Meet Dr Isolde Hertess and her team at Cairns Plastic Surgery

Dr Isolde Hertess

At the recent 40th ASAPS conference I had the pleasure of catching up with Dr Isolde Hertess at Cairns Plastic Surgery. Her clinic offers all the latest surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures and treatments.

Tell us a bit about what you offer at Cairns Plastic Surgery

Isolde Hertess: Cairns is a very small town. It’s far north of Queensland. It’s 2,000 kilometres north of Brisbane and a small population. I’m a generalist, so I can offer cosmetic surgery or skin cancer surgery. Bulk of my work, well, half my work, is skin cancers, and the rest is breast surgery, some facial surgery, and I’ve been there for over 23 years.

Is there a specific demographic for the majority of your clients?

I get the average mum. I get the fly-in/fly-out truck drivers. I get the hard workers. I get the cane farmers wives. It’s a very low socio-economic group, but people do find money for their surgery, just to make them feel good about themselves.

How can you make an enquiry for Cairns Plastic Surgery?

Certainly. You could make an inquiry through the clinic. We would invite you for a complimentary nurse consult just to see if that procedure is right for you and the price is within your price range. We do offer finance packages, if it’s not, but often people just need the education and the information. If it’s in the price range then we go a step further and make appointment to see me and we’ll discuss options. We can send you information online. We get a lot of people who don’t live in Cairns, so we can send you all the information online. A lot of our communication is via email and it’s a nice, friendly environment. My nurses do the nurse consults. They’ve been with me 5 to 10 years, each of them and it’s a lovely, casual environment. There’s no pressure. We just give you the information and education.

What non-surgical treatments are available at Cairns Plastic Surgery?

I’m one of the few doctor run clinics and I have a nurse injector who has been injecting for eight years, and one that I’ve trained who’s been injecting two years. So we’ll do the general fillers. We do muscle relaxants. We offer chemical peels and a bit of dermabrasion. But, my nurses are highly qualified. They will give you a facial analysis, a plan for two years, and state your treatment.

Tell us a bit about the post-surgery care at Cairns Plastic Surgery

We pride ourselves to really looking after the patients. So it’s all about their experience and their journey. My nurses are passionate but they’re not passionate than I am in caring for you after your surgery. And often, our patients become our friends for a long term. But we make sure that everyone has regular follow up after their surgery, and then it’s regular reviews at six weeks, six months, one year, and any problems in the meantime, I’m always available. The nurses are more than competent as well.

If you’d like to arrange a consult or to find out more about Dr Isolde Hertess or Cairns Plastic Surgery visit their website or email us at [email protected]. You can also give them a call on 07 4031 5755.