real stuff!).  So now contemplating bed, got an early morning start – not tired at all, hoping I can get some shut eye. Think I’ll go another bath, feeling pretty indulgent, just remember if you don’t look after yourself, no-one else will.


DAY 7 – OMG it’s been a week!

Woke up with a sore lower back this morning – actually it was starting to ache last night. Think it must be the walk catching up on me. Actually my legs are a bit stiff too. Decided to have a day of exercise rest today, just because I can.

Big drive up to the Goldie again this morning, so packed my little esky for the day and off I go. Got soup, salad, had a short black already, just need to make sure I get enough water in today.

All in all a pretty boring day, nothing exciting happened. Long all day conference. Sick of sitting down not moving all day. Better make up for it tomorrow!

Different story when I got home though. Home alone – mmmmmmm where’s that scale?? Where’s he hidden it?? I’m on the hunt, going through the laundry, bathroom, kitchen, bedroom – BINGO! GOT IT, yippee. I absolutely can’t resist I’m jumping on those scales. Fair enough, it’s been a week – that’s got to be the longest I’ve ever not weighed myself.

And the results are in….

Result? You betcha! Down to 70.7kg. I’m sooooo excited, that’s a loss of 2.2kg! I’m rapt! Gotta keep it up, gotta keep going, Sh….t I’m already planning my exercise for tomorrow morning – up before the birds and I’m off to do a lighthouse walk – gotta keep the weightloss going, keep up the momentum. I remember last time I did this I got a better result when I exercised, so I’m off again. Gawd I feel like I just got a shot of ADHD, I’m springing off these walls – can’t wait till Bruce get’s home so I can brag, especially about finding the scales. He’s gonna have to do better than that at hiding things LOL.


 Sleeping on Chocolate

I reckon I deserve a little treat for all the hard work tomorrow. Mmmmm what shall I have. Of course I want it to be a food treat. Chocolate maybe? Just a little? I don’t see why not. Well probably not because once I start I may not be able to stop. Not sure, I’ll have to sleep on it tonight and see what I decide tomorrow. I’m allowed 1teaspoon maple syrup, 1 teaspoon coconut oil, and 10 almonds per day. If I save it till the evening I reckon I can crush the almonds add the maple syrup and coconut oil, and cheat with a bit of cacao and make myself my fave home-made raw chocolate. I think I just might. What would you do?

Pumped up and ready to go today.  Want to keep the momentum of the weight loss going coz I feel like I’m on a roll.  Had a fantastic nights sleep and once again leapt out of bed while it was still dark outside so I could get my early morning walk in.  Managed to sweet talk Bruce into coming with me – it’s always more fun to walk and talk at the same time, so good to have some company.

Headed up to the Byron Bay lighthouse and there were people everywhere.  Ahhhh it’s the Cancer Council Biggest Morning Tea, and there’s tents set up, people everywhere, and even the crew from Channel 9 Morning Show here to celebrate.  Managed to get a snap with two of the lovely lady volunteers.

photo-20I’m in awe of the tireless volunteers that seem to be so prominent around the beautiful Northern Rivers, these people are amazing, thank you to them all!

Headed back home to get myself ready for the day ahead feeling great for having got my workout over and done with nice and early.  Got my usual short black to kick-start my work day and headed to the office, getting ready for a photo shoot with the Plastic Surgery Hub team today with the amazing Donatella.  So had to pretty myself up.  Had a ball going through what I was going to wear, because I’ve had a dress which I bought about a year ago that has never really fit me, but I was determined to squeeze into it today!  Squeeze into it I did!  There was a problem in that I couldn’t move and I couldn’t breathe, but hey I thought I looked fantastic!  There was no way I was going to be able to wear it driving to the studio, so off it came and I packed it in my bag to take with me.

Had an absolute blast with the crew taking pics, having a laugh, squeezing into clothes that were obviously way too tight for me, but I don’t care, I was determined to wear that dress today.  And anyway, provided I barely breathed, didn’t move and talked minimally, it was perfect!  When I get the pics I’ll share it, doesn’t even look like it’s me – it looks like some stylish slim chicky babe!  LOL.  Photo shoot was followed by lunch at my favourite pub.  Guess what I had?  You guessed it – absolutely nothing!  Oh sorry, I had a mineral water with fresh lime (this seems to be becoming a habit).  Nevertheless I socialized with the ladies, played with their children, even helped them win chocolate from the chocolate machine (seems like gambling for kids really!).  Got back to the office and had my yummy warm soup.  All in all, pretty successful, not to stressful!

Found myself not very hungry today and I actually had to keep reminding myself to eat.  I’ve learnt that if I don’t eat enough throughout the day and leave myself to get absolutely ravenous I tend to have a bit of a binge.  So I’ve discovered a life lesson on this journey (only taken me 49 years of living to work it out!!) that I need to eat small meals on a regular basis.  There comes a time when I’ve gone past the caring phase of what I eat, and that time is when I’m absolutely starving!  So eat eat eat, just less portions, and more often.  I think this is the secret that seems to work for me.

Still can’t stop thinking about chocolate.  I am sooooo going to have chocolate on the weekend.  I’m going to make it myself, and I’m going to make it using ingredients that I am allowed to have (well, that may be stretching the truth).  I am determined that I can eat chocolate and still lose weight.  Watch this space!

Started my day with a slight hangover feeling this morning.  Definitely did not want to get out of bed.  Not sure what that’s about?  No exercise for me this morning.  I had to drag myself out of bed, so I figure my body wants to rest, so I will honour that!

As per usual I started my day with a short black shot, figured I needed it more than ever today.  I wondered if this was anything to do with my hormonal cycle? Perhaps? Even the chocolate thing, it’s almost like an obsession at the moment, so I’m definitely putting it down to the powers that be for a woman.

Caught up with Fiona today (she’s doing this with me), and we discussed that yesterday we both seemed to be in high spirits and in her words ‘bouncing off the walls’.  Different story today, we are both feeling a bit lethargic, and we are definitely over the food and ready to add a bit more variety.  Tomorrow we are over 1/3 of the way to the end of our 30 day challenge.  Phase 2 of the diet starts on day 11, so we are both pretty excited to be adding a bit more variety in our diet.  I can’t wait to have an egg!  Sounds ridiculous! But it’s true.

Had our PT training session this arvo with me, Fi & Shaz (check out the pic – they’re gonna kill me for posting this!).  Our session was strength, not too much cardio (thank goodness, coz we were all exhausted by the afternoon!).  I definitely didn’t want to do anything today, but extremely glad that I did.  I’m sure this blog is keeping me honest, I feel like I can’t let anyone down (including myself!).


Popped in to see a friend after work and found myself doing the usual ‘no thanks’ to the usual offer of a glass of wine.  So my social visits are becoming less and shorter in length – an absolute necessity, because I don’t have a huge amount of willpower and don’t want to do anything I will regret.

Why is it that when you’re not on a diet there’s nothing on, but as soon as you start a diet you get social invitations left right & centre!  It’s crazy I’m finding myself avoiding get-togethers if I can.  I’m going to struggle with a birthday party tomorrow night and the night after.  It’s not going to be easy, but provided I prepare what I need and probably the most important thing for me to remember is to not let myself get hungry.  This should keep me in check and keep me on track.

Planned a big walk with a few of the girls on the weekend.  Thought we’d try a 12km beach and bush treck.  Hoping this eventuates, see how we’re all feeling by then.

I’ve been avoiding this bit, but I caved tonight!  Yes I did!  I seriously have this insatiable craving for chocolate at the moment, so I decided that I needed to have it – NOW.  Not having it was not an option anymore.  So what did I do?  I made a really small piece of chocolate (well I call it chocolate).  It satisfied my desire, and seriously OMG it was orgasmic!  Here’s the ingredients – 1 teaspoon of each of these – coconut oil, almond meal, maple syrup & raw cacao.  Mix it together and put in a tiny patty pan and freeze.  I was absolutely blissed out as I was eating it.  I figured if I’m going to have chocolate, may as well be a healthy version of it.  Ahhhhh I will sleep well tonight. :-))))

Still a bit sluggish this morning.  Not wanting to get out of bed.  I’m sure it’s coz it feels like winter has set in.

Not too excited about my food plan for today, but I AM excited about the new foods I get to add from tomorrow.  I’m pretty bored with my food now – over the soups & salads and ready to get some more substantial warm food happening. I went through my plan for the next 10 days and discovered I can have a coconut.  OMG I LOVE coconuts!  So what do I do? Get straight in my car and go to our local to buy a coconut.  I devoured the juice and stuffed myself on the flesh.  Amazing how great a coconut can taste!

Bob Dylan

Disappointed that I didn’t get any exercise in today.  I’m using the wet weather as an excuse, and I’m ok with that.  Looks like I’ll have to exercise like a demon on the weekend to make up for it.  Maybe I’ll just eat less?  Mmmmm.

Temptations have been around me all day today – what is it with Friday? End of the week, time to let your hair down.  I love Friday’s but the weekly Friday socialize for me has become a bit of a nightmare.  I’m used to having a couple of drinks, and now I’m onto mineral water.  Looking forward to being able to have a bevi again!

Was lucky enough to score a couple of tickets to Bob Dylan’s 70th Birthday tribute show tonight, amazing!  I was pretty impressed with the drinks available to patrons – alcohol, COFFEE (yes coffee!!), and herbal teas.  Not back for a local community centre.  So my pre-drink & interval drink was a nice warm herbal tea (wow, that would never have happened if I wasn’t on this food plan!).  Pretty enjoyable I must say, and kept me warm as a bonus.

Yup, late night for me think I’ll get some zzzzz’s dreaming about Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door, or is that just me Blowin’ In The Wind, coz I know after this 30 days The Times They Are a-Changin’ ……

Opened my eyes, the sun’s out and thinking I should probably get a nice big walk in (make up for my lounging yesterday).

Day Eleven - 30 day Boyer Weightloss - Talk About Peer Pressure!OMG wait, it’s WEIGH IN DAY!!  Yeuuuuwww.  Ok I know I’ve done a weigh in too early, but oh well, s…t happens, I’m so ready.  So I’ve pottered around enough now, time to get naked and get on those scales.   Drum roll …… eyes closed, jump on the scale, and …. WOW!!  I can’t believe it!! I jump off and on again, and YES seems to be real – I’m 68.8kg!! WT??!!  that’s like 4kg’s in 11 days.  I must have been eating a whole pile of crap before I started this for there to be that much weight loss so far.  Pretty stoked!  Makes the whole (almost torturous) process worthwhile!

So 2 coffees down already and I’m excited and hyped-up to keep going.  For Mother’s Day this year I got a 2 hour pamper at the “Buddha Gardens Day Spa” from my wonderful children.  So the sun is out, figured I may as well walk there (about 6kms), so off I head, backpack & sunnies on.  Headed out, about half way there got stuck in the middle of a sudden downpour of rain.  Bummed about not making it the whole 6km’s but at least I got a bit of a walk in. The 2 hour pamper was amazing, I’m feeling like there’s less of me physically, more of me mentally.

Saturday night social dramas for me again.  Have a birthday dinner at Milk & Honey (an amazing place in Mullumbimby), complete with wood-fire oven.  I’m a bit anxious, coz I don’t want to be unsocial, but at the same time I don’t want to come off the rails – I mean it’s only 30 days!  I wanna stick to this!!  So there’s 8 of us for dinner, I need to be pretty careful what I’m eating here.  We shared entrees which was good coz I just nibbled on some roasted capsicum, olives, tomato and basil.

Main course? Well it’s a pizza restaurant, so it’s pizza all round.  No not me of course, I ordered myself a leafy green salad with olive oil & lemon, with a double side of anchovies (yes that’s my fish & salad modification).  This became a fair challenge, coz there was so much peer pressure tonight!  My diet seemed to be a big focus, and comments were flying “come on just a bite”, “go on just try some, it’ll be ok”.  I couldn’t believe it when Bruce even said “it’s delicious just have a bite”.  So much for support eh?  I think sometimes it’s more challenging for others when you’re on a diet.  So much peer pressure!  But I thought, no, I’m not going to cave in.  So I stayed on my mineral water, fish & salad.

At least until the cake came out …..  You haven’t seen a cake like this before, it had like a chocolate crumble base, it was chocolate cake, then topped with a meringue.  Well this was when the pressure REALLY started.  “You have to have a small piece, it’s the birthday cake” “oh go on, it’s not going to kill you” “you can start again tomorrow”.  I was going to explode!  The fight or flight in me kicked in, the adrenaline started coursing through me. Seriously I could feel my heart beat rising.  I though STUFF IT! I’m gonna have some.  So I shared about 1/3 of the piece Bruce had. Grrrrrrrrrrrrr I’m so pissed off with myself!  Then I decided no I’m not pissed off with myself, I’m just doing what most would have done.  So what? Bad luck! Who cares!  Back on the bandwagon tomorrow.  At least I didn’t have any wine!

Ok so it’s Sunday, day of rest.  Think I might cook up a few dishes to keep me going for the first couple of days of the week. That way there’s no excuse.  I figure if I start the week well, it will continue.

But first things first, need to get a decent walk in.  Was gonna try and get a solid 12km walk in, but the weather is not looking great, so decided to give that a miss (good excuse eh!).  So I meet the girls at Espressohead coffee shop and up the lighthouse we go.  Got a good solid one hour walk in, and as I’ve shared before walking with my girlfriends is no mean feat, they are like lightning, quick, brisk, relentless!  Phew, glad that’s over with first thing in the morning. Followed by my usual coffee (oh by the way I only had three today), then back home for brekkie and a big weekly cookup.

Cooked up a feast today, enough for the next two days meals.  What’s on the menu? Well I made up a veggie soup with chick peas (this will keep me warm & full), a Lentil Shephard pie (OMG it’s delicious!), home-made hommus, and a crunchy salad.  Feeling good, now I have no excuse to fall off the bandwagon!

So I noticed today that Bruce has hidden the scales again.  Probably a good idea, I can become ridiculously OCD when they are around.  Don’t know why?  There was a time when I didn’t even weigh or care about what weight I was.  Albeit I was about 120kg at the time!  Living in denial, not really caring, or perhaps too scared to care?

I’m pretty confident that this will be my ‘last diet’ and from here on in, once this is over I will be at my goal weight and I will just need to maintain myself.  So I WILL be able to go out and have a binge here and there, and I WILL be able to forgive myself for it, and I WILL continue on the path of clean healthy living – that’s my goal for the rest of my life.

Way too cold to get out of bed this morning.  I would have been more than happy just to keep snuggling and not even get up!  During this snuggle time I did make an executive decision that today will be a day of rest for me (exercise rest that is).  Feeling extremely happy about this, I am now ready to start my day.

Feeling a bit anxious about not having any scales in my bathroom – I’ve discovered that I tend to keep a track of my weight on a daily basis (or every 2 days at least!.  Probably not a great idea, but I am having withdrawal symptoms coz the scales are nowhere to be found!  Seems weird, but this is kinda stressing me out. My head is starting to fill up with self-doubt saying thinks like  “am I still losing weight”, “I’m eating too much”, “need to exercise more”.  Looks like there’s a whole lot more i need to do with the head stuff as well.  I need to remain confident, focussed, less stressed, and remember it’s not a competition, and really there’s no time frame for this, I just need to BE! And I need to trust in the process – Gawd glad I got that off my chest!

Extremely glad that I’ve prepared my meals for today already, coz I’m pretty sure if I had to prepare food today I’d be struggling with my motivation to do. Or at least my motivation to prepare something as lean and clean and I have already done.

All in all a pretty quiet day diet wise, busy working way too hard, actually using that as an excuse not to exercise at the moment.  Avoiding phone calls to just in case it’s someone wanting to go on a walk – mmmmm is this normal?  I know once I get started on exercise for the day I’m Ok, but not for me today! I’m honouring my body and doing what I think it wants today – NOTHING!

To add insult to injury I have this insatiable urge for chocolate once again.  I’m starting to worry about my serious addiction to chocolate now.  I have been reading articles about Cacao and the wonderful healing orgasmic powers it has.  I am going to dedicate the next few evenings to hunter gather as much information as I can and come up with a guilt-free chocolate I can make for myself that will satiate me.  On that, I’m off to the kitchen!  Ahhhh thank goodness for coconuts – the food of the gods!!

Still having a lazy time. Pretty excited when I think it’s day 14 and I’m almost half way to the end of my 30 days.  Doesn’t seem that far away really!

So I’m trying to refocus my mind, get myself a bit of determination, find some self-control in the depths of my brain matter, and keep on this path I’ve set myself.  Not sure why my motivation has waned, perhaps I just need a bit of “ME” time, or just allow myself to suffer these bouts of non-motivation. Whatever, I’m still going, and that’s what really matters, eh?!

Coffee withdrawal maybe? No, I’m having at least 1 coffee a day.  Perhaps Soy milk withdrawal?  Mmmm this could be it!! – I’ve heard lots of weird and wonderful things about soy milk.  No matter whether it’s good or bad, I love a soy flat white.  So I managed to contact THE Mrs Boyer today, the actual creators of this wonderful life-changing diet that I have commenced.  I really needed to know if I am able to have a cup of soy milk per day.  This is what I have decided that I need, so I really want it.  Guess what? Yes I AM allowed a cup of soy, so off I had to my fave coffee shop in Byron Bay “One One One” and yippppeeee, Sam’s doing the coffee!!  They have wondered where I’ve been because they haven’t seen me for a while (well I’m trying to avoid the coffee shop guys!), well actually I’ve still been in there everyday, just having a long black, short black, herbal tea – anything other than what I really love – SOY FLAT WHITE.  I’m just about frothing at the mouth thinking about it.

I’ve been scouring the internet looking through some wholefood and rawfood sites, looking for what could be my ‘holy grail’ to satisfy this insatiable chocolate urge now.  Bingo! Some of you lovely readers of this blog have inundated me with healthy guilt-free chocolate recipes.  So I’m going to share this one with you.  I made a batch of it tonight, and I’ve eaten the lot (so much for “one piece should satisfy you” – not me David Ryan, I had to have the lot!).

The recipe for raw guilt free chocolate

2 tablespoons of each avocado, raw cacao powder, maple syrup, coconut oil.  Mix together, and if you need it sweeter or firmer or softer or whatever, just add extra of whichever ingredient you think it needs.  I put them in some miniature cup cake patty pans, in the fridge for about ½ hour, and then in the belly in about ½ a minute!  Gawd they were great! Loved it! Feeling happy, have a smile on my face, and haven’t swayed (at least in my mind – coz I’m not counting quantity here!).  I will admit that I did share a couple with Ruth while we were watching The Biggest Loser Finale.

Ahhhh think I’ll be up early in the morning for that much needed walk.  I feel at peace with myself ……. OMMMMMmmmmmmmm

Boyer Weightloss Program – Day  Fifteen of 30 days – The Halfway mark

I can’t believe I’m actually half way there.  This is the point where you either give up or keep going isn’t it?  Feeling a bit elated because I’m half way there, but on the other hand feeling a bit OMG I’ve still got another 2 weeks.

I’ve lost just over 2kg and my goal was 4 (I think it might have been 6 but I’m always striving for the maximum possible outcome!) but in reality if I can lose another 2kg in the next 2 weeks I will extremely happy.

Had my usual PT session with my fellow dieter Fiona – she’s lost 5kg already!  That’s an amazing effort.  I can see such a difference in her – she’s looking more vibrant and she seems to have shed a layer of ‘baggage’ that was weighing her down.  She looked amazing today, you can tell when someone is eating wholesome nutritious clean food.  She’s loving the ‘eat less more often’ rule as she says “I’m not hungry”.  Goes to show how important it is not to let ourselves get hungry.  I think we’re grazers.  Or at least I know I am.  I’m sure our descendants had lots of little ‘meals’ around, meze plates, bread, cheese, salami (well my descendants were the salami eaters!).

Well there’s my rant, but I was in awe of her today, it’s funny how you can see changes in others but not necessarily in yourself.  Although if I think about it I am getting comments from my friends that I’m looking great.  I brush it off (being shy & all!), but taking compliments is something that might need to be learned.  Having said that our trainer took our measurements today, I lost 9cm’s and Fi lost 15!!  Impressive!!  Without doing anything too excessive really.

Managed to ‘dodge another ball’ tonight for dinner at the Suffo – $10 schnitzel night.  Ordered a small serve of fish with veggies on the side – no chips.  Didn’t have any bevi’s – except the 3 glasses of mineral water with lime. Feeling that virtuousness again.

So my goal for the upcoming weekend – dodge a few more balls while socialising, get a couple of walks in, maybe a game of golf.  Of course this is all depending on the rain …..

Day 16 – Which Fiona Tells Me Is Actually Day 17!

So how did I miss a day?  I think I just started working on a time schedule and somehow I’ve worked out the right time to sit down and share my thoughts.  So somehow I’ve missed a day, but I haven’t really if you know what I mean??!! Actually that makes no sense at all, sorry!

Well it’s like just got over hump day – Day 17 – we are well into the next level.

I’ve been having withdrawal symptoms for my favourite food place in Byron.  Naked Treaties – it’s a raw food bar that serves the most amazing smoothies with nut milk, coconut, fruit, greens, amazing stuff.  So I indulged this morning and had a smoothie called “I AM BEAUTIFUL” .  This is not part of my diet, I repeat – NOT PART OF MY DIET – but I know that I needed it so I had it.  It was just that,


I actually felt beautiful drinking it.  It was a great way to start my Friday.

Had a wonderful nutritious day, coffee, and Friday night drinks and dinner with a group of workmates.  More temptation!  Actually it wasn’t too bad as the food was tapas style, so it’s not too obvious coz they’re shared meals.  Managed to refrain from the salt & pepper squid, pizza, prawn and chorizo skewers, chips, wine, Hendrix (or is it henricks?).  I was extremely impressed with Fiona she was amazing!  No alcohol, bit of calamari, no wine, still social and having fun – she’s a legend!  Me, well I had to stop and buy chocolate on the way home. Dark Chocolate (as if that’s any consolation!), but at least it’s better than a cadbury’s or something!  Oh and I did have about two tablespoons of an absolutely superb red wine.  Yes I did, Green’s Organic

That’s it, I’m gonna be as strict as anything tomorrow, nothing ‘illegal’ is going to pass my lips.  I’m taking a friend shopping for a makeover so I’m looking at it as a workout.  Oh, and I’m going to the gym in the morning to do a boxing class with Ruth.

Here we go again …..

Day 19 – What a weekend!

What happened to day 17 and 18? – Well, I’m convinced that to seriously stick to this diet, you need to STOP socialising every weekend!  It’s been an absolute whirlwind of a weekend.  I’ve barely been able to lift my head up for a breath of air! Started with Friday night drinks with the work crew – this was not easy! I ended up having nothing to eat, 2 coffee’s, and copious amounts of mineral water with fresh lime.  By the time I got home (nice & early, about 8pm) I was STARVING!  Even the chocolate didn’t help! I ate way too much in one sitting – mmmmm this goes back to what I’ve already discovered – if I let myself get too hungry I will just eat whatever I can find, and way too much of it.

Saturday was also jam packed – managed to get a boxing session in with Ruth in the morning (thank goodness for that!).  Then I took a girlfriend shopping for a much-needed makeover.  She really needed it, and seriously it’s amazing what a new haircut, makeup, shoes and clothes can do for a woman.  Bridget has been working ridiculously hard for the last few years and never spent any time or money on herself.  Her whole life was being affected.  Well, she is looking like a new woman, sounding like a new woman and seems to have gained a whole new lease on life (yes really, one shopping trip!).  The trip was fraught with food danger.  I started my day with the usual coffee.  Boiled egg for breakfast, veggie juice, and headed to the Gold Coast to shop.  Well everything was fine until it was lunchtime.  Mmmmm what to eat?  Seriously, what is there to eat at a shopping centre that is wholesome, healthy, fills you up, and means you haven’t strayed?  Nothing, absolutely nothing!  That’s what I discovered.  So what did I do?  Well thought maybe I’ll drink coffee till I get back home.  Guess where I got my coffee?  Max Brennar – and I resisted all chocolate temptation. By the 2nd coffee I’d had enough.  So back to the food court I go.  The only salads available had copious amounts of high fat dressing, but I managed to find a boiled egg – thank you Sumo Salad!  Phew, something to see me through.  So the moral of my story? Well back to the 6 P’s – proper prior planning prevents poor performance!  Gee I wish I could remember this stuff I’m learning and actually put it into practice ALL the time – I guess that’s what this 30 days Is all about.

Sunday was spent leisurely lolling around.  Had a delicious brekkie with my Bruce, then off to the shops to buy ingredients for the big Sunday cookup.  This seems to be a great weekly ritual that seems to set me on the path to a good start of the week.  Bit disappointed no exercise today, but seriously I couldn’t be bothered.  Brutally honest, but true!

Ah well, tomorrow is day 20, only 10 more days to go after that.  Wow, the last phase of the diet starts day after tomorrow.  I can’t believe I’ve managed to make it so far!  Well actually I can, but it’s not been easy.

Bumped into the lady at our local store today who has been reading my blog (Hi Shaz!), and she made comment that she made some good choices at the pub last night – she just had soup and no butter on her bread roll – she said it’s the small things that add up and make a big difference – so true!  Thanks Shaz, you’ve motivated me to start my week with a B-A-N-G.

Focus, focus, focus!

Boyer Weightloss Program – Day Twenty of 30 days – Time for Self Discovery

New week, new phase, new me!  Well it’s the home stretch now.  I have to say I’m finding out a whole lot about myself through this process.  The biggest thing that I’ve discovered is that my life has a total lack of balance.  And what I mean by this is balance in how often I exercise (I’m extreme, all or nothing), balance in my food choices (I’m either really ‘naughty’ or ridiculously ‘disciplined’).  So I need to bring more balance into my life I’ve discovered. At least when it comes to diet and exercise.

Started my day with a lovely 1hour walk to work.  I was told today if you walk for an hour it’s about 10,000 steps, so that fits in perfectly with the boyer exercise plan.  It was a great start to the day, breathing in the fresh air, being part of the hustle and bustle of the busy bee workers heading off on their day of work.  It was a nice experience. Pretty boring walking on your own though if your music choices are not that great.  Think I might have to download an audio book to keep me company – or how about a subliminal audio telling me maintain a balance in my life – mmmmm we will think about that one.

Fiona is looking fantastic at the moment!  Everytime I see her she inspires me to keep going.  After our weekend check-in “How Did You Go On The Weekend?”, she’s done another weigh in, and she has lost a grand total of 6kg’s so far!  OMG – WOWWWWW!  The woman is a machine.  I couldn’t be more impressed.  She is totally sticking to the rules rigidly, mouthful by mouthful, not even one thing that is not on our list has passed her lips.  Gawd, how do I get some of that determination?!

So after a great start to the day, had my usual coffee(s), soup, egg, salad, tuna, veggie juice, avocado, onion bread (that’s bread made only of dehydrated onions & seeds – no wheat or flour or gluten or anything nasty) – it’s delicious!  All in all a pretty successful cruizey diet day.

Well at least until bookclub tonight!  Now we meet once a month and it’s a very social group is our bookclub, so we like to partake in the odd bottle(s) of vino, cheese, crackers, chocolate – you get it, all the good things in life.  Well I managed to hold off on the vino.  Didn’t even have any chocolate.  By this time I’m feeling pretty proud of myself – at least until I had that first nibble of cheese – OMG that was the end of me!!  I don’t know what came over me!  Grrrrrr so annoyed with myself – and with only 10 days to go.

I’m wondering if this is the reason that “Fiona The Machine” has managed to shed 6kgs in 20 days compared to my meagre 2kgs in 20 days.  Mmmmmm so the proof is in the pudding.

Or is that the proof is in not eating the pudding?!

All loved and juiced up today I’m off to Sydney for business and to visit my kids and stepkids.  Made sure I got up before the birds this morning so I could have a well-planned and organised  day.  I figured this will help to make sure I don’t stray – or at least keep temptation to a minimum.  So with lunch bag packed, I’m off to work before my afternoon flight.

Come breakfast – so far so good, snack – good too, lunch – pretty good as well.  Afternoon lull – mmmmmm what shall I have?  I’m finding that what is working for me is a handful of almonds.  But today the almonds are just not cutting it.  By two o’clock I’m feeling hungry – but hungry for something ‘different’.  I’m not in the mood for anything that springs to mind as being ‘healthy’.  All I want is a dose of chocolate – or even dreaming of a thickshake.  Thinking, thinking, what to do?  Ahhh got it!  I’m off to Naked Treaties for a green smoothie.  Yeah baby! That’s just what I need – a bit shot of green.  Everytime I walk into the shop I feel my heart do a little skip n jump at the anticipation of having something delicious AND nutritious!  So I’ve got an hour before I have to be at the airport by now, so checking out the menu – I decide to give my green smoothie a miss and have an “I AM PASSIONATE” smoothie.  Don’t be fooled by the name, this drink is delicious, and it is my favourite – packed with greens, passionfruit, and an assortment of other veg and fruit, just what I need.  Oh No, I can’t resist the raw granola with banana and warm almond milk.  Well is it really that bad if I have it?  Yes probably, because I have committed to a 30 day plan which doesn’t include raw granola or banana, but of course I’m going to have it anyway.  So much for willpower!  My gawd, I feel like I’m so not-dedicated.  I think I must be pre-menstrual.  Yes that’s the excuse I’m using.  Well I could have had a block of chocolate or a big sanga or something but I did choose something wholesome and nutritious – even though it actually isn’t part of my eating plan.  Oh dear (big breath here!), back to old habits again eh?!  I’m not going to beat myself up about it – I’m going to use the ‘pre-menstrual’ excuse.  Yup, that works for me.

While on the plane I thought I’d do some ‘soul-searching’ about my eating habits.  Trying to work out why such a well laid out planned day turned a little bit ‘crazy’.  The only conclusion I could come up with is that I don’t think I had enough protein in the morning to keep me sustained at a level that would make me feel satiated, especially in the afternoon.  Thinking it would be easier if I wasn’t a vegetarian.  But then again, thinking about eating meat is worse ….. back to the drawing board tomorrow.

Sydney is crazy busy! Started my day at 5.30am this morning and didn’t walk back in the door until 7.30pm this evening.  Needless to say as I’m ‘on the road’ there was absolutely no planning at all.  Having said that, I was much too busy to even think about food.  At least until my mind realised that I was starving (well, I call it starving, but it’s really just an empty stomach feeling).

I started with the usual coffee, which managed to sustain me until about 11.30am.  Driving around I thought I’d better stop and try and get some body fuel.  First stop – Broadway Shopping Centre.  Food everywhere here in Sydney, coffee shops, yoghurt shops, kebab shops, cake shops, anything you can think of there’s probably a shop for it in Sydney.  After scouring the food court and numerous food outlets in Broadway, I settled for a soup from Sumo Salad.  Pretty good, not to expensive, and team it with a bottle of water and it’s a pretty good meal (or snack for the larger eaters amongst us).  Mmmm feeling good, happy with my choices.  More running around and before I know it, it’s already 2pm, and guess what? Yup, I’m hungry again.  No I didn’t want to eat too much because I’m planning on an early dinner tonight, and early to bed, so I need to hang out for as long as I can.  Well I made it for about 15 minutes, and that was it! Food, I need food!!  I pulled up out front of a frozen yoghurt store – had a delicious low-fat yoghurt with fresh berries made into a thick smoothie.  Pretty good, I found myself quite happy with that.

Figured I’d better do a supermarket visit so I could stock up on some essentials.  Friends recommended “About Life” in Rozelle.  Well this place is amazing!  They stock a huge array of organic, wholesome, nutritious food.  It’s like a ‘healthy supermarket’.  I loved it!  So I’ve come home with a heap of stuff – dip, licorice, chocolate, veggie sticks, aromatherapy, kombucha, herbal teas, lotions and potions – this is pure bliss. I feel like I’ve died and gone to food heaven.

Well managed to get through the day without too many hiccups.  Ready to go through it all again tomorrow.  Oh, I don’t know how that licorice packet became empty – maybe I won’t restock that one tomorrow!!

Day 23 – this means only 1 week to go!  I find myself wondering what’s going to happen when it’s all over.  Half of me is going to miss the daily ritual of preparation, planning, being aware of everything I put in my mouth.  The other half of me is thinking yippppeeee I’m not going to have to worry about anything anymore!  Well, that’s not really true, I’m on a journey which I think is going to be a lifetime journey.  Although I’ll be happy to ‘let go’ of my strict daily planning etc, this is a food journey that I will be on for the rest of my life.

My geneology is such that I need to be aware of what and how much I put in my mouth forever.  Yes forever!  Seems like a long time to me!! I come from a family of women (in my mother’s family line) that are big and beautiful.  My mother was a size 8 when she was 18yo, size 18 when she was 29yo, and got up to a size 26 just before she passed away nearly 2 years ago at the age of 69 – seems way to young to die these days.  If I want to live a long and healthy life, I know I need to keep my food intake under control, and I need to commit to a lifetime of activity.  Having already lost 50kgs over the last 15 years or so, I know where I don’t want to sit on the weight barometer!

Today I picked up a book to help see me through my next phase when these 30 days are complete.  Like, where to from here? What’s next? What happens when it’s over?  Well I definitely think I need to get rid of my sugar addiction, so I found a book today while browsing in a bookshop (yes they have these in Sydney too!).

With my work in Sydney now complete, I’m pretty excited to have a day with my daughter in the city tomorrow, just shopping, lulling around, eating, taking in the sites, and maybe a Friday night bevi?  Oh wait, is that allowed??????

high tea

Delicious morning tea in Sydney

Wow, I’m keen to get home and ‘back on the wagon’ because I can assure you I’m totally “Off the Wagon” at the moment!  Suffice to say I don’t even want to talk about it! It’s funny coz I’m not really disappointed with myself, I’m of the mindset where I’m more accepting of myself and the situations that arise in my life.

I’m going back home tomorrow which is pretty exciting, I actually can’t wait to get home, get to the shops, and finish my last 6 days proud and loud! Oh, and to cook myself wholesome, easy, planned meals again.  Phew, what time is dinner?

So how did I get ‘off the wagon’.  Well I promise it wasn’t intentional.  It was more of a ‘laziness’.  It’s so easy to not have to worry about what you’re going to eat.  It’s easy not having to think about where the best place to eat is (I mean when you’re away here).  In my defence (OMG sounds like a courtroom!), when I planned on starting this 30 day journey, I had no plan to go away on a business trip. But then again, in life, things happen all the time.  Not everything is planned, we really just gotta go with the punches.

Well my daughter wanted to take me out to High Tea this morning.  “Oh yeah, I’d love that!”  Well that was how I started my day.  High Tea at QVB Building.  Pretty nice, definitely not part of the plan!  But worth it!! From there the day got progressively worse food wise.  I’m actually too embarrassed to mention the rest of my day.  I will say it ended with chocolate.  The only consolation is that it was quality Haighs chocolate.

My conclusion – bad start, bad finish. Don’t set yourself up for failure – start your day well and chances are it will finish well.

Looks like I’m gonna have to be an exercise-demon for the rest of the days, to make up for my straying.

Yayyyyy I managed to get back on the wagon!  It’s pretty powerful when you can see yourself falling over and YOU DO manage to pick yourself up again – it’s so much easier just to keep falling.  I’m so glad I’m back on the straight and narrow.  Gawd, it’s only a few more days, so it’s not really that hard, and I definitely want to finish with a BANG, not a flop!

Quite proud of myself for getting back on the wagon with such vengeance.  Arrived back home safely to Byron Bay in the middle of a heavy rainstorm, and straight into being ‘good’ again.

I would definitely recommend to anyone that if you are planning on doing something like this, don’t set yourself up for failure by having plans to go away or anything like that (mind you I didn’t plan the going away, it just came up!).  I believe that to be successful on the program you need to be close to home, or at least have access to a kitchen and the time to be able to prepare your meals.  Back to the old adage – proper prior planning prevents poor performance.

Having said that – if you do go ‘off the wagon’ be accepting of that, and be prepared to get back ‘on the wagon’ as soon as possible.  And definitely DON’T BEAT YOURSELF UP ABOUT IT!  We are all human, things happen, moods change, obstacles arise – just take each day as it comes.  So today I’ve been quite motivated and had a nice big run (I am sooooo NOT a runner!), but I figured I need to do something to ‘shake things up’ and I also wanted to make sure that I lose any weight that I might have put on during my trip to Sydney (ie licorice and chocolate binges!).  At least I didn’t drink any alcohol.  MMMmmmmm actually I did have a cocktail or two!  I’m choosing to forget about that.

So today I got up first thing this morning off to my fave coffee shop in Byron Bay – coffee with friends.  Ahhhhh it’s good to be home again.  From there straight to the shops and stocked up on the good stuff – veggies.  Back home and cooked up a huge veggie and bean soup.  So good to have handy, because if you’re hungry and there’s some yummy food, that’s what you’re gonna eat.  If you’re hungry and there’s nothing wholesome and healthy available, if you’re like me you’re gonna go straight for the ‘crap’.  Mind you I try not to have any crap in my fridge and cupboards, because I know what I’m like – I have very little willpower if there’s something there and I’m hungry, I’m just gonna eat it and think of the consequences later (or not think of them at all!).

They will probably drink loads and loads of wine I’m sure.  Well I’m off to the shop to get some sparkling water to add lemon to.  Oh, I will be drinking out of a wine glass though!  Wish me luck!!

Boyer Weightloss Program – Day Twenty Six of 30 days –  Eating Clean and Feeling Great

Wow, I can’t believe how wonderful I’m feeling today!  I’m not sure if it’s my mind or my food – perhaps it’s a combination of both.  Definitely my endorphins are on overdrive and I’m ready to take on the day.

Well managed to stay ‘on the wagon’ last night with friends for dinner.  It wasn’t too bad, I ended up making a huge batch of hommous which was great, because while everyone was nibbling on crackers & dip, I was able to hoe into carrot sticks, celery sticks and hommous.  Not too bad at all.  I also ended up squeezing a few limes and drinking fresh lime and lemon in sparkling water.  I drunk it out of a wine glass too, so I didn’t feel too out of place with everyone else socialising, drinking and eating.  All in all, pretty great effort!  Got a bit gnarly when it was dessert time!  I tend to have a ‘sweet tooth’ so I find dessert VERY hard to avoid.  I ended up making myself a batch of ‘good chocolate’ – you know the one with almond meal, coconut oil, raw cacao and maple syrup (equal amounts of each), and I munched on a few of those.  Probably not perfect, but hey, life is sometimes not perfect! LOL

Keen to get some exercise in today, but looks pretty dreary out there.  Thinking I might try and get a round of golf in – nice walk, probably about 5000 steps or so.  I figured I’d be better off at the gym, but today seems like one of those days when I just can’t be bothered – and that’s ok.

Spoke to Fiona today and she said she’s ‘strayed’ a bit over the long weekend.  They have friends staying with them, and she’s found it too hard to be entertaining without partaking in the occasional indulgence of food and wine (OMG I can so relate to that!).  She’s back on the wagon on Tuesday, and has decided to go for a week over the 30 days to make up for it.  Good idea I say!

Personally, I’m leading into a new way of eating for after my 30 days is up.  I have discovered a heap of strategies that work for me and my mind is clear and sharp about what I do that works, and what I do that doesn’t work.

So good to be on the path of clean eating.

You don’t realise how bad you have felt, until you start to feel good!  And how great is it when the good feeling becomes the norm!

Seems like not even the crappy weather is gonna hold me back this week!  Got up with the sun shining today though, so thought to myself get up quickly and get out there before it turns yuk.

With exercise it’s definitely consistency that pays off.  I can see it in myself on the scales, when I make a consistent effort to move every day the scales tend to move downwards.  When I decide not to exercise and find myself just loafing around, there can be an upward trend on those scales. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not obsessed with the scales, however I do remember during my many years of struggling with my weight, I did go to see a psychologist whose advice to me was “get rid of the scales”.  Well I did just that, and it was a BIG MISTAKE for me!  Yes without a weekly weigh-in – or as I like to call it a ‘check-in’ – I really have absolutely no idea of how I’m travelling weight-wise.  Now I’m sure some of you may think mmmmmm she’s way too obsessed.  Well I would totally have to disagree with that – some people are in tune with their body and some people are still learning how to be in tune with their body.  I am the latter.  I am still learning how to be in tune with my body.  I am still learning what it feels like to be 3kg’s heavier or 3kg’s lighter.  There was a time when I would not have known if I was 100kgs or 80kgs, wouldn’t even have cared really. Pretty sad, but true.  Well that is not the case anymore, I am very aware of my body and how I feel when I’m looking after it.

So I’m setting myself up some “New Life Strategies” for when my 30 days are over.  I figured if I write them down and make myself a rule that I read them on a daily basis – I will put them up in my bathroom, so that I read through them everyday.  I figure that the more I read it, the more ingrained it will become.  After all, repetition is the mother of skill. So here are my first 2 strategies.

New Life Strategy # 1 “Look After Your Body, It’s The Only One You Have”

New Life Strategy # 2 “Give yourself a weekly check-in” – if you don’t like what you see, it will only take a day or two of ‘awareness eating’ to get back to where you were.

Big cook up tonight, ready for my week to start, gotta keep up with Fiona!!

Boyer Weightloss Program – Day Twenty Eight & Twenty Nine of 30 days –  Time for change

They say that a waxing moon (building up to a full moon) is a great time to make powerful positive changes in your life. Well with the biggest supermoon ever happening on the 23rd June this year, NOW is the perfect time to change something in your life that’s not working for you.

Perfect timing I say, I have 1 day left on my 30 day challenge and I’m so ready because I’ve started to adopt some great new strategies so that the positive changes I am making (and probably will continue to make new ones) are going to be ingrained in my mind.  My strategies are going on the back of my toilet door, that way I will see them every morning when I get up, and every evening before I go to sleep.

The weather hasn’t been the best in Byron Bay the last couple of days, so it’s been difficult to keep motivated to just ‘get up and go’ out to do some exercise.  I’ve spent a bit of time in my lounge room doing the obligatory lunges, crunches, situps and stretching.  I figure that’s going to make me feel better for not actually getting my heart rate up for the last couple of days.  Funny how for me my exercise and food ‘life’ is like a roller-coaster – motivated one day, not so motivated the next – I wonder if others are like this, or is it just me.  So as they say “Make hay while the sun shines”, so I need to get out there and pound the pavement when I think to myself that I should (provided it’s not raining of course – wouldn’t want to get my hair wet!).

I’ve been enjoying not having to cook because I’ve prepared everything the day or 2 before.  It’s probably a habit I will adopt.  Nothing nicer than needing to eat something and it’s already in the fridge, chopped up and ready to go.  All you need to do is add a bit of salt, oil, put it on a plate a voile – good to eat.  That’s been one of the nicest things.  Another habit (especially with winter upon us) is to make up a big batch of veggie soup for a few days.  This has been one of my favourite things – you feel hungry, look in the fridge and there’s a big batch of soup that takes about 3 minutes to warm up.  Delicious!  I would have to say that this has probably been my lifesaver.  I know how I feel when I’m really hungry and there’s nothing in the fridge, so you either get out the loaf of bread and start cooking up toast after toast after toast – you know the drill!  Well this ‘soup in the fridge’ caper kinda fixes that problem!  It’s been fantastic.

Well tomorrow is the last day – can’t wait to get on those scales and see the final result.  Mmmmm am I going to be happy with it??

Oh yeah, here’s a couple more strategies –

  • New Life Strategy #3 – Drink 1 glass of water every 2 hours I’m awake.
  • New Life Strategy #4 – DO NOT BUY CHOCOLATE (Unless it is fair trade)

Me a llllloooonnngggg time ago! Me NOW!

Well it is definitely cause to celebrate!  My 30 days are complete!  Wow, what a trip!! I’m finally in the 60’s!! Pretty damn excited with my final results.  Won’t be doing our measure up until Thursday, but my weight results are in.  In the same breath I’m also a bit disappointed with my efforts too, because I KNOW I could have done a whole lot better, but ‘life’ just kinda happened around my 30 days and although I started with the best of intentions, it got a bit crazy just over the half way mark and I never really managed to get quite as ‘back on track’ as I was at the beginning. My weight loss motivation levels seemed to go up and down as time progressed. One morning my weight loss motivation was high, the next it was low.  Weird??!!

So my final results in my weight loss calculator –

  • Start weight – 72.9kg
  • Finish weight – 68.4kg
  • Total weight loss for 30 days = 4.5kg
  • Total % of weight loss  6.17%
  • BMI = 25.74 (my BMI is found by using the weight loss calculator or just go to the weightloss tab on the main page to find the BMI weight loss calculator

Doesn’t sound much, but then it sounds good too.  I think I’ve spent way too long watching “Biggest Loser” because I’m expecting those ‘big numbers’, but when you are pretty close to your goal weight the numbers are going to be pretty low.  Having said that “The End” for me is actually not going to be ‘the end’.  I’ve got 6 new life strategies that I totally believe if I can ingrain them into my daily doings, I will continue to slowly reduce on the scales to reach what would be an ideal weight for me – which I’m presuming my body has the innate knowledge to do.  I think if you are following a perfectly balanced eating regime for your body, you will get to what is your perfect constitutional weight.  Based on this, I’m presuming my body will just automatically get me down to around about 65kgs over the next 6 months, provided I stop the bingeing, and stick to a few basic daily rules – what I’ve chosen to call my “New Life Strategies”.

I’ll be continuing my blogs because this is definitely a life journey for me.  I’ll also keep the planning up because it all comes back to what you put in your mouth, so I need to plan my weight loss meals.

When I look at my before and after pics it really hits home because I actually had no idea of how big I actually was.  And the funny thing is I think once you’ve been “BIG” it’s really hard to let that picture of yourself go, you always tend to think you’re a BIG person.  Then you see a photo of yourself “Before” and you realise just how much weight you’ve lost!  Wow, that’s huge!  In fact I have looked at photos of myself now and think “OMG look how thin I am!”  I know that sounds crazy, but it’s so true.

So stay tuned on this channel, coz there’s a whole lot more to come.

PS – Fiona lost over 6kgs!  She’s decided to stay on the program for another 7 days because she had 3 days off in between – LEGEND!!

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