The Truth About Breast Surgery

The Truth About Breast Surgery

The Truth About Breast Surgery

Every day in Australia thousands of women are directly or indirectly involved in breast surgery procedures. Some do it because it’s a life and death situation such as is the case with breast cancer patients. Others choose to enhance their bust for medical, personal or practical reasons.

Each case is different. And yet, women across the board usually state an increase in confidence as their number one benefit.

I’ve decided to dig deeper into the mystery and interview seven women who’ve been under the knife.

I want to show you these women are people like you and me. Each one of them had their own private reasons to get under the knife. But each of them has been incredibly generous in sharing their experience with me.

Breast surgery is a decision you shouldn’t make lightly, regardless of your circumstances. There’s always a measure of risk involved, despite it being a standard procedure these days.

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