Julie’s Breast Surgery Patient Story with Dr Briggs – get rid of my saggy boobs!

Julie's Breast Augmentation

Breast Surgery Patient Story

Julie had always felt duped in the breast department. Her mother had them, her sister had them; but Julie’s were more on the “petite” side. “I believe I got the leftovers,” she says. Julie says she didn’t really consider surgery an option, until after she had finished breast feeding 3 children and her mind was made up.

“I thought if I am ever going to do anything for myself, then I WAS getting new breasts. Once the feeding had stopped, I was more convinced than ever.”

We ask Julie what doctor she had, and whether everything went smoothly along the way. “I had Dr Briggs. I had done a lot of research and from the moment I sat down with Dr Briggs in his office I felt absolutely at ease and knew he was the man for me. I couldn’t be happier with my choice of surgeon/surgery and procedure”.

Julie says there is nothing at all she would change about her breast augmentation experience. “A lot of people tend to say afterwards that they wish they had gone bigger, but if you’re a mummy getting a makeover, it needs to look natural and not like you’re suddenly 18 again. If there is any advice I would give to other mums considering the process, I would tell them to “go for it”. It is the best thing I ever did.”

Julie says she found Dr Briggs “through another friend having a mummy makeover. He was recommended to me… and he would definitely be a recommendation from me to others. In fact, he already has been.”

Breast Surgery patient Story - Julie's Breast Augmentation

So how does Julie feel in comparison to before the surgery? “I feel great. I had breasts that reminded me of soggy socks. I always wore push up bras or gel-filled bras etc. and was always uncomfortable having them on display to my husband. I have more confidence in myself now and I am not ashamed.”

Have her friends noticed? “My husband absolutely loves them (LOL); my children realise something is different but don’t really understand. They have referred to me as “big boobies” though – that certainly didn’t happen before!” My mummy friends are rather envious”.

Julie breast surgery patient story is certainly a wonderful example of someone who had a goal, did her research and came out the other side with some fantastic results. We think Julie looks amazing!

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