Lynn’s Blepharoplasty and Brow Lift with Dr Craig Layt on the Gold Coast

Blepharoplasty and Brow Lift

Blepharoplasty and Brow Lift

Lynne inherited her hooded eyes from her mum and felt she looked tired all the time and was frustrated she couldn’t use eyeliner until she decided to fix the problem and had Blepharoplasty – eyelid surgery along with a brow lift with Dr Craig Layt on the Gold Coast. She’s not only thrilled with her results but her vision has also improved.

Trish: Oh, hey, everyone. So it’s Trish here from Transforming Bodies, Plastic Surgery Stories and today, I’m joined by the lovely Lynn. Now Lynn, has just recently had some surgery with Dr. Craig Layt who’s at The Layt Clinic up in Southport. He also practises in Ballina. And we’re gonna talk to her about a couple of treatments that Lynn’s had. She’s had a blepharoplasty, and also a brow lift. Welcome Lynn.

Lynn: Hi.

Trish: Thanks so much for joining me today. We finally got together.

Lynn: Yeah, finally.

Trish: So, tell us, obviously you had your blepharoplasty because of what you had, hooded eyes. So, tell us a bit about that.

Lynn: Yeah. My mum also has it. They are really hooded. She’s had it done twice. And so, my eyes were becoming quite hooded. They looked tired all the time, and couldn’t use eyeliner. That’s important.

Trish: That would kill me, yeah.

Lynn: And so, I looked at the results that she’d had, and thought that that’s something I’d do, because it was really evident that that was going to become an issue and it would eventually come down over my pupils and affect my sight over time. So, I’d thought I’d be a little bit more proactive and get it done earlier.

Trish: That’s a good idea. And did you get that done … Because you had a brow lift as well. Did you get them both done at the same time?

Lynn: Yeah, yeah. So, when I went and saw Craig, he basically said, I’d get a better outcome if I had the browlift, which was actually the same advice my mom had had, but she chose not to do that. And yeah, so that’s why I got it done it the same time while you’re in there. And that’s probably a more cost effective way of doing it as well.

Trish: Yeah, I totally agree. And not why, but why not? If you need it or it’s gonna help you, you know?

Lynn: Yeah, that’s right.

Trish: Needing other stuff?

Lynn: Yeah, yeah. So, that’s why I’ve decided to get them both done.

Trish: Yeah. Alright, so what made you decide on Dr. Layt?

Lynn: I’ve been going to Dr. Layt for surgery for quite a while. I actually had another procedure done several years ago with him. And so, I felt like I trusted him. And also, I go and see the girls in their surgery for non-surgical treatments. I just felt comfortable.

Trish: Yeah.

Lynn: Yeah. And he’s been in the area a long, long time, so.

Trish: Yeah. And he’s great at what he does. He’s got a really good reputation.

Lynn: Absolutely. Absolutely. And I wasn’t prepared to get it done with an eye surgeon, because I just felt it was something that needed a plastic specialist.

Trish: Alright. So, just going back to when you had your surgery. So, can you tell us a little bit about the recovery? So, you went and had your consult. You knew what you wanted or did you just go in there saying, “I wanna get my eyes done.” Sorry. How did you come to the conclusion that you wanted a brow lift?

Lynn: Sure. I’ve actually had a conversation with him when I had my annual Skype review with him, so that I can continue to get treatments, the non-surgical treatments. And we had talked about the fact that I had hooded eyes and he sent me out some information on a blepharoplasty, that’s what it’s called, and the browlift. So, I’d already done a lot of that research anyway. And then I went and saw him and said, “This is what I want.” And we had a discussion about it, so yeah. And then we just basically booked it at a time that suited me.

Trish: Yup.

Lynn: Yeah.

Trish: And you look great, I’ve got to say. So, tell me, what was the recovery like? You booked in and you had your surgery. Actually, before recovery, how long were you in hospital?

Lynne is thrilled with her blepharoplasty results

Lynn: Just a few hours.

Trish: So, it was day surgery?

Lynn: Oh yeah. Day surgery. So, just a few hours, and then I spent … I don’t live near where the surgery happened on the Gold Coast. I went, and I had just booked at my hotel for the night, and my daughter came and picked me up from the hospital. She then looked after me for the night. Which really didn’t entail too much. In fact, I think I looked after her. And then, the next morning, I went back and got the head bandages off. And then … Yeah, had a nap. I had two weeks off work, which was … The lot was my choice to have that long. I think.

Trish: Okay. And did you have the two weeks because of the way you looked? Did you bruise up or anything?

Lynn: I didn’t actually bruise very much at all. I don’t have a tendency to bruise. I was quite lucky in that respect. I was a bit swollen in the forehead. And a bit red around the eyes, but it was okay. It was really about just the rest. I think the rest will allow the swelling to go down. And Craig was quite supportive. He just said, “No, if you could have that time off, do.” But from a cosmetic perspective, I probably could’ve gone back before then.

Trish: Okay.

Lynn: Probably after about a week or so.

Trish: Okay. Alright. I didn’t realise that a brow lift would be just day surgery.

Lynn: Yes. Endoscopic. Yeah.

Trish: Okay. So, what did you … Just like a couple of little slits on each side? Do you know what the procedure was?

Lynn: Yeah. I ended up with five little … in the hairline. Nicks, with some suturing in them, and they just dissolved. And behind that is like … I call it a bolt, but it’s not. It’s like a lump which holds that brow up. And they just dissolve as well, over time. And that was really it. That’s … Yup.

Trish: So, how far post surgery are you now?

Lynn: It was at October, November, something about … November. It was in November.

Trish: So, six months post?

Lynn: Yeah, so six months. Yes.

Trish: Alright.

Lynn: Yes.

Trish: And can you feel like … Are you recovered? The little slits that are you in your head, are they gone? Or do you still feel them? Or …

Lynn: You can’t feel … Three of them I can’t feel at all. There’s two still … On the two main ones at the top of my head, either side of my hair part, there’s still a little lump there. I could if I chose, I could go back and have Craig just remove them. But they’re gradually getting smaller. I’ll just let them continue to dissolve. I think … They don’t worry me. They only worry me when the hairdresser says, “What are they?” And then I have to say quietly, “Sssshhhh.” That’s from when I had my surgery.

Trish: Actually it’s funny, I also went to a plastic surgeon yesterday and he said to me, “The only people that are going to know that you had the facelift, is your hairdresser when they’re washing your hair.”

Lynn: Absolutely. The first thing she did, “What’s that?” So, advice, just let them know first.

Trish: Yeah. Alright. Great. I know that I would have two weeks off work and your recovery was pretty good, but what about the pain levels? Like after you-

Lynn: Okay, yeah.

Trish: Because like for me, when I had surgery, I just want as much painkillers as I can, because I took a long time to …

Lynn: Yeah. I wouldn’t say there was pain. To me, it was discomfort. And you’re definitely given enough pain relief if you want it. So, you get Panadeine Forte et cetera. It’s not a drug I like. I don’t like it at all. For me, the first night, when you’ve got the quite restricted head bandage on, it’s quite uncomfortable with. It feels like a pressure in your head. You know, you sleep on enough, because you’ve got to be upright and you’re constantly icing your eyes. So, it’s not a restful night. But it’s not pain. It’s discomfort. Quite a discomfort.

And then, the minute when they take that bandage off, there’s almost nothing. It basically goes away. It’s just a little irritating. And when you sleep at night, it gets a little bit uncomfortable when you’re lying on the suture lines or where those things are. But, again, for me, I had probably two nights where I had one Panadeine Forte and a Panadol, and that was the strongest I went for the whole time, then I just went to Panadol and after that, nothing.

Trish: Oh, that’s good. That’s really good recovery.

Lynn: So, I wouldn’t say it was pain, I’d say it was discomfort.

Trish: Alright.

Lynn: Yeah.

Trish: And the day you had your surgery … This is probably going to sound really ignorant, because I don’t really know that much about a bleph, because it’s something that I don’t really think I’m ever gonna need. I mean, I don’t really it much, but I know it’s a really popular surgery. Every one in four Australians has … I don’t know.

Lynn: Yeah, yeah. Apparently it’s really common.

Trish: Yeah.

Lynn: Yes.

Trish: After you finish surgery, your eyes … They don’t put anything over your eyes to keep your eyes shut? You just can still see?

Lynn: No, you can see. Yeah.

Trish: Okay. Wow.

Lynn: Yeah, but you put ice on them to help the swelling.

Trish: Okay.

Lynn: And you have … I think it was like an ointment you put in your eyes at night, because then they can get a bit … Because they get a bit dry and a bit irritated.

Trish: Okay.

Lynn: But other than that, no. And then I think you go back after that, and get … There’s a suture that runs across from one eyelid, across your nose, and through the other side, and they …

Trish: Oh.

Lynn: Is that the one? I’m trying to think. That’s one thing, and there’s another one that runs, I think, around the scalp. It’s a lot of money, you know? It was all so real at the time, and now I can barely remember-

Trish: Well, it doesn’t matter anymore, does it?

Lynn: Exactly, which clearly shows it wasn’t particularly strong then. I do remember when whatever the suture was they pulled out, I went, “Oh, that felt weird,” and that was it.

Trish: Yeah.

Lynn: So, it wasn’t painful at all.

Trish: Yeah.

Lynn: Yeah.

Trish: No, that sounds great. You would definitely recommend … Well, I know Dr. Layt’s your plastic surgeon and you’d definitely recommend him for that procedure? You look great.

Lynn: Absolutely. Absolutely. Yeah. So, the whole thing now is, I feel my eyes are fresher. I had sunglasses with a hole in the side. I didn’t even know that until after I’ve had it done, which is really interesting. My peripheral vision had been affected. Yeah, so in the arm of my sunglasses, I suddenly noticed sunlight coming through.

Trish: Wow.

Lynn: Which is really weird, isn’t it?

Trish: Yeah.

Lynn: So, I didn’t know how much peripteral vision I’ve lost. So, no. I’d definitely recommend you take it, and I’ll continue to go anything else.

Trish: And it’s funny, I love … And they do mention that when they had their eyes done, they realise, “I didn’t realise I couldn’t see so much.”

Lynn: Yeah. Yes.

Trish: That becomes your normal.

Lynn: Yes.

Trish: Awesome. Alright. So, if you had to have it done again, would you do exactly the same thing?

Lynn: Yeah. Well, I’d definitely get the bleph done again. And I guess I’d have to consult about whether you do a browlift on a browlift, but I’m hoping that that would hold off the need to have that done again.

Trish: Yeah. And before we finish, do you mind telling the listeners how old you are?

Lynn: 55.

Trish: Well, I reckon, it’s taken 10 years off your life.

Lynn: Great.

Trish: Well, thank you so much for joining us today.

Lynn: No worries Trish. Thank you.

Trish: So, listeners, if you wanna consult with Dr. Craig Layt, you can get in touch with him at The Layt Clinic, there by Southport and also in Ballina. I’m pretty sure that’s … Yeah, anyway. Give them a ring when they’re more … Otherwise drop us an email to [email protected]. Thanks Lynn.

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