Dr Jeremy Hunt on Real Patient Reviews – Good Reviews and Bad Reviews – Why you need to check them out

You can read all you like about a surgeon but often you’ll find the information they allow the media to have is filtered and managed. One of the surefire ways to get the real story is to read patient reviews. Patients tend to be quite vocal in their opinions of one surgeon or another, and if they’ve had a good experience they want to tell you about it. Of course, that also works the same way if they’ve had a bad experience. We wanted to discuss the positives and negatives of reviews – why you definitely need to check them out.

Dr Jeremy Hunt
Dr Jeremy Hunt

What surgeons say about patient reviews

Dr Jeremy Hunt, Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon from Wollongong and Edgecliff in Sydney, NSW is a firm believer that anyone considering cosmetic surgery should check out their potential surgeon’s reviews – and any good surgeon shouldn’t be afraid of that. “As medical professionals, we do care about our patients, and your patients will appreciate the level of professionalism, care and understanding you and your staff provide, and inasmuch will happily express their satisfaction, or dissatisfaction in online forums and reviews.”

Many surgeons have a bad review somewhere

Something you might want to note is that almost every surgeon will have at least one unhappy patient. Whether it’s because that particular patient was never going to be happy no matter what surgeon they had, or the surgeon did not understand the patient and their desired results, or perhaps the surgeon just wasn’t able to achieve the results on the day because of complications; every surgeon comes across a dissatisfied patient at least once in their lives. So, keeping this in mind when doing your research, which most of us do through a Google search, if you keep finding a whole heap negative reviews on a surgeon you might want to be a little wary. Generally, when you Google search a surgeon, a good one should mostly get positive reviews.

As Dr Hunt says, “your online reputation is only good as your last patient.”


Dr Hunt believes a surgeon should be transparent about where to find their reviews. This is one of the reasons we asked him to weigh in on this topic – his website has a reviews tab right on the front page of his website and one of his patients in a video speaking about her experience on the website’s front page. We love this, and think this is the way all surgeons should be! Dr Hunt says, “The patients do feedback to a lot of my staff that my clinic is amazingly relaxed. It’s down to earth; it’s almost like a family environment where people are free to express how they feel about things. We have an honest approach and patients really respond to it and they really respect it. They don’t need razzle dazzle; they need to be treated with respect.”

Facebook Groups

The other place you can get unfiltered reviews, good and bad, on surgeons is Facebook Groups; often “Closed” or “Private” due to the nature of their content, and is one of the most rapidly growing places where patients and potential patients share their experiences about a particular surgeon. The Plastic Surgery Hub Closed Facebook Group is growing quickly and besides being a support forum first and foremost, it’s also a place where patients can talk about their experiences with their surgeons. Patients and potential patients can get personalised reviews about a particular surgeon directly from other patients.

We receive positive reviews on Dr Jeremy Hunt on a regular basis, and it’s easy to see why he’s so transparent about showing you where to find them!

Susanna, 2 March 2017
Dr Jeremy Hunt is a very professional and caring surgeon. When you are going to have surgery on your face you need to make the right decision about who is doing it. Jeremy’s skills are amazing I would highly recommend him. He made me feel comfortable and confident about the surgery after the first appointment. He was very genuine about what I needed to feel and look great and the results were amazing. His bedside manner in the hospital was fantastic even phoning my family after surgery. His nurse also had a very caring attitude. The follow up post op was great my emails with questions were answered immediately. Very happy with my facelift!

Tarni, 1 March 2017
Late 2016 I underwent a Bilateral Breast Augmentation and Rhinoplasty and I could not be happier with the results. I feel as though my body looks the way it should have all along. I was confident that Dr Hunt knew what I wanted from the beginning and he certainly delivered. Would recommend to anyone!

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