Operation Smile

Operation Smile

Operation Smile Changes Lives

Operation Smile is an international charity changing children’s lives one smile at a time.  Not only are they a charity, Operation Smile prides itself on being a team of caring medical professionals with the common goal of providing safe and effective reconstructive surgery and associated medical care for children around the world born with facial deformities, such as cleft lip and cleft palate.

Statistics show that every 3 minutes a child is born with a cleft.  Out of these children, 1 in 10 of them will die before they turn 1.  Survivors are quite often not able to eat, special, smile or socialize. Some are rejected by their societies and communities too. To enable these children to lead productive lives they require surgery, and in most instances, their parents are unable to afford it.

Operation Smile believes “every child deserves access to safe, quality surgical care.  Every child deserves a future filled with hope”, and to help with this Operation Smile has the largest volunteer-based medical charity which provides free cleft surgeries.

Since 1982 the dedicated medical volunteers of Operation Smile have evaluated more than 3.5 million cases, and performed over 200,000 free surgeries for children and young adults that have been born with facial deformities.  Their work created a lasting global impact.  “We train local doctors in developing countries and strengthen healthcare systems so more children in some of the poorest areas in the world can be treated.”

Operation Smile works in 60+ countries bringing smiles to children who otherwise may never had smiled in their lives! This gives them hope for a better future and saves children’s lives.

If you’re interested in becoming involved in Operation Smile or know of someone who may be interested, click here.

If you wish to donate $$$ to Operation Smile, you can Donate A Surgery!  Give a smile – and help save a child’s life. Donate online now, here’s a link.

$240 for 1 surgery

$480 for 2 surgeries