Breast Implant Removal with Dr Justin Perron

Breast implant removal

There are many reasons why a woman would want the removal of breast implant. From safety concerns, to a change of heart and self-image to the discomfort that is sometimes present with implants – especially after many years.

Whatever your reason to remove implants and regardless of your choice once the implant has been removed, Dr Justin Perron is one of the most highly qualified and experienced plastic surgeons in this field in Australia.

Dr Justin Perron
Dr Justin Perron

Implant Removal AKA ‘Explant’

Explants’ as it is known (positively) in the industry and among women who have been thrilled to have their implants removed. In early September Dr Justin Perron shared an extraordinary image of the vast range of implants he had recently removed.

An Extraordinary Range of Removed Implants

Implant Removal“It’s been a busy few months of implant removals!” Dr Justin Perron explained in his post. “There was 14.71kg of implants removed, not including ruptured or saline devices. It’s interesting to see the various differences when they’re all together; shape, texture, size etc,” said Dr Justin.

“The older implants tend to appear ‘yellow’, which is due to the movement of lipophilic (fat soluble) molecules across the silicone shell. Some older implants can also appear slightly cloudy. The biggest implant removed was 700cc, the smallest was 155cc.”

Aside from the variation of both size and colours, there were purple coloured ‘sizers’ removed from a woman who had her surgery overseas. According to Dr Justin Perron, “There was one patient who had her breast augmentation overseas, and had a sizer used instead!! The purple implants are sizers only, and not used as a permanent implant.”

What Women Say about Implant Removal with Dr Justin Perron

What was also evident in Dr Perron’s post was the gratitude and respect many of his patients expressed, with comments such as:

“Good work on helping woman regain their lives. When you took mine out, my life changed for the better forever. Externally grateful to you for that…”

“This is by far one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Thankyou Dr Perron and team for providing such wonderful support and skill.”

“It is the best decision of my life to have you taking my implants and capsules out!! Thank you for being so amazing throughout this process for me.”

If you are considering having implants removed, you can contact Dr Justin Perron at: 07 3861 8800

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