Rhinoplasty with Dr Ross Farhadieh

Dr Ross Farhadieh
Dr Ross Farhadieh

Rhinoplasty is a very precise plastic surgery where getting the right shape and dimensions for each patient takes skill, an artistic eye and specialised training. Dr Ross Farhadieh, Plastic Surgeon based at Panthea Clinics located in Sydney and Canberra is one of the most highly trained plastic surgeons in Australia, indeed internationally, and counts rhinoplasty as one of his specialties. His work is sought after and we had a chat with him about how he knows the nose so well.

Getting it right for each and every patient

Having your nose sculpted so that it perfectly suits you is the ultimate goal. Patients often make the mistake of asking for a certain celebrity’s nose when in reality that nose won’t suit their individual aesthetics and will look out of place. It’s all about finding symmetry, balance and proportion for your individual face. Dr Farhadieh agrees. “The ideal nose is determined as much by personal preferences and aesthetic standards as by cultural norms. There is no standard appearance and each procedure has to be tailored to the individual patient’s needs. Any facial cosmetic surgery should ideally seek to preserve essence and character, while enhancing aesthetic form and the nature of the subject. It is vital that both surgeon and patient understand and agree with each other on what needs to be addressed.”

Aesthetic and Functional

Nose surgery is as much about getting the look right as it is ensuring it functions properly. Many people have rhinoplasties to improve functionality, and anyone getting it for cosmetic reasons only need to ensure they have it done by a nose specialist to ensure it maintains function. Dr Farhadieh says it’s important to communicate all your goals, concerns and any questions to your plastic surgeon at the initial consult, “I discuss with my patients their aesthetic concerns, as well as any functional issues that may worry them. After an examination of your nose and facial features, a set of medical record photographs will be taken and all options will be discussed with you.”

The Rhinoplasty Procedure

Rhinoplasty can be performed as an outpatient surgery or with an overnight stay in the hospital. It usually takes around one to two hours but can be longer in more complex cases as Dr Farhadieh explains. “Surgery can sometimes be longer, especially in cases where it is a revision rhinoplasty or more extensive work is carried out. Depending on the aim, your nose may be built up in areas using your own nasal cartilage, the bridge may be narrowed, the septum straightened and nostrils adjusted if needs be.”

Rhinoplasty Recovery

You need to factor in at least two weeks recovery for rhinoplasty surgery. You will have bruising and swelling and this lasts anywhere from a few days to two weeks. Dr Farhadieh provides us with more detail. “When you wake up in recovery, there will be a thermoplastic splint on your nose. You will need to wear this for up to 2 weeks post-surgery. The majority of swelling and any bruising from surgery will settle within the first 3 weeks, and the remainder in the following 3 weeks. Although you can start walking immediately after discharge, reduced relative activity and no exertion during the first week to 10 days is advised. Social activities can start 10–14 days after surgery, depending on the level of swelling and bruising. Normal sports activities can be recommenced at 6 weeks and contact sports at 3 months.”

Rhinoplasty surgery is one of the most significant things you can do to change the look of your face. Having a beautifully shaped nose can make all the difference and it is definitely one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures out there. However, it is also the procedure with the most revisions performed. This means that things can and do go wrong. You will absolutely minimise your risks by choosing a fully qualified and experienced plastic surgeon who considers rhinoplasty as one of their specialties.

If you’d like more information about Dr Ross Farhadieh from Panthea Clinics check out the blogs below, check out his website, or to arrange a consultation you can phone 1300 03 03 71.

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