What is Genioplasty? – Chin Surgery Before and After Photos with Dr Raymond Goh

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Chin and neck surgery is enjoying a massive surge in popularity as patients realise what a huge difference the shape or positioning of your chin can make to your overall appearance. Dr Raymond Goh, Plastic Surgeon based at Valley Plastic Surgery in Brisbane chatted to us about the benefits of cosmetic chin surgery and shares some patient photos with us.

Two types of Chin Surgery

Dr Goh says there are two ways of cosmetic chin surgery. “Chin enhancement can in general be done in two ways: alloplastic (chin implant) or osseous genioplasty (cutting and moving the bone). The later is more versatile in that you can move the chin in whichever direction is required according to the patient’s presenting anatomy, whereas an off-the-shelf implant can only increase forward projection for the chin.”

Genioplasty, the technical term for chin surgery, can be performed by a plastic surgeon or a maxillofacial surgeon (a surgeon who specialises in mouth and jaw surgery). As genioplasty is generally wanted for cosmetic purposes, more often than not it is not covered by Medicare or private insurance. As Dr Goh explains above there are two different ways to perform the surgery, but there are several results that can be achieved:

  • Moving the chin forward
  • Bringing the chin backwards
  • Shift the chin to one side or the other (this can help with unbalanced, or asymmetrical chins)
  • You can also make the chin longer or shorter.

Chin surgery can also be combined with non-surgical treatments such as fillers, wrinkle injections or fat transfer to give a better shape or profile. Dr Goh says that chin surgery can make a massive difference to a patient’s self confidence as it can completely change a patient’s appearance. “Chin Surgery can give a marked improvement in the definition of the chin leading to a much better overall balance and harmony to the patient’s face.”

Dr Goh shares one of his patient’s photos as an example of what is possible with genioplasty and says, “In this particular case, the chin bone was cut and moved forward around 10mm and locked in place with plate and screws. The patient is very happy with the results and as you can see her face and profile has much better definition and shape.”

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