Fiona’s Breast Reduction Patient Story with Dr Rohit Kumar

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Trish Interviews Fiona about her Breast Reduction Surgery

Here’s a great real story from Fiona who is 2 years post breast reduction surgery with Dr Rohit Kumar from Sydney Cosmetic Sanctuary.

Trish: Hey podcasters. Good morning. I’m here today, and today I’m really excited because I’ll be speaking to Fiona. Fiona just recently had some plastic surgery procedures done with Dr Rohit Kumar from Sydney Cosmetic Sanctuary. I know she’s absolutely stoked, so I’m really excited to have her share her story with us today. So, welcome Fiona.

Fiona: Hey.

Trish: Thanks a lot for joining us today.

Fiona: It wasn’t so, so recent, about two years ago, but-

Trish: Okay. So, there you go then. That’s not recent at all. Tell me about … What did you have done?

Fiona: A breast reduction. I was his first record, a kilo off each breast.

Trish: Wow. That’s a lot of extra weight to be carrying around, hey?

Fiona: Yeah, especially when you’re only five foot two and weigh around 69 kilos.

Trish: Oh, wow. Wow. How long had you been wanting to have the surgery done for?

Fiona: Since about 16.

Trish: Okay. How old were you when you had it done?

Fiona: 39.

Trish: Okay. Well, that’s pretty good. I wanted to mine from about 16, and I ended up having mine done in my 40s. So, I get you totally.

Fiona: Yeah.

Trish: Tell us-

Fiona: Yeah. I had a kid and all that sort of stuff, and yeah … life.

Trish: All right. Now tell me, what was the experience like? I know they do a great before and after care. Tell me what your experience was like, because obviously you would of had it done when they were first opening up their clinic. Would that be right?

Fiona: Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. The clinic had not long opened. It’s a beautiful clinic. So, I went in for the consult, then he’s like, “What’s your realistic expectations?” I went, “As small as physically possible for my size.” He’s like, “Oh, you specified size. That was awesome.” Then I went in. He did the full consult, you know, all the photos, measuring me up, saying, “This is the realistic what we can do for you body type, because tiny, tiny back, big front, you know, there’s a lot of physics involved.”

Then I went in for the surgery, he measured me all up. Got me down as small as he could get, which was from a 12 Double P to a 12G. So, that’s a big difference. Took a shit tonne of photos. So many measurements, like about three different callipers and a bunch of text is on the bay. Then after care, I had a slight tear from one of the stitches, and he was just coming, coming, coming every day afterwards for free every day until he’d made sure there was no infection. That was just the awesome amount of work he did.

Trish: Wow. So, he wanted to make sure that he got it 100% right and he wasn’t prepared to stop until that happened?

Fiona: Yeah. He told me that before surgery that because of the huge size of my breasts at the time that I would quite possible lose my nipples. He told me, “There’s a huge chance you’ll lose all sensation in the nipples.”

Trish: Okay, so not losing your nipples but the sensation you mean?

Fiona: Yeah. No, he said, “There’s a high possibility you will lose them,” and I didn’t.

Trish: Wow. Wow.

Fiona: Yeah. He just went above and beyond every stage of the way his whole…

Trish: Right. Did you have any other surgery?

Fiona: No.

Trish: Okay.

Fiona: They put in a full after-care package. I mean, I was tempted to opt for the tummy tuck on the belly, but I went, “I’m whatever with that. That doesn’t cause me any discomfort.” I’ve always gone to surgery just to … not for looks, just this is physically uncomfortable. I’ve had a nose job previously, like when I was 17 just because I’d had my nose smashed so badly that I couldn’t breathe. So, they were like, “Yeah, get that done.” I’m sick and tired of the bra strap hurting me so badly that I’m getting arthritis in my neck sort of thing.

Trish: Yeah, right. It’s a lot to carry around, like two extra kilos right up in the top part of your body, especially when you said you’re quite petite, you know, 60-whatever kilos.

Fiona: Yeah. 69 kilos.

Trish: Yeah, right. Right. Tell me, with your surgery, what was your recovery like? You had a problem with one of the stitches, yeah?

Fiona: Yeah. So, that was one of the stitches on my left breast. I went in every two days for a dressing change, then he turned that to a week, and then a month after. This is all within the, “I’ll come back in three months, and I’ll look at you,” timeframe of recovery. During the recovery, I wore this soft bra. It’s basically like a sports bra with a front opening. I slept in a mountain of pillows so my arms were perpendicular with my body so that I wasn’t tossing and turning and messing anything else up.

Trish: Yeah. So, you did all the right things too?

Fiona: Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. You know, properly cleaned, followed all of this instructions. He was so surprised that more didn’t happen, because he hadn’t done a breast reduction that big before.

Trish: Okay. So, you were like the first one?

Fiona: Yeah, but like a month later he did a lady who was bigger than me. So, I’ve helped him actually increase his practise abilities more, because, you know, he posted me a little, like jokey thing, “Oh, somebody else broke your record.” I’m like, “I don’t care about somebody breaking my record. I helped you help other people. That’s awesome.”

Trish: Yep, that’s so true. I think that’s what happens when we have surgery, especially when something kind of a little bit out of the ordinary happens, we want to kind of share it with other people just in case either the same thing happens or anything like that just so that … I don’t know. It’s just nice to kind of be able to help other people in some way.

Fiona: Yeah. Yeah, because I remember being that girl with the overly large chest just wishing they would go away, or be smaller, or be more comfortable. If my story helps any other person who’s going, “Should I have a breast reduction?”, yes, totally have the breast reduction. It will help.

Trish: Yeah. It’s funny because a lot of surgeons that I speak to that love doing breast reductions, one of the reasons that they love them is because it’s so transforming for women’s lives. I know a lot of plastic surgeries are, but the breast reduction is just such a transformational thing because-

Fiona: I find it because we become identified by our breasts, you know, “Oh, you’re Fiona, that chick with the big tits,” that sort of thing. Yeah, you’re identified by your breasts constantly.

Trish: So true. Yeah.

Fiona: Then once you get a reduction, you’re like, people can identify you by other parts of you and not constantly calling you that ex with the tits.

Trish: Yep. Yep. No, I know exactly what you mean. I know exactly what you mean. All right, so with your after-care, and I don’t know if he was doing this at that stage as well, but I know that Sydney Cosmetic Sanctuary has a lot of little add-ons that you get when you get surgery-

Fiona: Yes. Yes.

Trish: So, what’d you get?

Fiona: I was offered … I actually handed all the things out to family members, because they were just like vouchers. There was an offer for course golfing, hair by … I can’t remember who it was, but with a hair thing, dental work, like by his in-house dentist. I also saw his in-house stylist, because it was like, “Oh, I’ve had these horrible things for like forever, and I’ve just worn loose clothing. I don’t know how to dress myself.” So, I got a visit with his in-house stylist as well.

Trish: Oh, great. So, you get like a complete transformation.

Fiona: The whole package. Yeah, yeah. There’s also a visit with the dermatologist. He’s got a lot of in-house. I can’t remember who the hair stylist is, but it’s one of the big brands in that area.

Trish: Where did you have your surgery?

Fiona: I had it in the West… Private.

Trish: Okay. So, the clinic you went to was the Leichhardt Clinic?

Fiona: Yeah, I went to Leichhardt Clinic. He doesn’t do any … only the cosmetic, dentistry, aftercare of surgery like in his surgical consult rooms, but the actual surgery is done in hospital. He also constantly posts blogs about, “Please see a proper surgeon for cosmetic surgery. These are the things that can go wrong. These are the things I don’t want to see happen.” He also talks a lot about repairs he does-

Trish: Yeah. Yep.

Fiona: … on other people who have gone overseas for the cheapy Thailand surgery and things go wrong.

Trish: Yep. Yeah. Actually just recently a patient, and she went to him for implant replacement. One of the implants was bigger than the other, so she went for a regular size. When he took them out, they were actually two different brand implants, two different sizes. They were two completely different implants. I mean, that’s disgusting. That’s just like they got one implant from somewhere, one implant from another whether it was leftover and they though they’d just get away with it, put these implants in this woman and go away. If something goes wrong, 99.99% you’re not going to go back overseas to get it fixed.

Fiona: No, you only go to people like Dr Kumar.

Trish: Yeah. Also, I think-

Fiona: Or hospitals even.

Trish: Well, I was going to say, the problem therein lies as well…

Fiona: Yeah, if there’s some infection suddenly happening and you’re suddenly needing emergency care. He’s constantly on his Facebook, and his blog, and that, “Please do your research.”

Trish: Yep. Yep. No, that’s so true. That’s so true. So, if you had one piece of advice that you could give someone who’s thinking of having a breast reduction surgery, what would be one takeaway that you could give someone that was thinking of having the surgery or about to have the surgery that you think would be really helpful to them, or something that you wish you’d known before, or something that you think you might-

Fiona: …what size you want to go down to. Don’t say, “Oh, I want to be this size,” just go to your surgeon, “As much as you can physically do and maintain a nice shape.”

Trish: Yeah. So, basically rather than saying, “I want to be a 12C or a 12D,” which is really impossible to sort of say what size you want to be, just kind of leave it and trust your surgeon that they’re going … tell them what you want, and trust that they’re going to give you the outcome that you want, which is not going to be a size outcome.

Fiona: Yeah.

Trish: Yep.

Fiona: Just go with, “I want to be comfortable.”

Trish: Yes. Totally, totally. All right. Two years post-surgery, you’re really happy with everything, no problems?

Fiona: No. No problems.

Trish: Great.

Fiona: I modelled nude recently-

Trish: Yeah, right.

Fiona: … like for a live drawing.

Trish: Yeah, for live drawings.

Fiona: I was like, “Yeah, that’s something I wouldn’t have done.” I wanted to be an artist, yeah, but are you going to model? No way, nobody wants to see this ugly ass body. You’re all saggy and there’s definition between belly and boobs. There is now.

Trish: Yeah. No, that sounds great.

Fiona: Yep, yep.

Trish: Yeah, that’s great, Fiona. So happy to hear that you’re really happy with your surgery. As I said, I feel you because I’ve been through exactly the same thing. I haven’t modelled nude, but yeah, I’ve been through pretty much all the same thing though. Oh, that’s great. Yeah, thanks heaps for your time today.

Fionas Breast Reduction Story

Fiona: Yep.

Trish: Yeah, that’s been-

Trish: Yeah, absolutely. Thank you so much for that. Are you happy to share some before and after photos that we can put on with this, the blog that goes with this podcast to show people?

Fiona: I don’t actually have any of my … I don’t have many of my before photos.

Trish: He might have some. He might have some.

Fiona: Yeah, yeah. No, no, no, yeah. You have my permission to Doctor Kumar, because he has my before photos.

Trish: Awesome. All right, great. All right, well thanks so much for your time. That’s been awesome. Ladies out there, if you’re looking for a breast reduction surgery, definitely check out Doctor Rohit Kumar who works from Sydney Cosmetic Sanctuary in Leichhardt. You can Google him, or you can drop us an email to [email protected]. Thanks heaps, Fiona.

Fiona: You’re welcome.

Trish: Okay, bye.

Fiona: Bye.

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