Love Thy Mound – Do you need a FUPA Monsplasty?

Love Thy Mound

Mound of Venus. Mons Pubis (translation “pubic mountain”). Fatty upper pubic area. I thought I’d heard it all, researching and writing in an industry where focus on appearances and body issues are what it’s all about. But today I stand enlightened, because I’ve just read about and discovered a new area women are concerned about. And you know what? I have actually thought about that particular area and wondered if mine was like all others! We are talking here about that area under your belly, below your waist, the part that holds the feminine parts in, the area just above the pubic bone.

Not often thought about or noticed unless you have a particularly protruding one, it is mostly noticeable when you wear swimwear, tight clothing or are standing naked in front of a mirror, side on. And you tend to notice it less if you have other areas such as your belly and butt creating a more hourglass reflection. It’s something none of us women like to even admit we have thought about. After all, protruding body parts in the sex region are the men’s domain. They’re the ones who have things that stick out from their groin. There is no place in that domain for women. Or is there?

The first time I ever thought about it was when I was in my mid-twenties and my first real big love and I decided we wanted to shave both of us free from hair down there. We were experimenting and brave, and did the Brazilian on both of us… a word, or status, starting to really gather momentum and become in vogue. So when I got rid of all my pubic hair, all of a sudden we could see there was in fact shape to an area that was mostly before considered just a hole, or an opening to put those sticking out parts that MEN have into. But we liked it, and it was novel… for a while. The shape and level of protrusion was certainly not considered unsightly or unusual – it was just… there.

So the focus women have on their bodies has reached a new high… or low… Apparently this is an area that few women will admit to anyone, including their friends and partners. However, it is something that plastic surgeons are asked if they can fix. So, can they?

The answer to that is YES. Designer vaginas, or vaginal rejuvenation, were first referred to in the late 90’s and with all the modern advancements in plastic surgery and technology they have become almost mainstream in today’s appearance orientated world. We’ve heard of labiaplasty, clitoropexy, vaginoplasty and hymenoplasty (yes, this last one does indeed reattach the hymen, to simulate virginity).

Well now, there is monsplasty, or vulvar lipoplasty – plastic surgery to reduce the size in order to create a more streamlined, flattened area. Liposuction is also an option here, however it will cost you between $2,000 and $6,000 depending on your surgeon, hospital and amount of time required to suction out the required amount of fat in order to give you a perfectly unremarkable mons pubis.

I have to say though; I sort of find my mound sexy. I know my first big love did… he ended up fathering my son and he still tells me my body is beautiful just the way it is. And I have mounds and little bulges all over it!! I think it comes back to how comfortable you are with yourself, and how far you are willing to go to have a “perfect” body with each and every part of it gaining “perfection”, including the nether regions. For me, I think unless yours is particularly “out there”, the mound is sexy.

Even if it is a little more “out there” than others, the men I talked to about it think it would more likely be a turn on than a turn off. Bring sexy back to the mound, I say!!