Dr Steven Liew – Universal Beauty Template

Steven Liew Shape Clinic on Universal Beauty Template

Universal beauty. Is this possible? Is there a specific formula or shape for being beautiful? When we look at famous actresses, singers and other public figures that are considered beautiful, there are definitely similarities. High cheekbones. Fuller lips. Wider set eyes. These are all recognised as contributing to the overall attraction of a person. This is something that Dr Steven Liew of Shape Clinic in Darlinghurst, Sydney studied, refined and put into practical application with his innovative surgical and non surgical procedures transforming the faces of his patients to both delay the physical signs of ageing and assist in making patients more attractive at the same time.

Dr Liew has always been at the forefront of his field, specialising in facial and breast surgery early in his plastic surgery career, and has only gone on to hone and fine tune his skills to become one of the most recognised and well-respected leaders in the field.

Dr Liew has brought together the plastic surgery and non-surgical aesthetics industries together by showing that they do work better when hand-in-hand with each other. Dr Liew’s work has taken him all over the world, and he is a renowned and sought after presenter, passing on his breakthrough revelations on creating and maintaining beauty in his patients. A lot of the topics he now presents on include those of the non-surgical nature, showing that technologies and advancements have enabled patients to achieve their desired outcomes without needing to go under the knife.

Dr Liew has developed what is known as the Liew International Face Template. This is indeed a global beauty template that Dr Liew based on studies of the facial shapes of the world’s “most beautiful women”. He noted that these women did in fact all share similar facial shapes and angles. Also known as the Liew LIFT, this template is being heralded as the measuring tool for modern facial enhancement procedures and is being followed by surgeons and practitioners all over the world.

As well as being Shape Clinic’s Principal and Medical Director he also serves as a consultant plastic surgeon at St Vincent’s Private Hospitals. He is also recognised as the only advanced trainer for anti-wrinkle injections in facial reshaping in Australia.

Through Shape Clinic Dr Liew is also able to provide an international training facility for cosmetic medical practitioners.

Having recently heard him speak at the 2015 Non-Surgical Symposium held in Melbourne, we can tell you that Dr Liew lives up to his reputation as being one of the finest speakers in the industry. Charismatic and obviously extremely knowledgeable and enthusiastic about his work, Dr Liew inspires and redefines what we thought we knew about beauty and transforms it into something that all of us can achieve.

For more information on Dr Steven Liew, see our interview with him here or visit his website.