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  • Sara Palmerston

    I have always had small breasts and have never thought much about them. However, after my second child was about half a year, I realized that I basically had no breasts! All I had was empty skin lying on my chest. I therefore decided to try out a breast implant surgery and was referred to Dr. Briggs by a good friend. My consultation went well and I could not wait to have a new look. I received a lot of care and support from Dr. Briggs and the team before the surgery and the post op care was great! I had a smooth recovery and I could not have asked for more!

  • Claudia Riddoch

    I was very cautious when looking for a qualified surgeon since I know surgery can be risky. I managed to get references of surgeons from friends and also got additional contacts from the internet. I decided to meet with at least three surgeons and I felt that Dr. Briggs was my best choice. This is because of his many years of experience and his deep knowledge about breast procedures. My breasts were beautifully done and I absolutely love my new look. I will always be grateful to the good doctor and his staff for the wonderful care I was accorded.

  • Isabella Teece

    I went through a breast implant surgery and the scarring was terrible. I could not bring myself to look in the mirror and I regretted having ever gone through the procedure. A colleague of mine referred me to Dr. Patrick and he is truly a gem. He empathized with my situation and was very understanding. He worked on the scars and improved on the placement of the implants. It is now six months after the surgery and the scars are healing perfectly. If only I had met Dr. Patrick before I underwent the first surgery! I am so grateful that he turned my nightmare into something beautiful.

  • Kiara Haining

    I am very happy with the new look me after a successful breast implant surgery. Dr. Briggs is truly an expert in his field. I was not sure whether I could get a doctor who could sort out my problem since one breast was much smaller than the other one. He was very patient as we explored the implant that would be best for each breast. I am happy to say that both breasts are now the same size and they look awesome. I no longer feel shy and withdrawn and my life has truly changed for the better. Thank you so much Dr. Briggs!

  • Melanie

    I have just recently had my first post op review after my breast augmentation surgery last week and I am astounded on how well I feel, to the fact that I contacted the surgery 5 days post op, and was so thrilled how well I felt, and no soreness!.

    I took advantage of the Breast Augmentation Complete Package, which all up cost ( including theatre, implants and anesthetist fees) $9800.00. I had dual plane implants inserted and followed Dr Briggs Rapid Recovery Program after the surgery. Right from the start of my initial enquiry with reception staff and then my consultation with Dr Briggs himself, I felt so at ease and very comfortable with going ahead with this procedure. Dr Briggs is an amazing surgeon and the hospital staff at the Day Unit were very professional and caring. I was sent home that afternoon with all that I needed and had no problems that night ( in my own bed) after the surgery. Dr Briggs receptionist, even called me later that afternoon to see how I was.

    Dr Briggs Rapid Recovery Program, really worked. I was back to normal within days of procedure and no pain, I was impressed! I was complimented on how I “didn’t look” like I had just had major surgery. I can not stop speaking highly of Dr Briggs and his wonderful staff at his surgery.

    I am looking forward to to see the progress again in 5 weeks time and I am grateful to him for giving me exactly what I wanted and a renewed self confidence.

  • Shelley

    Amazing experience with Dr Briggs and everyone that works there. I love my new boobs!! Haha. Best decision I’ve ever made. would recommend them to anyone I meet!

  • Bella

    Dr Briggs is my hero! I cannot believe I feel this good after 1 week. His skill and rapid recovery technique sure assist in a speedy recovery when you follow them!

  • Dani

    The time and information he provides during the consultation process is a testimony to his knowledge and expertise. It made me feel totally confident in choosing him as my specialist to perform my breast augmentation!

    I am 10 weeks post surgery, and my breasts feels like my own! I feel sexy again!

  • Danne

    I’m 66 and I’ve never felt better!

    After losing 39kg through diet and exercise, I decided to address the sagging skin that resulted from my massive weight loss. I decided to book a neck lift with Dr Briggs in August 2014. I asked advice from my doctors, friends and patients who had had similar procedures, and organised meetings in their surgeries which was very important in the decision-making process.

    I’m really pleased I chose Dr Briggs. After the surgery I looked 20 years younger, had bags of self confidence and more determination not to go back again.

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  • Miranda

    I am 21 and my breasts are “old”

    At 21 wearing backless dresses, hanging out at the beach in my bikini with friends and not covering up, was not something I was familiar with. In fact the contrary was part of my daily routine, covering up!

    For as long as I can remember, I knew that my breasts was “not my breasts” I felt like I had this young body and inherited and elderly persons breasts, or as Dr Briggs kindly described them “matronly”. Notwithstanding the love and re-assurance from my parents and partner I was not happy. I thought this is it, I am stuck I cannot do anything about it, until I saw results from some close friends and decided, I can do something about this for me, nobody else.

    From the minute I had my consultation with Dr Briggs, I felt comfortable, and relaxed. I had no doubt about the surgery, and the path I have chosen. Dr Briggs and his staff cared, nurtured and supported me through my surgery. Any questions I had was answered promptly and professionally.

    Today I had my 10 months post-op appointment and my life cannot be more different. I am a young 22 year old, with my whole life ahead of me, confident, fashionable, and with breasts that are totally mine and belongs to my body. It truly has been life changing surgery!

  • Anna

    I was born with a disability called hemiparesis which is a weakness down one side of the body. For over 30 yrs I was self conscious about wearing shorts or skirts because of the difference in the size of my calves. I finally decided to research calf implant surgery and found Dr Briggs. At the first consultation it was a lot to take in and I got pretty emotional but Dr Briggs was so supportive. He explained the process and I did not feel pressured to make any decisions. Arranging the surgery was simple – the office staff are fantastic. At surgery, again Dr Briggs was very supportive and reassuring. Post surgery the recovery was around 6 weeks. All of my post surgery checks have been positive. Seeing the ‘before and after’ photos was a real highlight and made me realise how significant the change was. I can honestly say the surgery was life-changing. I am absolutely thrilled with the result, and the treatment I received from Dr Briggs and his wonderful staff was first class.

    Calf Implant

  • Debbie

    The best decision I have ever made

    I had my yearly review with Dr Briggs today and it just gets better and better. I am as happy 2 1/2 years after my surgery with the results, as I was, on the day I decided to proceed with my abdominoplasty and mastopexy surgery. Dr Briggs’s skill and expertise is visible in my results and happiness!

    Dr Briggs, truly cared about me, my surgery and my husband. He listened to me, and I felt understood. He re-assured my husband, regarding uncertainties he might have regarding my surgery. For us as couple that was a comforting approach. The staff is professional, friendly and truly caring. It almost feels like family.

    I still wake up every morning, look in the mirror and cannot believe I look this good! Apart from having my children, personally this is the best decision I have ever made, for me!

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