Yvonne’s Breast Reduction Surgery With Dr Craig Layt

Yvonne's Breast Reduction Surgery

Yvonne’s breast reduction surgery has been lifechanging. Her recovery has been astounding. Yvonne has been big boobed since she was around 18 and her GG’s went up to a H when she had kids. While she has actually thought about having a reduction for many years, it was finally her time to put herself first.

Yvonne is extremely honest and candid about all aspects of her breast reduction journey and gives an insight into the lead up, her (short) time in hospital and her recovery. Yvonne had day surgery with Dr Craig Layt, and says it was great to be able to recover at home.

Yvonne says it was comforting to talk to other women about their plastic surgery journeys and it definitely helped her on her own. Being able to chat to other women about their preparation, recovery, emotional journey and other aspects of the procedure and what else is involved can be extremely beneficial. If you’d like to join a bunch of supportive women asking and answering questions about their plastic surgery experiences, head to the Plastic Surgery Support Forum for Aussie Chicks private Facebook Group.

You’ll love this podcast about Yvonne’s breast reduction surgery with Dr Craig Layt.

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