Combining Breast and Body Surgery with Dr Nicholas Moncrieff from Hunter Plastic Surgery

You’ll love this Facebook Live with Dr Nicholas Moncrieff from Hunter Plastic Surgery on combining breast and body surgery, held on our closed Facebook Support Forum “Plastic Surgery Support For Aussie Chicks”. There were a heap of questions from the community for Dr Moncrieff, and it was a real insight on what #moncrieffmagic is all about.

Questions answered included the following.

What do you believe is the best implant available on the market??

What causes rippling in implants ? And what do you usually do to correct the issue?

Do all implants to your knowledge take a weird shape when bending over? Or is this cause from excess breast tissue or implants not large enough?

I’ve been diagnosed with a post Cesarean Section Neuroma that requires surgical intervention would it be best to:
1)speak to a plastic surgeon about the surgery on its own,
2) incorporate it into an abdominoplasty,
3) continue with Gynecologist for surgical intervention.

How long do you recommend you should wait in between surgeries? What is the recovery time before you suggest the second surgery can be performed for those patients needing to break up their procedures into more than one surgery?

Group member asking for a friend. She has lost 25 kg and wants to lose another 15. How close to her goal weight does she have to be for a mummy makeover (breast lift, augmentation and tummy tuck)?

Dr Moncrieff, do you do the belt lipectomy procedure? If yes, can this be combined with arms or br/bl?

Are there any medications, supplements etc. that you advise patients to stop using before surgery?

As a very active person I run daily and workout with weights 4 times a week. How long will I need to rest and for? I am currently training for a marathon and considering a BA prior to this but don’t want to loose my athletic achievements.

Does it cost more to combine surgeries ( breast aug and tummy tuck ) ?

Or is it more cost effective to have them separately ?

Also , if you have a muscle repair tummy tuck separately, how much does medicare cover , if any ?

Is it possible to ask two questions? If so I would like to ask the following:

If a patient had large breasts with lots of sag and wants only a breast reduction/lift (no implants) is it best to have this surgery before or after a significant weight loss (15+kg). Thankyou.

My questions are:
– how are the incisions made in the breast for lift/reduction?
– what is the scarring like for BR BL?

Here’s a link to the pictures prepared by Dr Moncrieff’s Team.

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