Fixing Breast Asymmetry with Dr Marucci

Fixing Breast Asymmetry

Most women’s breasts are not the same size. One is always a slightly different size or shape than the other. Breast asymmetry refers to when that difference in size is significant or noticeable to the point where it causes embarrassment or difficulty in finding a bra or clothes to fit. Breast asymmetry is a common reason for women undergoing breast surgery and we chatted to Dr Damian Marucci, Plastic Surgeon based in Kogarah Sydney about what’s involved in fixing breast asymmetry – when breasts aren’t the same size.

Asymmetrical breasts usually become apparent during puberty or when the patient experiences hormonal changes including pregnancy, but they can also be a result of trauma or cancer treatment where part of the breast is cut out. There are several issues it can cause including:

  • Issues with finding bras and clothes to fit. Some women can have breasts where one is anywhere up to several sizes larger or smaller than the other. Bras don’t come in different cup sizes. Clothes can also be extremely hard to find if you’re trying to hide the fact that your breasts are massively uneven. Imagine trying to hide that in swimwear. Women often solve the problem with padding, but this can be tricky.
  • Embarrassment and self-esteem issues. Many of your friends and even family might not realise you have an issue and the rest of the world probably won’t, but looking at yourself in the mirror everyday at uneven breasts can affect how you feel about yourself.
  • Lack of confidence in relationships. The right partner shouldn’t care how big, small or different your boobs are, but your self-esteem also comes into play here.
  • Physical pain – Just as larger breasts can cause back, shoulder or neck issues, so can uneven breasts. Having more weight to carry on one side of your body will eventually lead to physical issues.

Dr Marucci says breast surgery to fix asymmetrical breasts can be an extremely rewarding procedure for the patient. “Asymmetrical breasts causes not only psychological issues for the patient but physical ones too. A common cause for asymmetrical breasts is a medical condition called juvenile hypertrophy of the breast, where one breast grows at a different rate than the other and they end up completely different sizes. Correcting this imbalance with surgery can help the patient regain her confidence as well as helping with a range of physical and practical issues.”

Fixing Breast Asymmetry
Dr Marucci says, “This 46 year old lady was unhappy with her asymmetrical breasts. She was unable to find a well-fitting bra due to the difference in the size and shape of her breasts. She underwent a left sided breast reduction as a day only patient. The result shown is at 1 year after surgery.”

Breast asymmetry correction surgery

Fixing Breast Asymmetry
Dr Damian Marucci

There are several different approaches for breast asymmetry correction surgery depending on the patient’s requirements. The bigger breast can be reduced to be a similar size to the smaller one, the smaller breast can be made bigger with an augmentation with an implant (or fat transfer if the size difference is not too significant), both breasts can be made bigger or smaller, or sometimes a breast lift may be enough to bring a drooping breast into a higher position where the other breast sits.

Breast surgery to fix asymmetry should be performed by a fully qualified plastic surgeon and Dr Marucci says depending on the patient it can even be done as a day surgery. “For many patients, the surgery can be performed and the patient can return home to recover on the same day.”

If you’d like more information on breast asymmetry surgery arrange a consultation with a fully qualified and experienced plastic surgeon, or if you’d like to arrange a consultation with Dr Damian Marucci contact him on 02 9588 6374 or visit his website.

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