Stratacel – Wound Dressing, Helping with Scars


What is Stratacel?

Lynne Charisis: Stratacel is a film-forming wound dressing. It’s actually the first film-forming wound dressing developed to go on sensitive skin after you’ve had a rejuvenation procedure, so something like microdermabrasion, microneedling, chemical peel, or a fractional laser resurfacing procedure, then it is a product that you can put on post that procedure, which is designed to help the skin heal faster so that you can get back to work quicker and that you get a better result from the procedure that you’ve had.

How long do you use it for?

You’d apply it straight away after the procedure. It’s really easy to spread over your skin, even when your skin is tender from a fractional resurfacing procedure, and so it’s really easy to apply. You put it on straight away because it’s sterile in the tube, and then you’d re-apply it as often as you want but at least two times a day, and you do that until your skin is healed so probably up to seven days because once you’ve had one of those procedures your skin starts to lose a lot of moisture from the lower layers of the skin, and Stratacel will help prevent that moisture loss from the lower layers of the skin.

What are the benefits of Stratacel?

Exactly, so you get a better result from the treatment, and you heal faster so that you can go back to work faster. It’s also a film-forming dressing so when it’s dry, you can put your makeup over the top. Again, that helps you get back to work faster.

Where can you buy Stratacel?

So as you said, from your website, you can buy it from your online shop. You can buy it from our online shop as well, which is You can buy it there or your clinician or your therapist can actually order it in and have it there for you as well.

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