Rhinoplasty with Dr Lisa Friederich

Rhinoplasty with Dr Lisa Friederich
Dr Lisa Friederich
Dr Lisa Friederich

All cosmetic surgeries could be considered a form of art, however Rhinoplasties with Dr. Lisa Friederich have got to be the most precise and artistic of all the procedures. The most obvious part of your face with very little room for error, plastic surgeons with an interest in nose surgery have got to be a little, if not a lot, artistic to have a vision and create a nose that is going to be aesthetically pleasing as well as functional. Dr Lisa Friederich is just that. Not just a plastic surgeon, she is also trained in the fine arts and sees her work as combining the two. We talk Rhinoplasty with Dr Lisa Friederich.

The Rhinoplasty Artist Dr Lisa Friederich

Before becoming a plastic surgeon, Dr Friederich studied art and photography and even had her work exhibited in the Art Gallery of WA. She says, “It was this artistic drive that ultimately attracted me to plastic surgery. I find my appreciation and understanding of aesthetics is invaluable in my planning and practice of plastic surgery, especially rhinoplasty.”

Dr Friederich recently spent two weeks in Istanbul with Dr Nazim Cerkes, considered a rhinoplasty expert. “I’m aiming to go back in April next year as he hosts a live rhinoplasty surgery course. I think I watched him do 17 on my last visit! I believe no matter how good a surgeon thinks they are that learning and improving on their knowledge, experience and technique can only benefit the patient.”

Natural looking noses

Dr Friederich believes the best results are the natural looking ones. “Surgery is problem oriented. You define the problem, consider the solution and then you fix it! Plastic surgery is different to other types of surgeries in that every case is unique, whether it be reconstructive or cosmetic in nature. By necessity it requires some thought and individualisation. Details and finesse are important to get the best, most natural looking results, and rhinoplasty is the hardest of them all to get right. That’s why there is more rhinoplasty revisions than any other procedure. Although that’s also the reason why I love it and have a special interest in rhinoplasty. That striving for perfection suits my artistic focus.”

Dr Friederich can be found at Harbour Specialist Clinic, however she also does one day a week out of Dr Gavin Sandercoe’s rooms in Bella Vista NSW, and is also going to be consulting fortnightly at Dr Anh Nguyen’s practice in Perth for the next few months. Being a highly sought after surgeon, Dr Friederich is available in these three locations, however you can contact her on 1300DrLisa to arrange a consultation.

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