5 Reviews on “Dr Amira Sanki, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon (FRACS), Kogarah NSW”

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  • Amanda

    Absolutely amazing, from the first appointment all the way through. I did my research and it certainly paid off. Can’t recommend Dr Sanki enough

  • Joanna

    There’s no other way to describe Dr Sanki other than ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! Her attention to detail, her caring nature, her understanding and professionalism is second to none! From the moment I walked into her office for my first consult I knew I was in the right place! Dr Sanki has a way of making you feel like you’re not just a number, she has the power to form a personal connection that ultimately built my confidence in her and her work!
    Choosing Dr Amira Sanki was the best decision I ever made!

  • Vanessa

    The only regret I have is not having known about Dr Sanki earlier in my life when I had my first procedure done. With my past experience I can say that she is the best surgeon you will find in NSW, not only is her work remarkable and immaculate but the service that she provides together with her team is incredible. Dr Sanki will go above and beyond and make you feel so comfortable. I highly recommend her and hope to see her real soon for my next surgery. She has truly changed my life and I will forever be grateful for it.

  • Andrew Mazzer

    I recently (Dec 2019) had facelift surgery by Dr Amira Sanki. Due to an unrelated condition the skin and underlying tissue on my face was affected by radiation treatment and terribly sagged. Dr Sanki and the whole team at her practice were so understanding and nothing was too much trouble. Calls to check on my welfare and to ask how I was coping were most welcome. The entire procedure from start to finish was done with professionalism and with a caring nature. Indeed, she made me feel like I was really important to her as a person and not just as a patient. I am very happy with the results, it just keeps getting better everyday ! I simply cannot recommend her highly enough.

  • Greeny

    I had the pleasure of having a brachioplasty (arm surgery) done recently by Dr Sanki. The whole process from “consult” to “follow up” post surgery was just so professional and easy. I was expecting to have a lot more pain than I had – the pain management was just so well organised. I have a great result that just keeps getting better and better as it heals. The entire team from the receptionist to the hospital staff made me feel at ease with my decision and should be commended for all their help along the way. Dr Sanki is just so professional, caring and respectful of your experience. It was a life changing decision that took me a long time to make. Nothing was too much trouble and no question was overlooked. I cant thank them all enough for their kindness and care.

    1. lulu

      I couldn’t recommend a more knowledgeable, professional, supportive, and kind plastic surgeon other than Dr Amira Sanki. She was wonderful throughout my entire experience of Breast augmentation/reconstruction. From the very first consultation, she explained to me everything I needed to know and all my options for surgery. She was beyond supportive, always ensuring I was happy with everything before going forward. Dr Amira Sanki really listened to my concerns and what I wanted, and really took into account my individual case. Dr Amira Sanki called me the day before and after surgery to make sure I was doing well and to ensure recovery was as smooth as it could be. She really invests time in her patients to make sure that they are fully informed and comfortable with everything. In terms of the procedure, I was amazed by how fast and easy my recovery was, of course this is because of her extensive experience and surgical techniques. I was driving within 7 days and was able to get back to my normal routine. Prior to my surgery, I had a large difference in the sizes of each breast. Now I cannot even tell which side was the smaller one. I have so much more confidence and self-esteem. Dr Amira Sanki has truly changed my life.

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