Lindsay’s Breast Fat Transfer Augmentation

breast fat transfer augmentation

Lindsay knew she wanted plastic surgery after she finished breastfeeding her fourth child. Having lost a lot of confidence as a result of being unhappy with what her breasts looked like, Lindsay found Plastic Surgeon Dr Rohit Kumar and after discussing her options had a breast fat transfer augmentation. This is her story.

The surgeon makes all the difference

The difference between surgeons can make all the difference to your cosmetic surgery outcome. Time and time again we hear of patients having more difficult recoveries, not feeling prepared before their surgery, not having everything they need throughout the process, not feeling as though they have enough access to their surgeon after the procedure, and so on. More often than not (not always, there are always exceptions!) it comes down to the surgeon. There’s a reason why some surgeons are more respected, have a higher profile and generally have more patients willing to sing their praises. Lindsay says she wouldn’t have done anything differently. “Dr Rohit Kumar was my surgeon and he was absolutely amazing every step of the way! Everything went extremely smoothly and absolutely no complications came from it.” Lindsay says there’s nothing she wished she knew before the surgery because she felt prepared from the beginning. “Everything was perfect.”

The Recovery

Lindsay had a bilateral breast augmentation with fat transfer. That means she has implants combined with fat to create a more natural appearance and feel. Lindsay says even her recovery went really well. “I only had to take mild pain killers for 3 days. It’s important to take it easy afterwards, follow the surgeon’s aftercare instructions and get help with difficult tasks.” Dr Kumar is known for his exemplary aftercare. He makes himself available to patients at any time throughout the whole process, especially right after the surgery when most patients feel so vulnerable.

Dr Kumar says it’s so important that patients are vigilant in choosing a good surgeon the first time. “A large number of my patients are patients needing reconstruction from previous, unsuccessful procedures with other less experienced, skilled and trained surgeons. We don’t do $5,000 augmentations, we FIX the $5,000 augmentations.”

Lindsay says her only advise to other patients is, “Do whatever you need to become content with the way you look and feel about yourself. I feel super confident in the way I look now and I’m so happy I had it done. I got exactly what I was after. My self-esteem and happiness are through the roof now and my overall quality of life has improved so much! The changes I see now include having a lot more confidence in my appearance and as a result has improved my marriage.”

Lindsay’s results look extremely natural. “My family and friends, and everyone thinks I look amazing. I highly recommend Dr Kumar as a plastic surgeon.”

breast fat transfer augmentation
Lindsay is thrilled with her bilateral breast augmentation with fat transfer

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breast fat transfer augmentation
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