Sara’s Mummy Makeover Patient Story with Dr Patrick Briggs

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Sara’s Patient Journey

Like many of us Sara’s weight fluctuated, especially during pregnancy and after birth. She also had severe muscle separation after her pregnancies and realised she needed an abdominoplasty and also wanted to get her body back. Sara found Dr Patrick Briggs, Specialist Plastic Surgeon, and her results are amazing. She shares her story with us.

Q: What prompted you, or was your motivation to have plastic surgery?

real story abdominoplasty - Saras Patient Journey
Sara’s results are amazing

A: I have two children; a daughter 4 years of age and a son 2 years of age. Prior to having children I was approximately 57KGS – I had reached this weight after watching what I ate and exercised to feel good about myself and shed some weight. I reached my weight of 57KGS where I remained happy. A while down the track not too long later, I felt pregnant with our first child and at the end of my pregnancy I gained over 15KGS. I accepted my body the way it was having just given birth to our daughter, who is my whole world and everything in it. I continued to then look after myself again and watched what I ate, however I didn’t have much time to exercise due to being a new mum and my hands were pretty full. Our daughter was my world; my job. I was a stay at home mum – I still am and enjoy every moment of it.

After 1.5-2 years after delivering Ilaria – I felt pregnant again with our son. Before our son was born I never went back to my pre-pregnancy weight. I started my pregnancy carrying my son at 62KGS. It was only after the birth of my son and when he was approximately 1 year and 5 months old that I decided it was time to think of myself a little – to feel good about me again. Juggling to be a loving and devoted wife and a mother to two beautiful children, I needed something for me. I followed a gut health program and lost 11KGS – I got down to 54KG. Which I was so happy with! However there was something really bugging me. I had lost alot of muscle in my breasts. They were very droopy, pointing south lets say, whatever you want to call it! I definitely did not have the figure of a 32 year old woman. I had a lot of excess skin on my stomach from my pregnancies and the weight loss. I also had severe muscle separation – and I have always been one that didn’t have good core strength. I did not feel like a woman. This is when I decided I needed to invest in myself and consider some plastic surgery.

real story abdominoplasty - Saras Patient Journey
Dr Patrick Briggs did Sara’s abdominoplasty and breast augmentation/lift

Q: What plastic surgery procedures did you have? Did they all run smoothly, and was there any unexpected trials along the way?

A: I had a breast augmentation with a lift, together with insertion of implants and a tummy tuck and repair of my muscle separation. Everything went smoothly. My surgery time went over which my surgeon didn’t expect, however he did this to ensure everything was where and how it should be, for me. I was a bit skeptical of implants due to what is out there regarding them – ruptures, breast implant illness and so forth. Some many women advising me not to proceed, however after a lot of research, I put myself first and thought I am doing this for me, and I did! I wanted to feel womanly, I wanted a curvy bust, not a flat droopy chest. Bras and clothes were always a nightmare, it was awful! I needed to put any cons aside, focus on why I really wanted this, and promised myself that should I for any reason encounter any problems ahead I would deal with it then, otherwise for now, I am going to love this. I enjoy shopping now, everything feels perfect and I am more confident within myself.

Q: Looking back at your journey, is there anything you would have done differently, or any advice that you have for anyone looking at having similar surgeries?

Ensure you research your surgeon. Put your happiness first. The first surgeon I visited felt rather shonky – I had a gut feeling he was not the right one for me, and was under a general surgeon. I wanted a well known accredited plastic surgeon. I found my chosen surgeon and I am beyond happy. Always ensure you make an informed decision, follow your heart, and put you first.

Q: Is there anything you wish you knew before the surgery, about researching surgeons or the actual surgery itself?

No, everything went well for me, as I did a lot of research and asked a lot of questions to my surgeon and his amazing staff. Whenever I had concerns or I felt uneasy I always didn’t hesitate to ask, and I always got answers promptly. This was my very first hospital visit, stay. My very first surgery – so this was all pretty huge. Surgery itself did scare me because of this, being my first time. The recovery was a little hard not being able to lift my two children, but I had so much support around me in the end to help.

Q: What surgeon/s did you have, and did you feel they did everything they should along the way?

I had Doctor Patrick Briggs. I cannot thank him enough, for making me feel me again and confident about myself.

real story abdominoplasty - Saras Patient Journey

Q: How was your recovery and is there anything you would pass on to other patients having similar surgery?

My recovery was good, wasn’t easy at times as I never had a quiet house – seeing I had two young children around me! I had to have alot of support and distractions for the children. I actually don’t think I rested enough because of the fact I have a lot of control with my children and having to attend to them. A few times I really had to just let myself go and just sit and relax, even when it wasn’t easy.

Q: How do you feel now in comparison to how you felt before your surgery?

I feel more confident in myself and I am not afraid to try on clothes I wouldn’t usually wear or look at. I love shopping and just feel so womanly and curved. Many compliment my waist, and it feels so good to no longer look down on my stomach or in the mirror to saggy crinkly droopy skin, to now seeing flat and nothing of what I had before surgery.

Q: How did your family and friends react to your surgery?

Many do not know – only my close family members and closest friends knew. They were all supportive as they knew my reasons why I was undergoing what I was, and I even showed them some before photos. Sometimes I even showed them what I looked like under my clothes back then and why it had the effect that it did, and why I needed to do this.

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