My Visit to Dr Damian Marucci, Aesthetic Day Clinic, Kogarah NSW

Trish visits Dr Damian Marucci

Trish and Dr Damian MarucciOne of my favourite things to do is to work my way around visiting our Aussie Surgeons and keep up with what’s happening in their clinics. Not only is it a great way to touch base and get the latest news and happening, I also get to see for myself the treatments on offer, catch up with staff, and speak to some of their patients. Dr Damian Marucci is located in Kogarah, Sydney and I met with him recently to get an overview on what’s happening in their clinic at the moment.

Beautiful clinic, rooms and location

Dr Marucci works out of the Aesthetic Day Clinic, a fully accredited private hospital fully equipped to perform most cosmetic and reconstructive procedures and licensed to provide general and local anaesthesia as well as ‘twilight’ sedation. They also have rooms specifically designed for the non-surgical treatments they offer, which are extensive. They include:

One of the things that stands out about Dr Marucci is his presence. He’s always happy, smiling, and it’s obvious that he genuinely cares about every patient; you can tell they feel safe in his hands knowing he has their best interests at heart. Of course, results are the most important thing and you only have to read Dr Marucci’s reviews and see his before and after photos to know that he gets them.

Dr Marucci is one of three surgeons working at the Aesthetic Day Surgery, the others being Dr Darrell Perkins and Dr Adrian Sjarif. This means you have access to the expertise and experience of three fully qualified, Australian surgeons in the one location.

Dr Damian Marucci's Aesthetic Day ClinicDr Marucci performs the full gamut of cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures including:

I loved catching up with Dr Marucci and his super friendly staff. I try not to have favourite surgeons, but it’s hard not to list Dr Marucci as one of them.

If you’d like more information on Dr Marucci check out the blogs below, or if you’d like to arrange a consultation or visit to his clinic phone (02) 9588 6374 – you’ll be glad you did 🙂

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