Chloe’s New Nose and Breasts with Dr Jeremy Hunt

Chloe's Breast Augmentation and Rhinoplasty - new nose and breast

Chloe had a rhinoplasty and breast augmentation with Dr Jeremy Hunt in Edgecliff, NSW. Her journey was ultimately successful, however Chloe has some awesome insights that might help others looking at similar procedures. Having a highly regarded surgeon such as Dr Jeremy Hunt played no small part in ensuring Chloe had the outcome she had dreamed of. We asked Chloe some questions about her experience.

PSH: What prompted you, or was your motivation to have plastic surgery?

Chloe: My nose is something which has bothered me ever since I was in primary school. It was hooked and lacked femininity. I have always been self conscious about it and this sounds very cliche, but I would daydream a lot about what it must be like to be a girl with, not even a perfect nose, just one that wasn’t so overpowering on my face.

My breasts were less of a worry for me. I had always thought if I had the chance, I would make them larger, and adjust the asymmetry. They weren’t the driver for having the surgery – my nose was; but since I would be going under the knife anyway, I thought why not.

Did your plastic surgery journey run smoothly, or were there any unexpected trials along the way?

I had rhinoplasty and breast augmentation (at the same time).

Everything surgery-wise and recovery-wise ran smoothly. When my splint came off my nose 5 days later (after the surgery), I was very upset (surprisingly). What I had pictured in my mind for so many years was not what I saw in the mirror. It’s not the magic reveal you see on makeover shows.

I know now, that 5 days after rhinoplasty, the look is far away from the end result as it’s still very very swollen, blocked and broken. It has obviously now healed into the nose I did always dream of, but at the time my splint came off, despite the many, many, many times my expectations were managed, and knowing that it would be swollen etc. I was still very upset. I guess I had built it up in my mind so much, and I was so close to getting what I’d always wanted, that not seeing my face magically change overnight was weirdly a surprise.

The other unexpected trial came months after my surgery, when I was pretty much fully recovered. I didn’t expect the mental difficulties that came with changing how you look. Going in, I was so excited and happy, thinking when I came out the other side, I would just be happy because I got everything I’d ever wanted. Which is true, but also, there was a sense of grief. I said goodbye to the old me. I get very squeamish looking at photos of myself before the surgery, and that saddened me a little because the old me had some really great memories. I said goodbye to my old clothes. Not because they didn’t fit me anymore, but because they were the old me’s clothes. I wasn’t expecting sadness saying goodbye to the old me.

Looking back, is there anything you would have done differently or any advice you have for anyone looking at similar surgeries?

There’s nothing I would have done differently. My advice to anyone would be to not do it alone. I mean that not just for the physical recovery, but the inevitable mental journey you go on too. I had wonderful support from my partner and my friends, and I would find it very challenging to go through it without anyone to open up to.

How did you find Dr Jeremy Hunt?

I honestly couldn’t have asked for a better surgeon. Aside from obviously being a great surgeon, he was experienced, confident, understanding, honest, balanced and most importantly to me; outcome focussed.

How was your recovery?

My recovery was what I expected. Painful! But 150% worth it, and in the scheme of things, very short. I only took 4 days from work (including the day of surgery). I was able to work from home for a week while I had back eyes and splint on.

I’m very much into fitness and it was difficult not being able to get straight back into training, but aside from that it was relatively straightforward.

My advice to those having breast augmentation done is to follow the aftercare instructions as closely and religiously as possible. It really is worth the few weeks of commitment for the results in the long term.

How do you feel now in comparison to how you felt before the surgery?

Now, I feel free. Like a weight has been lifted off my mind. Something which used to occupy so much of my thoughts in a negative way, has disappeared. I don’t ever think about my nose in a negative way any more and it’s liberating.

Chloe's Breast Augmentation - new nose and breastHow did your family and friends react to your surgery?

My family and friends were so excited for me, as they had heard my negative thoughts on my nose for over 20 years. After the surgery I received a lot of comments of “You still look like you, I was expecting you to look completely different”, or “You can’t even tell you had your nose done”. Which is really great to hear.

You will always have those who voice their negative opinions “You’re fine the way you are”, “why would you want to change your face?”, “you’re going to look plastic” etc. etc. Those people clearly don’t know you very well, and my advice is to ignore them. Listen to those who know you.

How has your quality of life/self esteem/happiness levels changed?

Freedom of negative thoughts about myself has had a huge impact on my life. I can put all my energy into more positive, progressive thoughts and pursuits. I can be totally present in conversations, work meetings, experiences because I’m not distracted or preoccupied with thoughts of how I look.

It has also taught me to listen to myself more. People are going to judge you and impose their negativity on you regardless of what you choose to do, so you may as well do whatever you really want. If you really want surgery, do it. Don’t just do what someone else thinks is best for you.

We think you’ll all agree Chloe looks amazing. Thanks Chloe for sharing your story, and for any of you interested in finding out more about Dr Jeremy Hunt check out the blogs below, or contact his clinic on 02 9327 1733 to arrange a consult.

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