Regis Roche on the ADIPSculpt

Dr Regis Roche - ADIPSculpt

The Non-Surgical Symposium 2017 on the Gold Coast last month was awesome and I found out about some exciting new treatments such as the ADIPSculpt. I’m always excited to hear about anything from High Tech Laser – their devices are always among the best. Listen to the podcast, watch the video or read below to find out more.

Trish: I’m here today with Regis Roche, and we’re gonna have a talk about the ADIP’Sculpt, which is a fat grafting device that’s used in clinics. Welcome, thank you so much.

Dr Regis Roche: Thank you.

Trish: Tell us a bit about it. I’m quite excited ’cause I know that it’s has been on the market for a while, but it’s kind of going through a bit of a rejig at the moment. So tell us a bit about it.

Dr Regis Roche: That’s a product dedicated for the lipofilling technique and the fat grafting technique from the beginning to the end of the techniques. There’s quite older products in the market now, are only dedicated for one part of the lipofilling technique, maybe for washing, maybe for centrifugalization, or just for the liposuction. While all product are really from the beginning, from the infiltration, and then to the injection of the fat. This is one particular part. And the other thing is we have really focused on the efficiency of the technique. By a specific protocol from the beginning to the end, then we have at least 70, 80 or even 90% efficiency. I mean that a quantity of fat will stay after several month could be at least 70% or up to 90%.

Trish: So when someone does the procedure using this technology, you can keep 70, 80, to 90% of the fat that’s taken still stays in.

Dr Regis Roche: Yeah, exactly, exactly. With the current technique, the classical technique, usually this result are between 30 to 50%, which means that if you’re gonna inject 100cc of fat, then after six month it will obtain only a half. So with our product you will have at least 70%, or sometimes 80 or even 90%, depending on the indication and the patient.

Trish: And it’s the one product for the whole … for the liposuction procedure, right through the centrifuge, through putting it…

Dr Regis Roche: There are only one kit, single use, which it is single use. Only one means everything from the infiltration to the injection, and we have another device, a centrifuge with specific containers in each kit that can fit easily in the centrifuge, of course, and was a preprogrammed centrifuge so all the settings are already inside the centrifuge.

Trish: So for any procedure that you’re after, if you’re going to someone to have a bit of fat transferred onto your face, or if you’re having fat transferred to your breast, or anywhere there’s fat transfer, you go through a process where you have the liposuction first, and they store that fat. They put it in a centrifuge. It gets sort of cleaned up.

Dr Regis Roche: There’s some washing, yeah. Clean the bloody fat, wash the fat.

Trish: Washed and cleaned, and then next the fat that they use to inject back into your body, whether it’s face, body, or whatever. And this is basically all in to one compact kit.

Dr Regis Roche: Exactly. And we have a specific kit for the face because the cannulas, of course, are really thinner than for the breast. And we have medium kit for the breast for a medium augmentation or big augmentation.

Trish: Okay.

Dr Regis Roche: So that’s the total range for each…

Trish: Alright, so it can do the back, the breast, the face, anywhere you wanna transfer fat from.

Dr Regis Roche: Yeah, and it could be in the hands also. It could be everywhere in the body.

Trish: Some people want fatter hands?

Dr Regis Roche: Yeah, when you have a thin, very thin skin, or old skin hand, and it can reinfect a small amount of fat. And then to have, of course, a volume of fat also. A regeneration effect, a regenerating effect. You can see it’s after two or three month. It’s not immediate. The volume you can see it immediately, but the regenerative effect after two, three months. And the same for the face. That’s really much more efficient than the fillers that just have the volume. It’s not only a question of volume. It’s also a question of regeneration.

Trish: Of course, yeah. Alright, so 70, 80, 90% of the fat is retained, which is great ’cause I have heard where only 20%, 30% is retained. So if you’re looking for someone that actually uses this device, or if your practitioner is looking at getting this device, you can drop us an email at [email protected], and any questions that you have we can find out. So thank you so much for taking the time today.

Dr Regis Roche: Thank you very much for your time, too.

Trish: Thank you.

Dr Regis Roche: Thank you for the interview.

Trish: Thank you. Hopefully that will work. Yes.