Georgi’s Breast Augmentation Patient Story with Dr Nick Moncrieff

Georgi's Breast Augmentation

What’s it like to have a breast augmentation… including the ups and the downs? We asked lovely Georgi who has surgery with Dr Nick Moncrieff from Hunter Plastic Surgery in Newcastle last year and this is her experience.

Why did you choose to have surgery?

I really wanted more curves, but looking natural was a must. I have always been very set in what I wanted to achieve with a breast augmentation. I’m really active, so I wanted to make sure I didn’t feel that implants got in the way!

Georgi's Breast Augmentation

How was your experience before surgery?

My first point of contact with Hunter Plastic Surgery was with the amazing Jessica for a 3D Vectra simulation. Initially I was only curious to see what my options were. But I really liked Jessica and the simulation results, so I booked for a consultation with Dr Moncrieff.

He handled my tons of questions that it made me feel comfortable and informed to the point where I was confident in my decision to have surgery.

And the surgery?

I was anxious on the day of course, but it went pretty smoothly. I was a bit over the garment after the 6 week period and didn’t like having to cut back on exercise. I think the beginning of my recovery process I struggled a little with how they would end up looking due to swelling etc, but of course, once my body settled down and the implants “dropped and fluffed” I was really happy.

Georgi's Breast Augmentation

How did you find your experience with Dr Moncrieff?

I cannot recommend Dr Moncrieff highly enough! From my initial consultation through to the care taken after the procedure, he made me feel completely supported, so well informed of all stages, cared for and confident in achieving my desired results.

I am both very happy with the finished outcome as well as happy to have chosen to follow through the process with Dr Moncrieff at Hunter Plastic Surgery.

How would you rate your overall experience with Hunter Plastic Surgery?

The entire process from that simulation, the pre-operative consultations, the procedure and then the aftercare has been incredible! I appreciated the team so much that now I’ve started visiting their Renew Medispa for skin treatments too.

Was it worth it?


Georgi's Breast AugmentationGeorgi's Breast AugmentationGeorgi's Breast Augmentation







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