Breast Implant Rotation & Implant Flipping by Dr Raymond Goh

breast implant rotation

One of the side effects of breast implants is that they can rotate – that’s after they’ve been implanted into your breast. If a round implant rotates it is not likely to be noticed, but if a teardrop or anatomical implant rotates it can cause all sorts of issues. Dr Raymond Goh, Specialist Plastic Surgeon from Brisbane says while it’s rare, it does happen to a small percentage of patients and will need a revision to be fixed. We chatted to him about what’s involved and he shared a video with us to better explain what happens with breast implant rotation.

Why do breast implant rotate or flip?

There are various reasons as to why a breast implant might move or flip including:

  • Capsular contracture – Dr Goh explains that capsular contracture is the scarring around the implant which may be severe enough to cause symptoms including implant displacement or rotation. He says, “It can occur in the short term or many years after placement of the silicone implants. The body will naturally form a layer of scar tissue around the silicone implant – this is expected, normal, and is called a capsule. A capsular contracture occurs when the scar tissue becomes thick and firm enough to cause various symptoms including implant displacement or rotation.”
  • Trauma to the breast (if you knock it hard enough, through a sporting activity, accident or other it may shift)
  • Overuse of your upper chest muscles too soon after a breast augmentation procedure
  • Surgeon’s placement of the implant – if the pocket created by the surgeon is not the right size to fit the implant, this can lead to implant movement or rotation.

breast implant rotationDr Goh explains further. “It may be related swelling, capsular contracture, or due to technical aspects of the pocket creation, pectorals muscle release, nipple positioning, degree of skin adjustment, and establishing the inframammary fold. The implants may also take several weeks to settle into their final position after the augmentation procedure whilst the swelling dissipates, and it is important during this time that you diligently wear the supportive garment provided to help avoid any implant movement.”

Dr Goh says breast implant rotation or movement can lead to a few complications with your implants including deformity and/or asymmetry and in all cases will require an operation to correct. To see Dr Goh’s informative video on implant rotation watch his video below. Be warned that the video does show graphic real life footage of patient’s implant being removed

To see some more videos on other procedures or to learn more about Dr Raymond Goh visit his website. Dr Goh is known for his beautiful breast augmentation results, check out some of them below.

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