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  • I am so happy with the results of my abdominoplasty. Dr Craig is so professional but caring. He explained the whole procedure with me and answered clearly any questions I asked. I would absolutely recommend Dr Craig and his team. Thankyou all so much.

  • DM

    Absolutely incredible experience!

    I had my surgery 2 years ago and I wanted to write this long time ago but I wanted to wait and see my results bit longer and I’m beyond thrilled with the results. Exactly what I wanted. I was also impressed with follow up and the care taken to check on my progress.

    Dr. Craig is one of the most passionate and excited doctors I’ve ever met. He was thorough and reassuring throughout the entire process. He personally checked every single detail with me. Dr. Craig also excited about my results as I am. He loves what he does and it shows. His staff and office are above and beyond. When you meet with Dr. Craig, he immediately puts you at ease with his happy demeanour.
    On the days leading up to and day of my procedure, the entire staff was so warm and welcoming, and honestly made the whole experience comfortable. Post procedure and while recovering, I also had a skin needling treatment every 6 weeks for a while to remove my scars, which was the icing on the cake.

    I would absolutely recommend him – so grateful for his talented work and expertise. I couldn’t be more grateful for Dr. Craig and his wonderful and caring team! Truly I mean this from all my heart. His kindness, energy, patience, gifted skill, and expertise is unparalleled, he truly is the best Do not look elsewhere. Felt at home from the second I stepped in. Best of the very best for sure.

  • Dr Craig and his team changed my life. The best of the best, 0 regrets I am so happy with my results and after care and it’s only been 3 months! Forever grateful to be in such good hands. He is a magician! Tummy tuck/muscle repair. I wouldn’t change a thing, perfection.

  • Dr Craig Rubinstein and his team walked me through a thorough consultation several months before my surgery (long wait times due to covid). The team was incredibly kind, thorough, and non judgemental. I felt such support and excitement to have this procedure that I’d waited so long for, and the team really shared my enthusiasm! The surgery itself was done at a private hospital that provided seamless support for my overnight stay. Now, two months post op, I’ve been back to see Dr Craig and the team 3 times for check ups and scar treatments. I’m hardly worried about the latter as the scar is perfectly positioned in my breast fold and is just under 3 cm long. I’m so impressed with the team, the procedure and of course the results! I am 100% satisfied with my choices and would highly recommend Dr Craig and his expert team to anyone.
    As an aside, I allowed Dr Craig to film the surgery as he actively partakes in educating the current Plastics students, since he is one of the top Plastic surgeons in Australia. His leadership and involvement with their education improves my high opinion of his expertise and precision

  • Mimma Valente

    I can’t thank Dr. Craig for taking me on as a patient. I cannot express my gratitude enough. You have given me the results I couldn’t possibly imagine.
    I am two weeks post-op from my breast implant removal and replacement. The results already exceeded my expectations. I am so happy I went with my gut feeling. I know for a fact that trusting you with my surgery and size selection was the best decision I made.
    When I first met you for a consultation, and after been given the run around from the other surgeon who did my surgery 13 years ago, I felt comfortable and confident that everything happens for a reason and that I was referred to the right place. Thank you so much for saying yes to doing my surgery. You made me feel normal and offered the right solution while still being realistic. You and your team took the time to listen answered all of my concerns.
    I would also like to than Kimberli and Nurse Trish for their work, authenticity, and compassion. You were both the other reason for my decision to go with CocoRuby Plastic Surgery.
    Thank you with all my heart.

  • nicole demetriou

    I had the pleasure of having Dr Craig Rubenstien as my breast surgeon. I am so very glad that I found the most professional understanding warm kind surgeon. He did such a fantastic job!! I truly recommend him to everyone .He takes so much pride in his work.

  • Overall, extremely satisfied.

    I visited Dr Craig Rubinstein at Cosmetic Surgery for Women & Men in late November 2019.
    My GP referred me to see about having a bilateral implant removal and a lump removed.

    I found their process extremely thorough and not at all uncomfortable.
    All of the staff made us feel welcome and were very professional, but warm at the same time.
    My expectations were very well managed and all my questions answered.

    Due to a cancellation I was able to get a very quick surgery date in early December 2019.
    I was treated at Kew Private hospital.
    The process again was easy and I felt at ease the whole time from Craig and his Nurses.

    I am 3+ months post op now and I’m extremely happy with the results and follow appointments.
    In fact the outcome is better than I had envisioned.

    Thank you to Dr Rubinstein and the team.

  • Biance Mastromatteo

    When I first decided I wanted to have breast augmentation I was only 22. My cousin who worked within the industry told me that Dr Rubinstein was the man to see. Initially I went just to get a bit more of an insight into the procedure and what it involved, however he was the first and only surgeon I saw. I immediately felt comfortable from the moment I met him. He didn’t make me feel like a client, but a friend. As a result, my initial consult ended up in me booking my surgery.
    Dr Rubinstein encourages all of his clients to come and see him once a year to touch base. Not only do I appreciate this, but every year I am reminded why I chose him. I couldn’t recommend him enough and as most of my friends know I am always happy to prove how good his work is 🙂

  • Anna

    Dr Craig Rubinstein has been fantastic ! His surgical skills are amazing and he is very caring towards his patients. I am extremely happy with my results ! I had 18 yer old implants and one of the implants had ruptured! I needed them replaced, breast lift and some revision due to previous surgery! He exceeded my expectations and the after care is impeccable !!
    This was a difficult procedure and there was concern about the outcome! The outcome was perfect! I healed very well and the scaring was minimal! I was able to start competing at my sport after 6 weeks ! and had absolutely no problems.
    Thank You 🙂

  • Felicity

    I researched for a long time and took years to make the decision to go ahead with Breast Augmentation. For me, surgery on my perfectly healthy body was a huge decision and if I was going to go through with this, I wanted to make sure I was in the best hands. I believe that Craig is the best surgeon for natural looking breast. On first meeting, I knew I had made the right decision. Craig provided a recommended implant size to suit my frame (250cc Mentor round) and I couldn’t be happier with the results. I had an excellent experience pre and post surgery. Craig and his team are very professional and reassuring throughout the process. I highly recommend Craig.

  • Avril Adams

    Can’t recommend Craig Rubinstein highly enough – he is very professional, explains all the options in easy to understand language and genuinely cares. I had a breast reduction in the UK some 6 years ago – that left me with what can best described as ‘man boobs’. I was so self conscious of them. I made the decision to see Craig as he had a great reputation to find out if there was anything that could be done. He explained second time round was always difficult and following 2 consultations we agreed on a way forward that would rectify some of the issues, but no promises. I am now 3 months post surgery and am so so happy with the result – no more man boobs, great shape. The after care has been amazing and this week I meet with the scar nurse for the first time.

  • Hasret

    As a health professional myself I have high expectations. Dr Craig Rubinstein far exceeded my expectations. He is an exceptional plastic surgeon. His bedside manner and skill set are incredible. Highly recommend to anyone considering any type of surgery with him. Thank you for everything. His lovely staff also deserve a special mention, for being so caring and helpful.

  • Alison

    I am so thankful that i went with Craig for my Breast Augmentation. The decision to have an augmentation wasn’t taken lightly; I have wanted bigger breasts my entire life, however only until post breast feeding I felt it was really needed. I was so nervous to go forward with such a big decision however the moment I met Craig I knew I was in good hands. Craig is professional, knowledgeable and put my mind at ease instantly. He assured me to take my time and was not ‘pushy’ at all. I made it clear I wanted natural breasts to suit my petite frame and he did exactly that. I couldn’t recommend Craig highly enough; This was the best choice I have ever made. For the first time in my life i love my breasts and i wish i didn’t wait so long.

  • I am 10 weeks post breast reduction and am so incredibly happy with my results, best thing I have ever done for myself. The whole experience with Craig, from the first appointment to a checkup yesterday, has been handled with such care that I was put completely at ease immediately. The nurses and reception staff at the clinic are all so friendly and amazing and always happy to answer any questions, pre and post op. I would recommend Craig without hesitation.

  • June Barden

    I can high recommend Dr Craig Rubinstein, l am 1000% happy with my new breasts , l wish l had the surgery 10 years ago ! He is caring , professional and a perfectionist! If you want the best ! Go to the best ! Also his staff and after care are amazing ! Can’t speak highly enough of the whole team.

  • Daniela

    Dr Craig Rubinstein is the best surgeon you will come across. His work is outstanding and he genuinely cares about his patients. I wouldn’t trust anyone else other than Dr Craig Rubinstein. I highly recommend him to everyone don’t go elsewhere he is a true gem ?

  • Ashleigh

    Dr Craig Rubinstein made me feel so safe and looked after during my breast augmentation process. I would highly recommend him to anyone considering cosmetic surgery. Such high quality.

  • Deb

    Couldn’t be any happier with my results from Tummy tuck. My full tummy tuck was in January 2019.
    I googled plastic surgeons and Craig came up. After reading the reviews I had to go meet him. I felt so welcome and at ease at the consultation that I knew Craig was the right surgeon for me. I also really appreciated his honesty.
    I had a good recovery and no issues. I am so happy looking in the mirror each day and watching the results. I am so happy with the scars so far too. People I have shown the scars to are amazed at how they look.
    The staff at the clinic are just so wonderful, helpful and friendly.
    I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Craig and his team.

  • Karen Moloney

    Wow! I can’t speak highly enough of Craig Rubenstein and his team. I went to see him to discuss a breast reduction and revision of my tummy tuck scar. After being left with a substandard job from another surgeon I was feeling nervous and worried about what kind of result I would get. I had been made to feel that it was my fault that things had not gone well despite following all post-surgical instructions. I am delighted to report that the before and after support from Craig has been second to none. He assured me that the result was indeed not my fault and now the whole area looks as it should have after the first surgery. My breast reduction has been life changing with respect to a lessening of shoulder and neck pain and feeling like my body is now back in proportion. The care has been amazing right from the beginning to where I am now at eight weeks post-op. All appointments, garments (two post-surgical crops, two sports bras, three compression pants), soaps, lotions, oils, laser scar treatments, and vitamins have been included. The attention to detail in being marked up pre-surgery and the care by his nursing team leaves me wanting to tell everyone about Craig’s superior skills both medically and personally. You are not a number to him, you are a real person with real concerns and real feelings.

  • Katrina

    Dr Craig Rubinstein did a wonderful job on my breast reduction. I would highly recommended him and his wonderful staff.
    I have told all my girlfriends who are considering a breast reduction that he is the go to guy!!

    1. Lyshai

      Hi Katrina, Thank you so much for your lovely words! We also appreciate your referral.
      – Dr Rubinstein’s Patient Management Team

  • LILY

    I recently had breast implant surgery.
    I highly recommend Dr Craig Rubenstein. Brilliant surgeon, highly professional and respectful and he has a wonderful team.
    It was a pleasure dealing with both Craig and his team.
    Don’t go to anyone else! He is the best! Thankyou Craig.

  • Natalie

    I recently saw Dr Craig Rubinstein for a breast lift and implants. I originally considered going overseas and getting the procedure done there as I knew some people that had done similar although they did not need corrective elements like I did. Also, working in the Medical field myself I have seen my fair share of work that has failed or been done incorrectly from overseas doctors. Before I looked any further into that I decided to have a consultation a Dr in Australia first. So the hunt was on for a reputable and experienced surgeon for their opinion. Can I just say- I hit the jackpot with Craig. I firstly went with Craig after watching a video of why he choose his career. Learning that Craig comes from a family of doctors and surgeons I knew this guy is obsessed with what he does. And I was right! He was so knowledgeable, answered all my questions made me feel so comfortable and encouraged my questions. His staff went above and beyond to show me digital designs of what I would look like after the procedure and gave me copies of everything Craig and I had discussed so I could go away and go through everything. I decided overseas was no longer an option. Craig was the man for the job and I am so confident that had I proceeded with another doctor (in Australia or overseas) I would not have gotten the amazing result I did. I was prepared for a cosmetic improvement and what I got was a total make over. I have not stopped smiling since I saw Craig. And the incredible treatment does not stop there. Craig went above and beyond to make me feel like family and still does to this day. I cannot put into words how lucky I feel to have found Dr Rubinstien, I highly highly recommend anyone thinking of having any kind of breast surgery to talk to Dr Craig Rubinstien first. Thank you Craig for changing my life!!!

  • melissa Bickle Neho

    Craig Rubinstein was my surgeon of choice after being recommended to him through a few people, I decided after lots of research with his years of experience to have my tummy tuck and breast augmentation with him.
    I had my surgery on August 18th 2018 and i couldn’t be happier although i am only 5 weeks 5 days post op he has made sure i was very informed about my procedures and risks involved in having them, his theatre crew and nurses from his consulting rooms have been great and the after care has been amazing also! i would highly recommend if you are planning any surgeries to at the least have a consultation with him, he made me feel very comfortable and confident about the whole thing.
    Thanks Craig!!!
    very happy client


  • Sally

    Dr Rubinstein preformed my tummy tuck operation on the 30th July 2018. The main points I want to cover in this review are the team him,and the after care and how he made me feel going into this.

    First point I would like to make is this was not an easy decision for me, I had been putting this off for years! I was never felt comfortable after I had a bad birth with my Children and my stomach was left discomforted. I wanted a surgeon that was close to me because of the care after is so important, and the after care was one of Craigs main priority as well. The first appointment I made with him I felt at ease 100%! He made me feel so much more at ease with the whole process. Not only is Craig a great surgeon but he is a very down to earth lovely and made me laugh! I felt like he was very easy to talk to.

    His team In the theatre and the after care/support that I received was beyond my wildest expectations, in a very good way. The care that I received made me feel so at ease. I had Craigs personal number to call as well as his amazing team. I had check ups all the time, and they give free sessions on the heel lamp! Which was amazing . He also sends to off to his clinic for scare reviews as well.

    When looking into this there so many options and it was very overweening at first. I looked at many instagram pages, but going over sea’s was not an option. I did not want to risk my life and well-being for a few thousand dollars. Dr Rubinstein was not over priced ether! Well worth the money for everything that you get.

    I would only ever recommend Dr Craig Rubinstein and his amazing team to anyone. Its very clear that he loves his what he doses . His patients health wellbeing and safety is his number one concern always! And likes to see his patiences years after.

    I’m stoked with the results I never thought I’d look this good.He’s given me my confidence back.
    Forever grateful

  • Karen

    Dr Craig Rubinstein and his entire team including nurses, anaesthetists, surgical staff, administrative girls, are Fantastic, I couldnt recommend my experience with Craig high enough, very professional and a perfectionist.
    I felt very comfortable throughout the whole process, the consults, surgery, and after care has been exceptional.
    He is Kind, caring, lovely and funny.
    Dont waste your time going anywhere else, i did months of research and no where or no one compares to CSFW. 10/10 Extremely happy with my results.

  • Annette

    Very professional and knowledgable. First class experience from the beginning to post-operative care. Friendly and accomodating staff.

  • Jane

    Craig is an absolutely incredible surgeon. I had a breast reduction with him three years ago. Best thing I ever did. I had waited for a long time, as I had wanted to breastfeed my children and then just put it to the back of my mind. Craig was recommended to me by two separate medical professionals (one, a family friend). He is caring, attentive and most importantly – highly skilled. To have done such a substantial reduction with no scarring is amazing. And he operates out of St Vincent’s Private in Kew, which is the best hospital I have been in.

  • Denise

    After bringing two kids into the world and seeing them through to adulthood, I finally decided to do something about the damage that they did to my body. I could get away with holding it in when I was young, but as age marched on I became less happy with what I saw in the mirror. I did a lot of research and had many consultations, but the engaging manner of Dr Rubinstein won me over. I loved the prospect of getting my flat tummy back again, but the scar and new belly button really worried me. Dr Rubinstein was so reassuring that I just held my breath and jumped. I am now six months post-op and the results are beyond my expectation. Dr Rubinstein visited me on the very day I woke up from surgery and he and his team have looked after me all the way along since then to ensure I have the best possible outcome. They care about the management of my scar as much as I do! The scar is steadily going away and my belly button is looking good. This surgery has changed my life.

  • Kate

    I am a mum of a young boy and after breast feeding for 15months it was time I looked to correct them. I never really had nice looking breasts, they were a good B cup but set handing with the areola so large it was taking most of the breast area. So not nice. This was a big decision for me as I take any surgery seriously especially when it’s elective. I was recommended to many however Dr Rubinstein was by far the best. But it’s not even just about him, it’s the whole experience. From the moment you enter into the practice the staff greet you with kindness and a smile, not just an other number. The fact is every single patience has their own emotional journey for whatever procedure they are there for and they seam thoughtful of this. I especially loved Kate, Dr Rubinstein’s nurse. I had five star treatment from start to today. Dr Rubinstein is funny, kind and for once I met a surgeon who didn’t make it all about himself. Honestly all other surgeons spoke so much about themselves they hardly took the time to get to know me. From the consultations to the surgery the service remained consistent. He has his own private team at the hospital and you know you are being taken care of. He was open and honest that he was trying to do so much in the one surgery that there was a possibility for a small correction, however it did not bother me one bit, as I appreciated the honesty and desire to get it perfect. My case was not a straight forward one, I wanted a breast lift with NO implants and I wanted them to look beautiful with no assistance per say. One breast was larger than the other etc.. Post surgery, the stitches were internal and so delicate, the incision he made, was simply the straightest neatest cut I’ve ever seen and I was up and about straight away. His team is A+, kind but highly skilled. The next day Kate came to visit with a little pack of peppermint tea, arnica and other kind, thoughtful things for my recovery. I was very impressed! I also received a call after my one night in hospital to find out how my first night at home went etc. Post surgery it’s now been 8 weeks and they are stunning. Honestly I can’t say how happy in am. They are perfect. I’m a little puzzled as to how he achieved this result with no implants etc. The only tiny little thing is that the right nipple and areola may be slightly too high but that specific breast is still a little puffy and needs time to settle, wont be surprised if it just shifted right into place. When I mentioned this to Dr Rubinstein, he agreed and said to give it time. He never once tried to make it out that it wasn’t there or that I was being picky or sensitive. He wants them perfect. He immediately said I can see that too, lets give it some time we may find it settles in just perfectly. Either way I’m honestly not concerned as i know I’m taken care of and I have a feeling being that breast is still healing it will all fall into place nicely. You can’t see it too much it’s only when you’re looking at it intensely. An other plus is that Dr Rubinstein, offers 3x laser scar treatments as a part of the package. I mean the scars are healing so nicely on their own I can’t imagine when i begin my treatments in an other 4 weeks what they will look like. How great is that! OH and I get a facial too. Honestly, I feel strongly women need to know about Dr Rubinstein. I’ve never taken the time to write a review before but as this was important to me and I know other women would be going through something similar it’s important we highlight the good guys in this very fast and sometimes cut throat business, as we’re not just a number. Wishing you all ladies a happy recovery!

  • sarah

    I am now around 9-10 months post op after deciding to undergo a BA
    with Craig and it remains one of the best decisions I have ever made.
    After being quite self conscious about my breasts for many years, I
    decided that I would go ahead with the BA – after hearing of many
    patient experiences (both good and bad) I knew the one thing that was
    the most important to me was selecting a trusted, professional surgeon
    – Craig was all of this and more (before, during and after surgery).

    After the surgery was done, I received outstanding follow-up care
    which ranged from physical check-ups, phone calls and even scar
    treatment (included). Craig always stressed the importance of quality
    and looking after your new breasts. Craig was honest, open and asked
    me lots of questions (some of which I had not considered) – I felt
    very well informed and confident with each step of the process.

    There are so many positive aspects to my BA experience with Craig and
    his team (too many to list). I would highly recommend Craig to anyone
    who is seeking a BA.

  • Laurie

    I had a breast reduction in February and have never been happier!
    Craig is an incredible surgeon; he’s professional, kind, and has a
    wonderful bedside manner. I’m 23 and have wanted to get a reduction
    since I was 16. When I had my consultation, Craig answered every
    question before I could even ask. He put my mind at ease and explained
    the process in very specific detail.
    He took photos of my breasts and drew on the photos to explain what
    would happen, then explained the aftercare process. I was very lucky
    and managed to book surgery for a month after my consultation.
    My surgery took place at St. Vincent’s Hospital in Kew and the staff
    there are all helpful, professional and kind. I was quite nervous
    before the procedure – because I had never had surgery before – but
    Craig constantly reassured me the entire time I was there. He even
    went out of his way to speak to my mum after the surgery to tell her
    that the surgery was a success and that I was good.
    When I woke up, I was not in pain at all. I did feel sick, but that
    was because of the anaesthesia. My breasts did not hurt at all during
    the 3 weeks I took off to recover; it was uncomfortable but not
    painful. No worse than period pain I would say.
    My breasts were bound for one week, and at my one-week appointment the
    wraps were taken off and I got to see my breasts for the first time.
    They were very bruised, but no bleeding, and I did have tears in my
    eyes. I went from a size H to a C/D (I’m in between) – down 5 sizes!!!
    I actually lost 2.5 kilos – that’s how heavy my breasts were before
    As part of the package deal I got with Craig, I received 3 free Fraxal
    (laser) appointments to get rid of the scarring. My scars are almost
    gone now, 6 months later. Craig also offers fantastic deals with
    surgery: you basically pay for the surgery itself, and almost
    everything else is free, including follow up appointments. The office
    even supplies you with free bras and a little hospital bag. His office
    is amazing: all the staff there are lovely, kind people.
    Basically, Craig will be my breast doctor for life, and if he is still
    practising when I begin to have mammograms, I will continue to see
    him. So it’s not just “have the surgery than see you later” – he
    remains involved for many years to come.
    Every time I see Craig, he is super happy to see my progress. He is
    very compassionate and always asks if I have any questions.
    If you are considering having breast reduction surgery, go straight to
    Craig. The reduction can be a scary thing to contemplate – at least it
    was for me – but I had no issues or worries when I was in Craig’s
    hands. He is the best surgeon I have ever come across and I will
    recommend him to everyone!
    If you have any questions, please contact me! Especially for any young
    girls considering this surgery. I’m 23 and can tell you about my
    experience in more detail to put your mind at ease.

  • Viv

    I could not be happier to commend Dr Craig Rubinstein as the best in his field
    , the entire team at Cosmetic Surgery for Women make you welcome from
    the first time you arrive at the surgery. Craig’s team especially Kate
    look after you as if you are a member of his family. I can’t thank
    them enough. I love my new look.

  • Talia

    Breast Augmentation 8th May 2017 By Doctor Craig Rubinstein.

    Getting your breast done is a big move, well to some one that was an 8A for a good 10 years and couldnt even fathom what big breasts would look like on a frame like mine. I was recommended by my close friend who recently had her BA done by Dr Rubinstein. Dr Rubinstein is absolutely lovely he makes you feel comfortable and really helps you with your decisions, he also gives his best advice on what size is best for you. Communication with Craig and Nurse Kate was 10/10 .

    After surgery i was in the lowest pain you could imagine Craig and the team makes sure your pain rate never goes higher than a 3/10 , they provide you with such support i was overwhelmed by how kind and wonderful a team can be.

    They provided me with everything i needed and more, i really thank Dr Craig and Nurse Kate for helping with my decisions and taking my thoughts into consideration, i would recommend Dr Rubinstein to anybody that is wanting a Breast Augmentation xx

  • Kardia

    Dr Craig Rubinstein performed my breast augmentation surgery and I
    could not recommend him more highly!

    He did a fantastic job and went above and beyond, as a patient you
    could not ask for more in a doctor. It’s not only his knowledge and
    experience in the field but the care he has for his patients is
    remarkable, he does everything in his power to make sure you are taken
    care of and happy and I could not have had a better experience thanks
    to Craig! He is the best, thank you so much!

  • Alexandra

    Craig did surgery for my asymmetrical breasts. The job he has done is
    second to none. My breasts look amazing, I have body confidence back
    and I had the most amazing experience with him as my surgeon. He is
    genuine, caring, personable and has a distinct eye for aesthetics.
    Craig will find a solution you are happy and comfortable with. He
    could have easily given me a more complicated alternative that I
    didn’t need but he opted for the most natural, cost affordable and
    perfect option that I have been left extremely happy with. I thank
    you Craig for you work! And I do not hesitate to recommend Craig to
    anyone because he truly loves his work and cares for each individual
    patient. You will not regret choosing him as your surgeon.

  • Kayla Burton

    Hi my names Kayla and since I was about 15 I was always self conscious about my breasts my left side was an A cup and my right was a B cup I would never wear tight tops because of the size difference. I finally decided to do something about it and went to see Dr Craig Rubinstein. He was amazing he made me feel so comfortable and always so caring. Now I am 8 weeks post op and I couldn’t be happier thanks to Dr Craig Ruberstein I would definitely recommend him to anyone!

  • Nadia

    In my opinion Craig Rubinstein is an absolute genius. I’m now 8 weeks
    post abdominoplasty and I never ever imagined the results to be this
    breathtaking. He has changed my life physically and emotionally and
    I’ll be forever so grateful for his incredible work

  • Nadia Tsaikos

    In my opinion Craig Rubinstein is an absolute genius. I’m now 8 weeks post abdominoplasty and I never ever imagined the results to be this breathtaking. He has changed my life physically and emotionally and I’ll be forever so grateful for his incredible work

  • Deb

    I cannot speak more highly of Dr Craig Rubinstein. My entire
    experience with him from start to finish was fantastic. Craig was
    extremely kind, yet honest, about the realistic expectations of my
    surgery, educating me on the facts rather than telling me what I
    wanted to hear. His team are absolutely brilliant and made me feel so
    comfortable. Prior to going into surgery I was naturally very nervous
    however as I was wheeled into theater I was introduced to every member
    of his team. They were so welcoming and the anesthetist even asked
    what music I wanted to have played. It was such a small and simple
    gesture yet it made me so comfortable. I cannot thank the Craig and
    his team enough for such a positive experience. I am over the moon
    with the results and would recommend anyone considering breast
    augmentation to go and see Craig, you won’t regret it.

  • christine

    I feel the same about Craig as everyone else that has put a review here, he is amazing and not like a lot of specialists, he has great bedside manner, is kind and makes you feel very comfortable with the procedure you are going to have and makes sure you understand exactly what you will be in for.
    I am a 56 year old with 7 children and had wanted to have a tummy tuck since after my last child 17 years ago. I had lost about 25 kilos and my belly was just hanging, so I decided it was time. I went to another plastic surgeon first but did not feel comfortable he was confident about how much he could take away, so went away to think about it.
    I was lucky enough to have an appointment with a vein specialist Dr Louizou who recommended Dr Rubinstein and told me he was the best in the business and he was right.
    From the moment I met Dr Rubinstein I felt confident he was going to be able to look after me from the start of this journey to the end and that he would do everything to make sure I achieved the best possible out come and it was all covered in the original cost even if I had to have a second surgery to finish the procedure .
    It has been 4months since and was a long healing time (which he had warned me about) with muscles that had to be repaired and a little bit of healing issues that he addressed immediately with regular laser therapy twice a week for about 5 weeks and all costs were covered and now I am having scar treatment and laser for some extra weight I have on my abdomen which again is all covered. I am so amazed with the care I have been given by Dr Rubinstein and his assistant Kate (she is amazing ) I can not recommend them and their practice highly enough. they have changed my life, I have more confidence and feel 10 years younger, I still can not believe how I look everyday.

  • Anna

    I decided to get my implants removed after having them for 13 years and having health complaints, (recovering from Lyme disease) I felt it was time to have them removed for my body to heal. I re-visited the surgeon who put them in (not Dr Rubinstein) and I was kind of in shock not only with his bedside manner, but also told me I would need a mastopexy and removal of capsule all in the one procedure (as well as suspecting a rupture he sent me off for a mammogram, and actually never got back to me to see what the conclusion was!!) I was in shock for about a month, and it didn’t feel right that I go back to see this Dr, and thought there must be a breast specialist I can see.

    After googling, I found Dr Rubinstein. I absolutely knew after one consultation that he was the man I felt safe to take out these implants, and booked the procedure straight away. He has such a kind and honest man and is unwavering in the support he gave me, not only in the procedure, but the before and after care, and the whole team, including his assistant Kate. He gave me new bras after the procedure, and even a facial to make me feel better. Plus appointments after 8 weeks and 6 months, no charge! He even heavily reduced the cost for me knowing I had some financial difficulties due to health things. Not that I want to advertise this fact, but point being he leads with his heart, not his back pocket. I have to emphasise he is more than just an amazing plastic surgeon, but he is such a kind and decent man, I say if you are thinking of getting something done, you must see Dr Rubinstein and see for yourself. So in short, him and his team FAR exceeded my expectations, and sincere gratitude fills my heart. Thank you Dr Rubinstein!!

  • Carly

    I am a 36 year old mum with 3 children. My wish was always after my 3rd child to have a tummy tuck so now my children are a little older I decided it was time to do something for myself & finally get the tummy tuck I had always wanted. After much research & visits to different surgeons I decided to have my surgery with Dr. Craig Rubinstein, I’m so glad I took my time in deciding who was the right surgeon for me as my results exceeded my expectations. His expertise, kindness & overall service that was provided is second to none & something no other surgeon offered, from fraxel laser treatments, facial treatment & take home gift packs which included a heap of supplements to help with recovery, I could not have been happier with my experience & can not recommend him anymore highly.

  • skye ramsay

    What an absolute pleasure my journey has been. Dr rubinstein is a down to earth and easy to talk to. The whole team at cosmetic surgery for women has gone above and beyond. I would highly recommend dr craig rubinstein to anyone considering surgery.
    tummy tuck

  • Michelle

    Dr Craig Rubinstein did my reduction/lift only 6months ago and it’s the best thing I have ever done. No more back or neck pain and honestly I feel so good about my breasts. Many yrs I had ongoing issues with them and meeting Craig is a gift and he truly is amazing surgeon and also a genuine person who cares about you. I recommend Craig all the way. It’s truly a life changing decision only wished I did it earlier. He is awesome 🙂

    1. Anna

      I had the surgery done at St Vincent’s Kew
      Amazing is all I can say. I would highly recommend Dr. Craig Rubinstein. He is absolutely amazing very professional. His work is EXCELLENT I am more than happy I would say very confidently the best in the business. Very professional very informative talks you through whole process, the whole team is great well informed and friendly always available to you for questions. After care was great also. Craig’s work is the best I have seen and he is great at his job I would never see anyone else. If your thinking about any procedure do not look any where else. Craig is the best.
      Cost $14,500

  • Margaret

    I recently had a breast reduction with Mr Craig Rubinstein who works at Cosmetic Surgery for Women at Burwood and it’s one of the best things I’ve done. Mr Rubinstein was recommended to me by another surgeon who informed me he is one of the best, very welcoming and his patients are always incredibly happy. He was spot on!

    I went to Mr Rubinstein’s rooms for a consultation and was welcomed by a very professional and friendly surgeon as well as all the staff that work with him. I myself am in the medical profession and have worked with many surgeons and have immense praise for Craig. He listened to everything I said in the consultation and answered my questions thoroughly as well as giving me excellent advice. Craig always made me feel so comfortable, he is so friendly and even if there is something that you are nervous about, he will put you at ease knowing you are in very good hands. He is honest and will never do something he doesn’t believe will be good for the particular patient. He treats each patient individually and to their specific needs.

    My expectations for the result of my breast reduction were very high and Craig exceeded any expectations I had. He did such a brilliant job and I couldn’t be happier. His skills are one of a kind and there is no doubt i would recommend anyone to go to Craig and have complete trust in him and his work. He looked after me so well after surgery and it’s easy to see that he is so genuine and always has his patients best interests first and foremost. He is brilliant, articulate and a perfectionist which is what you want when looking for a top surgeon.

    The staff at Dr Rubinstein’s office, especially his nurses Kate and Hannah are extremely professional and lovely. They make you feel very comfortable and they really do everything they can to look after you and make you feel at ease.

    My entire experience with Craig from beginning to end has been nothing less than perfect and I would strongly and confidently recommend him to anyone who is looking for a surgeon with top skills, who achieves brilliant outcomes and who you can trust that you’re in good hands. He is not just a fantastic surgeon with so many years of experience, knowledge and skill, he is a lovely man who cares so much for each and every patient.

  • Dee

    Back in 2013 I was struck down with Bronchitis, whilst training for a full marathon in November. This was the beginning of a plunge into darkness health wise, and it would take 2 years for me to get diagnosed with ruptured PIP implants.

    On the 29th January I returned from a painful run to discover that my left breast had started to swell. I had been diagnosed with liver lesions and a compacted bowel 3 months earlier and somehow thought this was related.

    My GP had been treating me for the past two years, and ordered a mammogram and ultrasound. He had also conducted several autoimmune tests on me, with no results.

    His request for a mammogram had me searching on Google when I first recognised my symptoms against an article on ruptured implants.

    I am eternally grateful to the staff and Dr Craig Rubinstein at http://www.cosmeticsurgeryforwomen.com.au for promptly diagnosing, organising surgery, and complete after ops care.

    It has been only a week since the surgery but I already feel like I have been given a second chance at life.

    After two years of misdiagnosis by GP I am so grateful to be in Dr Rubinstein’s hands. The man is an artist. My chest was so disfigured pre surgery due to encapsulation on left side, and disintegration on the right. It has been a week post op and my breasts look amazing.

  • Charlotte

    Absolutely love Craig and his team at Cosmetic Surgery For Women, would give 10000 stars if I could. I have full faith in Craig with his expertise and could not be happier with how my breast argumentation turned out. Felt so comfortable in my first consultation with Craig and he took extra care in understanding exactly what I was after which resulted in a perfect result. His team at St Vincent’s where amazing, I was not nervous one bit on the day as they all looked after me with exceptional care and experienced minimal pain during recovery and was back to normal at work 1 week later. I would recommend Craig/Cosmetic Surgery for Women to absolutely everyone and wouldn’t go anywhere else as I had the best possible experience with them and am absolutely in love with my new boobs. Thankyou Craig and the team xx

  • Val

    I was so impressed with Doctor Craig Rubinstein after my consultation that I decided to go ahead with my dream to have my breast reduction done with someone that made me feel at ease and gave me confidence that I’d be in sound, professional hands.

    My husband and I would like to thank all the care and professionalism from all involved.. Everything went so smoothly. Highly recommend.

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