Coco Ruby Plastic Surgery in Hawthorn, Victoria

It can be tricky trying to figure out which Surgeon to choose and trust for your surgery. One clinic that tries to make it easier for you is Coco Ruby Plastic Surgery in Hawthorn East, Victoria, with locations handy to Richmond, Kew, Toorak and Balwyn as well as to the Melbourne CBD, Berwick and Western Melbourne.

Along with having 6 Specialists (5 Plastic, Reconstructive and Cosmetic Surgeons and an Oculoplastic Eyelid Surgery expert), they also have Patient Care Liaisons to walk you through the process of surgery and support you on your journey.

Coco Ruby Plastic Surgery also have an extremely informative and thorough website to provide you with the information you need for your plastic surgery, from start to finish. They even have FREE SURGERY GUIDES!

Coco Ruby

A Large Team of Specialist Plastic Surgeons and Specialists

We have always advised patients to consult with at least two or more surgeons to compare information, surgery approaches, and techniques – to help you find someone you feel you can trust and feel comfortable with. You want to make sure the Plastic Surgeon you choose has heard your surgery goals and understands what bothers you the most, and what you are hoping to achieve through surgery. But you also want someone to tell you the honest truth about what surgery can and cannot accomplish. That’s really important, and the team at Coco Ruby Plastic Surgery are dedicated to helping individuals become better informed about cosmetic surgery procedures. They make patient education on their website a top priority.

Second Opinions

At Coco Ruby Plastic Surgery, when you consult with one surgeon, you are also effectively getting access to one of the Melbourne’s largest teams of Specialists for Cosmetic procedures.

Michelle, Patient Experience & Patient Care Team Manager at Coco Ruby Plastic Surgery, affirms , “The surgeons regularly discuss the best course of action for patients with complex concerns, so basically you’re having a round table with over 100 years of experience of what should be done for patients with very complex problems or revisional surgery needs.”

The Coco Ruby Plastic Surgery & Men Surgeons Group

Coco Ruby

Dr Craig Rubinstein, Specialist Plastic Surgeon
Specialises in Tummy Tuck and all Breast Surgeries including breast augmentation, reconstruction and breast reductions. He’s also an expert in reducing asymmetry when you have uneven breasts.

Dr Geoff Barnett, Specialist Plastic Surgeon
Breast augmentation, transaxillary breast augmentation (armpit incisions), facial rejuvenation including face lift, neck lift and eyelid surgery, rhinoplasty, and body contouring and skin fold reduction after weight loss or pregnancy.

Dr Rebecca Wyten, Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon
Specialises in breast augmentation, fat grafting to breasts, breast lift, tummy tucks, Mummy Makeovers, vaginal rejuvenation and labiaplasty.

Dr Richard Sackelariou, Specialist Plastic Surgeon
Renowned for his surgical expertise in all facial rejuvenation techniques including facelifts and neck lifts, rhinoplasty, breast surgery and tummy tucks.

Dr Rohit Kumar, Specialist Plastic Surgeon
Specialising in breast augmentation, blepharoplasty, liposuction, remove and replace of implants plus revision breast surgery in Melbourne.

Each of the surgeons at Coco Ruby Plastic Surgery also know when to refer patients to each other to ensure the patient is in the best hands possible. Each of the team’s surgeons has their own specialties and areas of expertise; they know each other’s focus areas very well, so they do refer patients to one another when they feel the patient is best seen by another Surgeon who focuses on the particular surgery the patient is seeking, such as for revision surgery. This ensures you really are getting the best possible surgeon for your procedure. Between the Surgeons on the team, they cover just about every type of cosmetic plastic surgery procedure you might ever think of having, from breast augmentations, to fat grafting to face or breast, to breast reductions and breast lifts, to rhinoplasty and blepharoplasty to neck lifts and facelifts. Plus, they offer high-tech LED based healing treatments and scar reduction strategies.

Support that goes that extra mile

Michelle’s job as a Patient Experience & Patient Care Team Manager is to support Coco Ruby Plastic Surgery patients. To provide them with information. She says, “We talk to them about, “Well, what’s worrying you? What are your areas of concern?” We’ve got time to really listen to our patients. We’re not receptionists, we’re not nurses, we are focused more on being educators and assistants in getting patients the information they need, such as covered in our guides educators. We can spend sometimes six minutes, 15 minutes, sometimes 25. I’ve spent as much as 45 minutes on the phone with a patient.

“Like a support service, it’s like a pre-consult. We talk to them about the whole journey, the whole procedure, what’s going to happen. I’m a friend. I’m a girl on the phone who’s had surgery herself. I’m a mum of three kids.

I was a patient before I worked there, so I’ve really been on that journey that the patients have been on. I talk to people and say, “I’ve had an abdominoplasty.” “Have you really? Oh, tell me all about it, because I don’t know anyone who’s had one. What happened? How did you go with the kids…?”

I tell them how I handled my journey. I’m not a nurse. I can’t give any medical advice. I’m not a doctor, but all I can share with them is what I’ve had happen and how I got through the tricky times when you can’t do the driving and you can’t do the picking up, that you’re going to need support. I think that’s probably what makes us really unique.”

The Coco Ruby Plastic Surgery team are just that… a team.

They all work together to ensure that their patients are taken care of from the first phone call a patient makes, to the essential follow up care after a procedure is performed. This is what we love about them.

To find out more about Coco Ruby Plastic Surgery you might want to check out the blogs below, or check out their website where they have dozens more before and after pictures, along with some really wonderful guides to get you started. You can also phone Michelle or one of the other Client liaison offers to have a chat on (03) 8849 1444
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