Mons Pubis Reduction – Get rid of your FUPA with Dr Mark Vucak

Mons Pubis liposuction

Mons pubis liposuction is a procedure more and more women are interested in, whether it’s the final step in a massive weight loss journey, or as a stand-alone procedure to reduce the size and bulge of the pubic mound that can often affect a woman’s confidence in wearing swimwear, sexy underwear or self-esteem. Dr Mark Vucak from QLD Plastic Surgery says mons pubis reduction is a safe procedure that can transform a woman’s shape and her life. We take a look at how you can get rid of your FUPA.

What is a FUPA?

FUPA stands for Fatty Upper Pubic Area. It’s that layer of fat over your pubic bone that can be more prominent in some women than others either because of genetics or after childbirth when the muscles become more lax and more fat is stored than there was before. The mons pubis can also appear more prominent after a patient has achieved massive weight loss and had skin removal procedures such as an abdominoplasty. Mons pubis literally means pubic mound, and with the increase in awareness and acceptance of procedures such as vaginoplasty, MonaLisa Touch and other procedures to rectify the appearance and function of a woman’s private areas, mons pubis liposuction is also becoming more popular.

Mons Pubis liposuction, also known as a Monsplasty

Dr Vucak says there are several reasons why patients want a monsplasty, including:

  • Self consciousness of the size of the mound – this can lead to embarrassment and unwillingness to wear clothing that highlights the area such as swimwear or tight clothing etc.
  • Increased sweating which can also lead to a smelly problem!
  • Health issues such as infections – this can be particularly problematic if there are folds of skin that don’t allow the area to air.
  • More and more younger women are also having the procedure so they can just feel more confident in showing off their bodies in a culture where the bikinis are skimpy and the dresses can be tight.
  • We are in an age where if you have an insecurity about any area of your body, there is usually a procedure or treatment that can fix it.

What does a mons pubis liposuction procedure involve?

Dr Vucak explains how the procedure works. “Most of the time the Mons Pubis is heavy with weight loss and often combined with an abdominoplasty or tummy tuck. We can take out excess fatty tissue and pull the mons up to flatten it during this operation. I find it’s best to fix the mons to the scarpas fascia and rectus sheath during the elevation for a permanent result.

“Occasionally if it is an isolated problem we can liposuction the mons under local anaesthetic and if the person is young there is enough skin tone to hold the tissues up. If not, a suprapubic incision to take out skin can be used again under local anaesthetic in the rooms.

Often we combine MonaLisa vaginal rejuvenation in this area to tone the tissues and extend the laser to the external tissues as well as the vagina.This extra treatment area really seems to make a difference. We use three treatments, performed in our rooms, each about 20 minutes spaced at 6 week intervals to get the best results.

“Occasionally we use Mons pubis reduction with labiaplasty. If the labia majora is very flat then fat can be taken from the mons to inject into the labia majora as fat graft for fullness instead of fillers and combined with a reduction in the labia minora all done with internal sutures.

“From an anatomical post of view there are no vital structures in the mons area and there is no loss of sensation with this reduction. It’s important to preserve the suspensory ligaments but I’m always surprised how much flattening is possible with very little in the way of side effects.”

Feeling confident with your whole body is important in being the best person you can be. You no longer need to feel self conscious about an area often not talked about, and reducing the size of your mons pubis is becoming a much more acceptable procedure whether it’s after massive weight loss or just because.

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