The technology used in the MonaLisa Touch procedure utilises two key aspects; a fractional CO2 laser that can safely deliver heat deeper into the tissue than other laser wavelengths; and a unique laser pulse technology that starts with a small ablation of surface tissue and then gradually tails off to deliver the right amount of heat to stimulate natural regeneration of tissue. Importantly, this allows the MonaLisa Touch to treat the tissue in a single pass, which makes the treatment shorter and more patient-friendly, eliminates the chances of over treatment and increases the safety for the patient.

In the weeks following treatment the vaginal tissue regains collagen, blood supply and hydration; and the strength, elasticity and health of the vaginal wall improves.

Q. How many treatments are needed?

A. Results can be felt after one treatment. It is suggested full benefits will be seen after three to four treatments, however this can be discussed with your Doctor.

Q. How long do the results last?

A. All the changes obtained with the MonaLisa Touch procedure last significantly longer than traditional treatments. As the natural ageing process continues the treatment can be repeated as desired.

Q. How long does each session last?

A. Generally each treatment would last about 5-10 minutes!

Q. Is there pain during the treatment?

There is absolutely no pain. Most patients describe the experience as a slight vibrating sensation within their vaginal skin.