Plastic Surgeon Dr Terrence Scamp talks about the Benefits of Motiva Implants

Motiva Implants Safer

Dr Terrence Scamp talks about the Benefits of Motiva Implants

Anyone with or thinking about implants will probably have heard or seen the media coverage on textured implants and the concerns some women have about implants. Many of Australia’s top plastic surgeons including Dr Terrence Scamp from the Gold Coast prefer Motiva Implants and we asked him why, and a whole lot of other questions about implants and why patients should be aware of what implant they’re having placed in their body.

Motiva Implants Safer
Dr Terrence Scamp

PSH: Do you exclusively use Motiva Implants and why do you prefer them?

I have used a wide range of implant types in the past and I am familiar with their strengths and weaknesses. But I’ve always prioritized safety with any operation I do – and I think Motiva wins hands down from the safety angle. I’m always happy to discuss implant alternatives with any patient.

PSH: What are the qualities of Motiva, besides their high safety rating, that make them attractive to surgeons and patients?

The two Motiva gel types give you the option of creating a very natural result, or a more ‘fake look’ which some of our patients prefer.

Motiva implants go in comfortably through a smaller incision, and we know they cause less inflammation in the body around the actual implant, which again probably confers benefits in avoiding the long term implant complications.

The microchip in Motiva implants help to avoid the scenario I see all the time where a patient wants me to change their old implants but they have no details of implant size or type to help me plan the surgery. With the microchip in Motiva Implants all the information is there with a quick scan.

PSH: It is said that Motiva implants have less complications such as capsular contracture than other implants on the Australian market. Were you aware of this and why do you think this is?

The capsular contracture rate with Motiva seems remarkably low and this is probably due to the lesser inflammatory response that these implants generate. The clever implant surface design is also probably responsible for avoiding complications such as seroma and ALCL. But an often overlooked factor is that with the Motiva Ergonomix implant they feel very soft and lifelike and follow the natural contours and movements of the breast.

Motiva Implants Safer
One of Dr Terrence Scamp’s breast augmentation patients with Motiva Implants

PSH: What is the science and technology behind Motiva Implants that make them superior to other implants?

Well the surface design is a great start with the way it minimises the body’s tissue reactions. Then there’s the choice of two gel types for a very natural or more ‘augmented’ look. And of course the clever little on-board microchip carrying all the implant details.

PSH: Are Motiva Polyurethane Foam-Covered Silicone Implants?

No, they’re not. They are classified as a smooth-walled implant but in fact the surface pattern is designed to resemble the body’s own tissues which may explain the minimal tissue reaction.

Polyurethane however elicits a strong reaction from the body’s tissues and those implants currently have the highest percentage risk of implant-associated lymphoma, although fortunately the risk is still very low – about 1 in 2,830.

Motiva Implants Safer
Motiva Breast Implants have an innovative and safer design

PSH: How does Motiva’s Silk nano surface help reduce complications with breast implant surgery?

Reducing the tissue’s inflammation reduces some of the tissue mediators that prolong the tissue reaction which may lead both to capsular contracture and also to later complications such as seroma.

PSH: Do Motiva have both silicone and saline implants and which do you prefer?

I use their silicone gel implants as saline filled implants feel less lifelike and have a higher rate of leakage than gel implants.

PSH: Why should patients consider Motiva Implants and can they ask their surgeon of choice to use them?

Many surgeons are now experienced with these implants and the numbers are growing.
They are not technically difficult to insert and I’m sure an experienced breast surgeon would have no problem using them, should their patients request them.

PSH: How soon can patients start exercising with Motiva implants? Why is it described as being for the “Active woman”?

I like patients to start moving their arms as soon as they wake up. We heal better if we are active. The soreness and stiffness resolve more rapidly. Thereafter walking on a treadmill or riding an exercise bike are fine as soon as they feel like it. Strenuous lower body activity is fine by two weeks and upper body work should be started after 4 weeks. It’s all about rapid recovery.

Motiva Implants Safer
Motiva Quality Control – Nano-textured implants

What is the Q inside technology used by Motiva Implants? Why do patients need this?

We always give patients implant cards with the implant details. But people move house, misplace things, it happens to all of us. It’s vital information when you come many years later to replacing your implants. The Q carries this information and it’s available with a simple scan on the computer. Otherwise you’re facing an MRI to guesstimate implant size.

What is one of the features you like best about Motiva Breast Implant range and Why?

The very soft and natural feel of the Ergonomix implant in particular. Many implant types can look fine, but they feel unnaturally firm. These feel like real breasts. Well… almost 🙂

Do Motiva Implants come with a warranty?

Yes, they do. Motiva provides a replacement implant in the event of a rupture for the lifetime of the implant. Additionally, Motiva also offers an extended warranty program, for financial assistance, in the event of rupture or capsular contracture Baker Grades III or IV. More information will be provided when you register your implants online after your surgery.

Further Information about Motiva Implants

If you’d like to find out more about Motiva Implants check out the blogs below, or if you’d like to arrange a consultation with Dr Terrence Scamp click here. You can also check out his website or phone his clinic on the Gold Coast on 07 5539 1000.

Motiva Implants Safer
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Motiva Implants Safer
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