Emma’s Breast Reduction with Dr Sheree Moko

Breast reduction is a procedure close to my heart. It was the procedure that changed my life. It was also the experience that led me to starting Plastic Surgery Hub. You can’t understand how debilitating and painful large breasts can be unless you’ve got them. Emma has an amazing story about her breast reduction journey, and I’m so proud that she’s agreed to share her story with us, in the hope that it might help or support the many other women out there who’s journeys are not always smooth sailing. Emma has had a total of THREE breast reductions! Here she shares her story in her own words. She also shares some amazing photos. Take away from this story – Be prepared for recovery, it may take longer than you think!

Emma: What prompted me to have a breast reduction was that my breasts were growing at a very fast pace over the last few years due to a maybe hormone growth – but one breast was in a race of its own being nearly twice the size ! I have always had large breasts and had had my first reduction 28 yrs ago. But I was now feeling uncomfortable again especially having an autoimmune disease that attacks my muscles, especially my neck and back. It had to be sorted out.

So I contacted a doctor who specialises in reconstructive surgery and booked in. This was the second doctor I had seen, as the first one put me in the too hard basket!

The Operation

I had my second breast op done a year ago. I had the reduction and a small implant was also put in to give me a good shape. However, I was not happy as they were still too big and fleshy and this had nothing to do with the implant which was behind the muscle. It was explained that if too much flesh was taken out, the nipple could die as the main blood supply came from this area (so this is the second time I’ve had my nipples removed) . I also had a bad scar I wasn’t happy with so booked back in. In all fairness, my problem wasn’t an easy fix and certainly not cut and dried, if you will excuse the pun lol.

I went in 12 weeks ago for scar revision and another reduction – a further 230ml was removed from each breast, however I was cut around the side of my back and all the way around my breasts.

The Recovery

It was 11 days till I could lift my head off the pillow – it was excruciating pain as the fatty breast tissue was liposuctioned out. The pins and needles and the constant burning of my scars were indescribable! I have gone from a F cup to a D /DD depending on the bra.

I am happy with the now results considering what we had to do, and very thankful to my surgeon Dr Sheree Moko who put all my worry and stress at ease. She is a woman that cares about women, and as I said I was not an easy operation. She took me back to theatre the second time with no cost to me whatsoever, including the painkillers, antibiotics and Strataderm scar treatment. I would like to give a big shout out to Dr Moko and her excellent all women team, including Dr Helen Crilly her Anaesthetist who is a magician in putting me out , I have a shocking phobia to cannulas and needles etc.

I also want to say how much I loved the Strataderm products I used for the scars during my recovery. I believed it has made a huge difference to their appearance – and it’s so easy to use, I used it twice a day.

My advice to ladies is that everyone is different and we all have different thresholds to pain. I was told the last op wouldn’t be as painful as the one before by the doctors and staff, and that couldn’t have been further from the truth for me lol. But it has been life changing for me and I would say go for it ladies!

Emma’s Breast Reduction Blog Image

Emma’s Breast Reduction Blog Image

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