Creating Upper Pole Fullness with a Breast Lift and Implants with Dr Raymond Goh

Upper Pole Fullness

Dr Raymond Goh performs a large number of breast surgeries each year and shared these photos of a recent breast lift patient who also had implants to get the shape she wanted. The patient was a young lady in her 20’s who didn’t like her droopy breasts and larger areolas. She came to Dr Goh who performed a breast lift with small implants. Dr Goh says, “We were able to provide this patient with more upper pole fullness, better breast shape and more ideal nipple areola size and position. She also wanted to be slightly bigger in cup size, but wished to remain natural and in proportion to her body and lifestyle.”

Upper Pole Fullness

Many women request “upper pole fullness” from their surgeon. The upper pole is the part of the breast from the nipple upwards. A full upper pole refers to a rounder upper chest and cleavage. To achieve this look the surgeon needs to place the implant higher in the chest. There are a few things a surgeon considers to achieve upper pole fullness including:

  • Patient anatomy – different patients have different builds and so different approaches are required.
  • Placement of the implant – usually an under muscle placement is preferred to achieve upper pole fullness but your surgeon will help decide what’s best for the patient.
  • Size, shape, material and profile of implant – an implant with greater projection, or profile, is usually more likely to create a fuller upper pole. Size is important too – a larger implant will create a higher and wider upper pole.

Dr Goh says, “Pre-operatively for this patient both her nipple location and most of her breast tissue were located below her breast crease. Her right side was slightly larger than her left. The procedure she had was an augmentation mastopexy (lift with implants). During surgery, I removed slightly more tissue from the right side. Droopy breast tissue that lies below the breast crease in general needs to be removed, otherwise there is a greater risk of the breasts sagging again, simply to the effects of stretch and gravity. By removing the droopy tissue, and putting in an implant (275cc) that takes into account the tissue removed and the patient’s desire to be slightly bigger, we achieve our two goals of improved breast shape (especially in the upper pole) and breast size.”

Dr Raymond Goh is based at Valley Plastic Surgery in Brisbane, QLD. To see more of Dr Goh’s work check out the blogs below, or if you’d like to arrange a consultation with him click here.

Upper Pole Fullness
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Upper Pole Fullness
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