Who are the Best Weight Loss Surgeons in Australia?

Best Weight loss Surgeons In Australia

How to Find a Top Bariatric Surgeon in Australia

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What To Consider When Looking For an Expert Weight Loss Surgeon

If you’re considering a Weight Loss surgery procedure, you have likely started to research the Best Weight Loss Surgeons in your area. Finding an expert surgeon can be a difficult task. With so many options, prices and varying information available online, it can be hard to know what exactly to look for in a potential Weight Loss Surgeon. Bariatric Surgery can be challenging and potentially life-threatening, so it is wise to find an expert bariatric surgeon and get it right the first time.

Choosing a locally based surgeon – a member of FRACS (Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons) or UK Based FRCS is a very good place to start, and in this blog, we will explain WHY, as well take you on a step-by-step journey to finding the best Bariatric Surgeons in Australia for your procedure.

Although there are MANY Weight Loss and Bariatric Surgeons to choose from in Australia – These highly experienced bariatric surgeons come well recommended by their peers and patients (more details below)

  • Dr Arun Dhir – Bundoora, Victoria (35 Google reviews @ 4.8 Stars)
  • Dr Kiron Bhatia – Heidelberg, Victoria
  • Dr Roger Berry & Dr Paul Ah-Tye – Hawthorn East, Victoria
  • Dr Phil Gan – Warrnambool, Regional Victoria
  • Dr Yuri Jordaan – Benowa, Queensland
  • Associate Professor Michael Talbot – Kogarah, New South Wales
  • Associate Professor Lilian Kow – Norwood, South Australia
  • Dr Leon Cohen – Mount Lawley, Perth, Western Australia

Best Weight Loss Surgeons In Victoria

Dr Arun Dhir – Melbourne Gastro Surgery

Dr Arun Dhir

Dr Arun Dhir is a specialist Upper Gastro Intestinal surgeon and a Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons (FRACS). He also holds Fellowship of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh, UK (FRCS). Dr Dhir is an active member of the ANZ Association of Gastro Oesophageal surgeons (ANZGOSA) and Obesity Surgery Society of ANZ (OSSANZ). He has gained extensive surgical experience, having trained both in Australia and overseas. Dr Dhir’s vision is to provide holistic, world class treatment to patients with upper gastrointestinal and general surgical problems. He has a particular interest in laparoscopic (keyhole) surgery and its application in weight loss for the morbidly obese. He also specializes in revisional surgery for obese patients who have had complications of previous weight loss operations

  • Dr Arun Dhir is great for Gastric Sleeve Surgery and Gastric Bypass (An Mini Gastric Bypass- MGBP)
  • Suite 213, 12 Ormond Blvd, Bundoora VIC 3088
  • CentreforWeightLoss.com.au
  • 03 9466 7799

Dr Bhatia – Heidelberg Weight Loss Surgery

Dr Kiron Bhatia

Dr Kiron Bhatia is both a general and specialist upper gastrointestinal & bariatric surgeon. Kiron completed surgical training at St Vincent’s Hospital, Melbourne in 2007 and has since completed various Upper Gastrointestinal Surgery fellowship training in Melbourne, Tokyo and Japan. Kiron specialises in a range of gastric surgeries including Endoscopy, Cholecystectomy, oesophagogastric cancer and weight loss surgery. Kiron is currently based at the Austin Hospital and is available at various hospitals including the Warringal Private Hospital, Northpark Private Hospital, Mitcham Private Hospital and Knox Private Hospital.

  • Dr Kiron Bhatia is well known for keyhole robotic surgery & is a gastric balloon expert
  • 7/8 Martin St, Heidelberg VIC 3084
  • hwls.com.au
  • 03 9457 6990

Dr Roger Berry – Complete Weight Loss Solutions

Dr Roger Berry

Roger Berry is an obesity specialist surgeon who graduated from Monash University in 1986 with a Fellowship in General Surgery, Certificate of Transplant Surgery and has been an actively practising surgeon in the General, Laparoscopic, Upper Gastro Intestinal Surgery (UGI) and the Hepatic Pancreatic & Biliary (HPB) surgical fields. Roger is a member of the Australian and New Zealand Hepato-biliary Surgeons Association and was both previously head of the Cabrini Upper GI surgical craft group and a liver transplant surgeon at the Austin Hospital. Roger now operates at Cabrini Hospital Malvern and Cabrini Hospital Brighton.

  • Dr Roger Berry is a lap band expert
  • 105/12 Cato St, Hawthorn East VIC 3123
  • cwls.com.au
  • 03 9828 1900

Dr Paul Ah-Tye – Complete Weight Loss Solutions

Dr Paul Ah-Tye

Mr Paul Ah-Tye is a plastic surgeon with experience in Laparoscopic & Upper GI surgery. He has been treating obese patients with laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding since 2008. Mr Paul Ah-Tye practices in Dandenong, Warragul, Berwick and Hawthorn East and operates at St John of God Hospital in Berwick & Cabrini Malvern Hospital among others. The surgeon was awarded his Fellowship in General surgery in 2002, and later that year was also awarded an upper gastro-intestinal fellowship with Monash Medical Centre. His special interests are in hernia surgery, gastric banding, gastrointestinal tract and others.

Dr Phil Gan – Warrnambool Obesity Surgery Centre

Dr Phil Gan

Dr Philip Gan is a general surgeon focusing on the least invasive methods for performing a variety of “keyhole” surgeries. Dr Gan is a proponent of technological and medical device innovation. He invented, patented, and made his own distinctive laparoscopic equipment since he was dissatisfied with what was existing on the market. He has spoken at surgical conferences, industrial events, and university programs. He has also published and presented abroad (Masters of Minimally Invasive Surgery). Dr Gan is an Affiliate Associate Professor at the Deakin University School of Medicine and the Clinical Director of Surgery at Southwest Healthcare in Warrnambool.
Dr Gan has a special interest in laparoscopic “key-hole” surgery for weight loss (such as mini gastric bypass, sleeve gastrectomy), gastric reflux (hiatus hernia), gallbladder surgery, colorectal (bowel) surgery, including colonoscopy, removal of the spleen, and most hernia repairs.

  • St John of God Hospital 136 Botanic Road Warrnambool, VIC 3280
  • https://philipgan.com.au/
  • 03 5562 9527 Ghan (Warrnambool – Country Victoria)

Weight Loss Surgeons In QUEENSLAND

Dr Jacobus “Jorrie” Jordaan – Jordaan Surgical

Dr Jacobus Jordaan

Dr Jordaan focuses weight loss surgery, laparoscopic surgery, and gastroenterology and endoscopy.
Dr Jordaan attended the College of Medicine in South Africa where he completed his formal education and obtained his degree. He worked in both the public and commercial sectors after moving to Australia. He later established his own practice in the Pindara Hospital Specialist Suites and now works at both the Gold Coast’s Pindara and Allamanda Private Hospitals.
Dr Jordaan conducts minimally invasive surgery for a variety of medical conditions, including colon cancer, thyroid difficulties, hernias, gallstones, and reflux disease.
He is also passionate in laparoscopic bariatric surgery for the treatment of severe obesity and weight loss.

Weight Loss Surgeons In NEW SOUTH WALES

 Associate Professor Michael Talbot – Upper GI Surgery

Dr Michael Talbot

Upper gastrointestinal surgery, bariatric surgery, therapeutic endoscopy/ERCP, and oesophageal physiology and reflux are all areas of expertise for Dr Michael Talbot. He finished his internship in Wellington, New Zealand, after receiving his degree from the University of Otago, and then he began his residency and surgical training at St. Vincent’s Hospital in Sydney. Dr. Talbot has pioneered sophisticated bariatric surgery in NSW throughout his career and, over the past ten years, has seen the largest patient volume in the state. He carried out the first robotic bariatric and oesophageal surgeries in Australasia. The whole spectrum of endoscopic and surgical therapies for neoplasia of the oesophagus and stomach are provided by Dr Talbot.

Weight Loss Surgeons In SOUTH AUSTRALIA

Associate Professor Lilian Kow – Adelaide Bariatric Centre

Dr Lillian Kow

Associate Professor Lilian Kow is a Clinical Associate Professor at Flinders University of South Australia and the Clinical Director of Gastrointestinal Surgery at Flinders Medical Centre. She has participated in bariatric surgery training programs both domestically and abroad. Together with her coworkers at the Adelaide Bariatric Centre, Lilian has been at the forefront of creating a highly successful interdisciplinary approach for assisting our patients with their weight reduction journey. One of the earliest programs to be utilized in South Australia and to be replicated both nationally and globally was the program in Adelaide.

Weight Loss Surgeons In WESTERN AUSTRALIA

Dr Leon Cohen – Mercy Bariatrics

Dr Leon Cohen

Mercy Bariatrics’ medical director is Dr Leon Cohen. He founded Mercy Bariatrics in 2004 and is a general and bariatric surgeon. In Perth and the UK, he received advanced training in laparoscopic and bariatric surgery, and he was one of the pioneering doctors to bring the Sleeve Gastrectomy to Australia. He has personally conducted over 1500 lap sleeve gastrectomies. He has also been active in teaching and research into this method both domestically and abroad. Leon has a particular interest in revisional bariatric surgery in addition to sleeve gastrectomy. His other surgical specialties include endoscopy and gastrointestinal surgery.

Disclaimer – This list of recommended weight loss surgeons is just a suggestion to start your own research – You should do your own due diligence to find the surgeon that is right for you.

What should I look for when choosing a Weight Loss Surgeon?


  1. Your Health – Your Overall Health & Anatomy and Current Shape/Weight
  2. Your Objectives or Surgery Goals
  3. Collaboration and Communication between you and your Surgeon
  4. Your Surgeon’s Skills and Qualifications

Your Bariatric Surgeon’s Skills And Qualifications

Before deciding on a Weight Loss Surgeon for your chosen procedure, you should fully understand their area of expertise as well as the level of formal training and experience they have.

Why is this important? A FRACS/FRCS Specialist qualification is typically a good indication of a Surgeon’s level of expertise. It is only gained by having a lifelong pursuit of expertise in Weight Loss, cosmetic and reconstructive surgery.

What is a FRACS or FRCS qualification?

  • The distinction of being a Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons is only awarded to Specialist Surgeons who have completed a minimum of 12 years medical and surgical education, with at least 5 years of specialist postgraduate training.
  • A Specialist Weight Loss Surgeon with an Australian FRACS qualification will have:
  • Been subjected to the highest levels of testing and review of their surgical skills before achieving fellowship in RACS or RCS.
  • Had more Weight Loss surgery education/advanced training & international Weight Loss Surgery Conference attendance than other types of doctors or surgeons.

Look for ANZMOSS or ANZGOSA Membership

You should also make sure that your Surgeon is listed with a professional society of Weight Loss Surgeons – like ANZMOSS – Australia & New Zealand Metabolic and Obesity Surgery Society (formerly OSSANZ – Obesity Surgery Society of Australia & NZ) or ANZGOSA – Australian and New Zealand Gastric and Oesophageal Surgery Association.

The ANZMOSS or ANZGOSA directory can give you general guidelines about surgeries.

These websites can also provide you with a list of accredited Surgeons (members) who keep up to date with advances in the Weight Loss and cosmetic surgery field.

ANZMOSS & ANZGOSA MEMBERS are recognised as being fully qualified in Weight Loss surgery – including having a record of accomplishment in these areas of medicine and surgery.

Additionally, members commit to high ethical standards including patient care and patient safety processes.

Collaboration and Communication Between You And Your Surgeon

  • Your Surgeon’s skills are one thing, but if you and your surgeon can’t communicate openly and honestly, your results can be compromised. You must find a surgeon you trust and respect.
  • It is important that you feel comfortable with your Surgeon’s methods of communication; you should feel able to ask any and all questions and voice your concerns.
  • To achieve the best possible surgical result, you will need to work in harmony with your Surgeon and follow their post-operative instructions. Listening to and understanding their advice will help to reduce any surgery risks and boost your healing and recovery.
  • If you feel intimidated or disrespected by your Surgeon, then they’re not for you!

Who to avoid when choosing a Weight Loss Surgeon

It’s wise to avoid choosing:

  • A newer doctor still in training (junior doctor).
  • Doctors who have not gained successful membership into the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons (RACS) with a speciality in Weight Loss Surgery.
  • Discount surgery facilities that aren’t adequately monitored for patient safety.
  • Weight Loss Surgeons who focus on certain surgeries but agree to do a procedure they rarely ever perform.
  • Surgeons who cannot show you ANY of their patient ‘before and after’ photos or reviews during a consultation.

How do I choose the best Weight Loss Surgeons near me?

I want to find an expert Weight Loss Surgeon near me – but where do I start?

  1. Do Your Research & Homework
  • Find out everything you can about your potential Weight Loss Surgeon
  • Are they FRACS qualified and a member of ASPS?
  • How many operations have they performed over a lifetime and in recent years?
  • What do their patients say about them online? – Read their Online Reviews
  • Do they have any before and after photos of happy patients? (Be sure to ask to see before and after pictures of real patients at your initial consultation)
  • Word of mouth – directly and from others in your area – are invaluable for finding great surgeons and for avoiding a not so great one.
  • Ask your family, neighbours, colleagues and friends for their recommendations.
  1. Ask Your trusted Local GP, Specialist Or Hospital For A Recommendation
  • Your trusted local doctor and Hospital can also refer you to several Specialist Bariatric Surgeons for your preferred weightloss surgery procedure.
  • Accredited Hospitals will usually have high standards which the best weight loss Surgeons are required to meet in order to operate on their premises.
  • Remember, you want to think about your safety first, so choose a Surgeon who either operates in a hospital or has hospital operating rights in a big hospital.
  • Be sure to ask for a list of Hospitals your Surgeon is permitted to operate in at your initial consultation. If the answer is that they don’t, think about choosing a hospital-authorised Surgeon instead.

3. Read Our Free Weight Loss Guide To Research Your Chosen Procedure In Detail

It’s important to research your chosen procedure in further detail, and understand exactly what is involved before scheduling a consultation with a Weight Loss Surgeon.

Our free Weight Loss Surgery guide is a great place to start your search for the best weight loss surgeons and covers:

  • An in-depth procedure overview
  • How to determine if you are a good candidate for surgery
  • Step-by-step surgery outline
  • How to plan for your procedure
  • Answers to FAQs

4. Be wary of The Media – Don’t Believe Everything You See And Hear

  • There are many different levels of quality surgery and many different types of Surgeons, some who love the media spotlight more than others. Not all surgeons in the media spotlight are true experts, some just have good PR and publicity agents.
  • Be careful selecting surgeons via the media or television stories. Just because a doctor has a radio advertisement or television story, does not mean they are a genuine FRACS Surgeon.
  • Be sure to do your homework and detailed research that includes: talking to patients, looking at before & after photos and meeting with different candidates.
  • It is beneficial to have two consultations or seek a second opinion so that you can compare information and be sure you will receive the best possible treatment and care.
  • Once you completed thorough research and have met with at ideally two of your top listed Weight Loss Surgeons, you should have a strong sense of who you feel comfortable with and confident in choosing as the best surgeon for your procedure.

5. Arrange An Initial Consultation For Your Weight Loss Surgery Procedure

  • We believe information and education are the cornerstones to any decision made about your body.
  • In your consultation, you need to be assured that the surgery is right for you (sometimes it won’t be, or another procedure might be best).
  • Bring a trusted, positive friend along who has good instincts and can help you assess the information or bring up concerns you might forget to ask yourself.
  • Your questions need to be appropriately answered and your decision should be easily made and feel natural and ‘right’, no matter the outcome.
  • You should ask any questions you have, and your Surgeon should willingly and respectfully answer all of them.
  • Most importantly, your surgeon should not rush you into a decision.

Why It’s Best to Be Cautious and Never Rush When Choosing a Weight Loss Surgeon

  • Surgery is serious and should not be taken lightly. Remember, there are risks and results can vary from patient to patient. Ideally, you want a Surgeon who is honest, patient and respectful, and who has your long term surgery outcomes and best interests in mind.
  • No Surgeon will have perfect results 100% of the time, however, you need someone honest about their less-than-successful outcomes, and tells you how they promise to handle a problem should something not go to plan
  • Go with your gut – but a second opinion from another highly recommended Weight Loss Surgeon is a great idea before you make your choice.

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