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Blepharoplasty Mendelson

Ageing can creep up on you, and one of the first and most obvious signs of ageing appear around your eyes. Your upper lid starts to droop and before you know it you’re looking older, tired and your vision can even be affected and you can start to get headaches. Blepharoplasty, or eye surgery, can completely transform your appearance to a more youthful state and can improve your vision. Dr Bryan Mendelson is one of Australia’s most preeminent facial surgeons and is referred to by plastic and facial surgeons all over the world. We chatted to him about how blepharoplasty, when done right, can look completely natural and beautiful.

Facial Surgery Gets Deep – Internal Support

Blepharoplasty Mendelson
Dr Bryan Mendelson is Australia’s foremost facial expert

Facial ageing, including around the eyes, occurs because the muscles and tissues beneath the skin loosen and so simply pulling the skin back will not work to provide a natural or lasting results. Dr Mendelson says, “Tightening the skin is only a temporary solution and is often noticeable and appears “forced”. This is the technique used in the early days of plastic surgery for the masses during the 80’s and into the 90’s. To provide a natural looking, aesthetically pleasing result for eye surgery, we prefer to use the Tarsal Fixation technique. It works naturally with the underlying anatomy of the eyelid, restoring internal support to the eyelid that exists in youth. Eyelids are not the place for any ‘quick and easy’ techniques, which stretch the skin and commonly lead to a deteriorated result within just a few years.”

Whilst it might seem to many that it’s our skin failing us as we age, it’s actually the changes happening beneath the skin that are causing our change in appearance. Dr Mendelson says, “Although facial ageing is visible on the skin, it actually arises from changes beneath the skin, in the deeper support layers. Achieving a natural look that is individualised for each patient and provides a lasting result can only be attained by correcting where the ageing occurs, and not by operating on the skin itself.”

Blepharoplasty Mendelson
Blepharoplasty of Dr Bryan Mendelson – eye surgery should be natural but can also restore full vision

Understanding the Face

Dr Mendelson says it’s extremely important to have a highly trained and experienced facial surgeon perform any surgery on your face. Besides it being the most noticeable place to have cosmetic surgery, the face has an extremely complex anatomy. “Having a surgeon who understands facial anatomy is essential to ensuring you get the best outcome. Even one millimetre can make all the difference when it comes to eye surgery so it’s extremely important your surgeon knows what they’re doing.”

Eye surgery has the ability to make a massive difference to a patient’s appearance, and their vision. Many patients find their upper lid drooping to the point where they may or may not realise it’s affecting their vision. Dr Mendelson says, “Surgery to the upper lids restores an attractive contour above the eye, so the shape is revealed again and the eyes look bright and full of life. Importantly, no skin is stretched in this delicate area, so the result looks natural and lasts. My technique provides a highly individualised result, as the natural shape of the eye forms the basis for the internal fixation. There is only one small incision, carefully concealed in the eyelid crease, which is undetectable within four months, even when the eyes are closed.”

Dr Mendelson is regularly invited to speak at conferences in Australia and around the world and regularly contributes to surgical textbooks, and is considered one of the world’s foremost experts on facial surgery. To learn more about blepharoplasty with Dr Mendelson check out the blogs below:

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