Rhinoplasty in Brisbane, with Dr Raymond Goh from Valley Plastic Surgery

Rhinoplasty in Brisbane

Rhinoplasty in Brisbane with Dr Raymond Goh

Dr Raymond Goh has a reputation as one of Queensland’s best rhinoplasty surgeons in Brisbane, and it’s easy to see why with his results. Rhinoplasty is such a precise surgery with the highest rate of revisions of any plastic surgery, so it’s essential you go to a surgeon who knows what they’re doing. Based at Valley Plastic Surgery in Brisbane, Dr Goh’s patient was happy to share these awesome before and after photos. She’s absolutely thrilled with her results.

Dr Goh says, “This patient’s rhinoplasty incorporated a dorsal reduction, nasal bone narrowing and tip rotation, refinement and support. She is very happy with her results and it is a great outcome.”

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