Michael’s Rhinoplasty – great nose job!

Michael’s Rhinoplasty almost a year ago - great nose job!

Michael had rhinoplasty last year. He sent us a couple of photos this week and made the comment of how different it actually is when you look at the photos. After first having it done he didn’t really feel there was a great difference. What with the swelling and complication that he had after the surgery, he felt it was still the same.

Now we all know that the body can take a while to heal, and sometimes we forget that we may just need to let nature take it’s course. So this is when the waiting game begins. Surgery is a big decision to make, and a big step to take, so it’s vital to let the body heal afterwards and equally important to keep your expectations real. If you have a Barbara Streisand kind of nose, it’s probably going to be unrealistic to expect that you will end up with a little Angelina Jolie kind of nose – and you really want your nose to fit your face – so what you’re after is a better or smaller version of your own nose.

I love Michael’s new look. He still looks the same, just kind of different? I don’t know what it is about his new nose that makes him look different, but he’s definitely much more stylish looking, extremely attractive, classy, mmmmmm not sure, but he’s looking pretty damn good. Well he looked good before anyway, but I do think he just looks better.

Now Michael is my cousin, so I have known him since he was born. He never seemed to have an issue with his nose, but a friend of his had a rhinoplasty with Dr Trott, and it planted the seed for him to have a ‘nose job’. So he had a consultation and booked in for surgery.

In this relatively short time since his surgery (a year) I have noticed an increased confidence in Michael, he actually seems a whole lot happier too. Of course when you look good, you feel good, and it definitely radiates from you.

Congratulations on a great nose job Michael! Michael’s rhinoplasty was done by Dr Trott in Adelaide. Dr Trott is still providing Michael with after surgery care. That’s what we like to hear at the Plastic Surgery Hub.

Well done Michael, you’re looking pretty damn good, pretty damn sexy, and definitely definitely like the classy looking man that you have always been to me.

Looking good cuz, congratulations on a great nose!

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