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  • Paula

    I rarely write negative review and need to feel really upset about a service provided to do so. I chose to write this review as it might help someone else avoid the distress of a negative experience with this doctor. I was referred to Dr Gaffield by my GP to discuss surgical options. The referral process and booking the appointment all went well. The day I went for my appointment was when the issues began. I organised to go to my consult during my lunch break from work, it was a very long wait to get in to my appointment (about an hour to go in and about a 10 minute appointment), when I went through to see the Dr Gaffield, he was very off-handed with me, not quite impolite just very dismissive. He very bluntly refused to give me any sort of advise on my concern, stating it was not up to him to advise me which option to take surgically. I was very confused as I thought being referred to a specialist surgeon that it was his job to provide me with advise me on the most appropriate surgical options. The other very serious issue I had on the day was the consulting room Dr Gaffield was using (borrowing) – it was a professional office located in Hervey Bay, the office had floor to ceiling glass windows along one wall where it looked out over a public park. When Doctor Gaffield needed to carry out a physical check (of my breasts), he had me take my shirt of at the desk in the centre of the office where he then had me stand (in full view of the windows) while he conducted the exam. I felt extremely exposed and uncomfortable during this time and he made no effort to make the area feel private or to comfort me in anyway. I left the consult just feeling very diminished and not respected due to the way the Dr conducted the exam and his manner towards me. The issues then carried on in that both myself and my GP made numerous requests over the following months to obtain a copy of the consult notes (both on the phone and in writing by email). Each time the ladies in the office promised they would sent them right away and just never did. So after all of that no consult notes were provided and the consult fee I paid to see Dr Gaffield was a complete waste of money as my GP will now need to refer me to another surgeon. I’m not able to comment on the doctor’s surgical skills, which may well be amazing, but if you are looking for a surgeon with a more caring, empathetic manner Dr Gaffield is probably not that doctor. Additionally if his office is unable to organise processing even simple documents I’m not sure how they manage more complex tasks when it comes to surgical books and the like. I hope this helps someone avoid the inconvenience, expense and unpleasant feelings I have experienced due to this doctor.

  • Katrina

    I’ve been to Dr Garfield twice for breast implants.

    He’s very good gave me the implant size and profile I desired will be going back to him after kids

  • Vicky

    I am not very happy, it doesnt look right. He didnt do a lift but another surgeon on the gold coast highly recommended i have a lift. I wish i hadnt of chosen convenience over a better result. day 3 no compression bra or band so looking at them is mortifying.

  • Rochelle

    My tummy tuck

    After losing weight through diet and exercise, I decided to have a tummy tuck. I decided on Dr Gaffield as a family member and a few of my friends had a breast augmentation completed by him, and they were all happy with their results. Dr Gaffield’s clinical nurse Sasha did an amazing job and gave me all the support that I needed after surgery.

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  • Mrs Morris

    Worth every cent!!

    I received a radical abdominoplasty (full tummy tuck) from Dr Gaffield in Bundaberg, Nov 2013. I live in Brisbane and travelled the 4 hours and it was worth every cent!! From my experience, I would recommend Dr Gaffield, his clinical nurse Sacha and all of his staff to anyone thinking of plastic surgery. My result is just fantastic and the care provided before, during and after by Pacific Plastics was 110%. I’d say book your consultation now and see for yourself!! I’ll be going back for a BA when I have the $$.

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