How to find the Best Plastic Surgeon in Sydney – with Dr Jeremy Hunt

Real Patients
Dr Jeremy Hunt
Dr Jeremy Hunt

You can tell a lot by a plastic surgeon through his website. We love that Dr Jeremy Hunt has real people, real patients on his website. They’re of all ages and all sizes and this is what we think plastic surgery should be about. Having the choice to enhance your body in a way that makes you feel more confident, and allows you to be the best person you can be. It’s not all about being size 6 with huge boobs. It’s about having the option to change something about yourself that does not fit in with how you see yourself.

A good plastic surgeon talks to each patient as a unique individual, and gives honest and realistic advice for that particular patient. Plastic surgery should be tailored specifically to suit each patient – Angelina Jolie’s lips don’t suit everyone, despite what we might think! A good surgeon will give you options that match the way you want to see yourself and help you to identify what might be the best option even if it wasn’t initially your first choice. Here are some qualities that you should look for in a surgeon.

Realistic and Confident

There are no silly questions during a personal consultation with your plastic surgeon. You want to be able to ask them everything you want to clarify, and receive clear answers in return. A good surgeon will be gracious and considerate when answering your questions, but should stay realistic when managing your expectations. You should never, ever feel like you are taking up too much of their time, in order to make sure all your concerns are clearly addressed. If you walk away from the consultation feeling like you still have some concerns or unanswered questions, you might need to look elsewhere.

Honest about costs involved

Your surgeon should give you a comprehensive list of the costs involved in the procedure. You deserve to hear the costs upfront, so there are no surprise extra expenses down the track.

Dr Hunt adds, “Above all what you are paying for is quality – and if ever there was a time to invest wisely, it’s when you are entrusting your body, your health and your appearance. I urge you to be extremely cautious when considering ‘bargain basement’ surgeries – if the price seems to be too good to be true, it probably is. It is far better to invest in a top surgeon up front than to have to pay for a second surgery to correct the first.”

Check out the surgeon’s before-and-after photos of real patients

If all a surgeon’s patients and/or staff look like cookie cutter blondes with big boobs, big lips, tight faces and fake looking bodies… you might have cause for concern. The other thing to check out are the before and afters of their patients. If you are looking for a surgeon to do your nose job you will want to check out their work beforehand. Do you like the results of their previous patients? Dr Hunt’s website is full of natural looking, beautiful patients – all ages, all ethnic backgrounds. Everyday people like you and me. It makes it easier to envisage what is possible with Dr Hunt as our surgeon. If we only look at women or men who were already gorgeous before they had the surgery… how do we relate to what we want from our surgery?

Ethical and professional

A good plastic surgeon should always have your best interests at heart. You are paying them a lot of money to give you the results you want. They should have safety as a priority, and be transparent and have good communication with you every step of the way. Where is the surgery being performed, who will be in attendance?

It is also a plastic surgeon’s responsibility to ensure you are having plastic surgery for the right reasons. If they feel you have unrealistic expectations, or that you are not mentally fit to have the surgery, they need to refer you to a psychologist to be assessed before they perform any surgery. Any plastic surgeon who doesn’t do this probably doesn’t have your best interests at heart.

Well-trained in your chosen procedure/s

Besides being appropriately trained and qualified, how often and how many times has that plastic surgeon performed the procedure you want them to do? It makes sense that you choose the surgeon who performs that procedure on a regular basis and has done many of them, rather than the surgeon who hasn’t. As Dr Hunt puts it, “I strongly advise you not to put your life and body in the hands of under qualified doctors acting as surgeons. Always look for the acronym MBBS FRACS after your surgeon’s name – indicating they have earned the right to call themselves a plastic surgeon.”

Dr Jeremy Hunt is probably one of the surgeons with more positive reviews on our website than any other surgeon. This speaks volumes when it comes to the results he gets for his patients. We suggest if you are looking for a plastic surgeon to get quality results, start by checking out reviews and before and after photos and go from there. As already mentioned, Dr Hunt has a great website, easy to navigate and with all the information you will want to have when choosing your surgeon.

If you’d like to arrange a consult with Dr Jeremy Hunt give his clinic a call on 02 9327 1733. If you’d like more information on Dr Jeremy Hunt check out these blogs below:

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