Breast Augmentation – Who can you trust to do yours?

Dr Ross Farhadieh
Dr Ross Farhadieh

When you’re looking for a surgeon to do your breast augmentation how do you know if they’re good – the best one for you? Who can you trust to do yours? You’re going to be off to a good start if you choose a fully qualified and trained plastic surgeon. You’ll be ahead of a few more if you choose one who actually specialises in breast surgery. Finally, one who is recognised throughout the Australian and international communities as being a leader in his field gives you the best chance possible to get the results you deserve. Dr Ross Farhadieh from Panthea Clinics in Sydney and Canberra is all of the above, and more. We asked him what women should look for when trying to choose their breast augmentation surgeon.

What do you want?

Dr Farhadieh says when it comes to any elective surgery you need to put a lot of time and through into deciding what you want. “It is both a personal journey of self-discovery and a search for the options that suit your needs best.” Knowing your surgeon understands exactly what results you want can make a massive difference to your outcome. Also, having a surgeon trained and experienced in the latest and most effective techniques is going to give you a better result with less scarring and minimise your risks.

Dr Farhadieh has a special interest and expertise in breast augmentation. Recognised internationally he has contributed to several plastic surgery journals and textbooks and offers free breast reconstructions for women who have lost them to cancer. He takes pride in providing state of the art outcomes for his patients and wants all women to have confidence that comes from loving their bodies, and their breasts. He says, “When it comes to self-image, shapely breasts are arguably the most desired part of the female form. For women who are unhappy with their bust, breast implants offer the opportunity to achieve their ideal figure.”

It’s all in the technique

Dr Farhadieh confirms how important it is to use the highest quality implants for the best results, not to mention minimising your risks. “At our Panthea Clinics in Sydney and Canberra, we use only the highest quality implants available. With a lifetime guarantee, this gives you complete confidence knowing that the risk of complication is low and you’re covered it something does happen to go wrong.”

Dr Farhadieh says while each patient is different, his preferred approach is the dual plane technique. “During breast augmentation surgery, implants are optimally placed on the chest wall partially behind the pectoralis major muscle and partially under the breast gland for the best and longest lasting results.

“There are a few different approaches to breast implant surgery. Axillary or armpit incisions are suited to patients getting saline implants, while periareolar (nipple) or inframammary (below the breast) incisions are usually used for silicone implants.Scientific literature reflects that inframammary approach is the safest and best option.”

Discuss all your options with your surgeon

Dr Farhadieh stressed how important it is for your surgeon to discuss all options to you during your consultation with your surgeon in order to develop a unique plan for you and your individual circumstances.

A good surgeon realises that one size actually does not fit all and breast implants should be tailored to the woman sitting in front of him or her.

If you’d like more information on Dr Farhadieh and the Panthea Clinics check out their listing here, or their website. You can also phone them on 1300 030 371 to arrange a consultation.

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