4 Key Differences Between a Full & Mini Tummy Tuck

4 Key Differences Between a Full & Mini Tummy Tuck

When your body goes through a significant change such as weight loss or pregnancy, the skin and muscles of your abdomen do change and stretch.

Unlike excess weight, an eating plan and thorough exercise routine won’t be able to smooth out and flatten your stomach – this is where a tummy tuck can really help.

If you’ve been looking into this procedure, you will know that you can either opt for a full or a partial (mini) tummy tuck. But what are the differences between these two procedures exactly?

Partial vs. Full Tummy Tuck: 4 Main Differences

The Incision
This is one of the most noticeable differences between these two tummy tuck procedures. The length of the initial incision differs between a full and partial tummy tuck, with a full tummy tuck’s incision running from hip to hip. A mini tummy tuck’s incision placement is similar but much shorter. A shorter incision is certainly appealing but your surgeon won’t have as much access during your surgery.

The Belly Button
During a full tummy tuck, the belly button is actually removed and relocated because the navel is pulled down during surgery and would look odd if it was left as is. Since not as much skin is removed during a partial tummy tuck, the placement of the belly button won’t change much because it won’t need to be repositioned. This also means that a mini tummy tuck doesn’t result in a scar in this area.

Correction Levels
A tummy tuck specialist will tighten the skin and repair the stomach muscles from the ribs to the pubis during a full tummy tuck, making this ideal for someone who has a lot of excess skin and muscle laxity throughout the upper abdomen. A mini tummy tuck only focuses on the lower abdomen, which includes the entire area below the navel. If you have any concerns above your navel, a mini tummy tuck isn’t the right option for you.

Surgery and Recovery
Since less work is required, a mini tummy tuck is a much shorter surgery and offers a faster recovery period. Most mini tummy tuck patients can return to work within a week, while a full tummy tuck requires at least 10 days of recovery time. Mini tummy tuck patients are also able to resume their usual activities much sooner than those who opt for a full tummy tuck but either way, your surgeon should always give you the go-ahead first.

Choosing Your Tummy Tuck Option

Choosing between a mini or full tummy tuck really depends on your aesthetic goals and your current abdominal concerns. Basically, if you feel that you’ll need a more significant correction, a full tummy tuck is far more worthwhile.

Regardless of the option that you choose, be sure to choose your surgeon carefully. Not only should your surgeon have the relevant qualifications but thorough experience too. If you want great results and want to make your health and safety a top priority, take the time to do enough research.

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