I Want To Look Beautiful But Not Different – No Longer Fear the Facelift

No longer fear the facelift
Dr Bryan Mendelson
Dr Bryan Mendelson

When it comes to facial aesthetic treatments and surgery most of us want just want to look great for our age (or a few years better!) and beautiful; but not so different that our kids freak out when they see us, or our friends don’t recognise us when we’re on the other side of the street. Renowned Australian Plastic Surgeon Dr Bryan Mendelson is considered one of the world’s most prominent facial plastic surgeons, and he says his patients most commonly expressed sentiment is “I want to look less tired… refreshed but not altered.” We asked Dr Mendelson about how he achieves his sought after natural looking results.

It’s All About YOU

Our understanding of the face and techniques for facelifts has advanced dramatically in the last 20 years. Plastic and cosmetic surgery, especially on the face, is a fine art and a good surgeon will know just how to “tweak” things to suit you. Dr Mendelson says, “Traditional techniques were based on a one-size-fits-all surgical approach of stretching facial skin over the ageing face. However, facial ageing doesn’t occur on the skin; it’s the result of changes in the position of the facial tissues, and loss of bone projection and volume. Advanced surgical techniques work in the deeper anatomy, at the site of these ageing changes. The tissues are gently restored to their former position – just as they were on that face when younger. If needed, the bone is minutely augmented – just enough to replace what was lost.”

Of course, it goes without saying that the better the surgeon the better the result will be. The face is one part of your body you don’t want to mess with. It is his individualised approach and understanding of facial anatomy that is at the heart of Dr Mendelson’s success. In fact, he’s even written a book about it, “In Your Face”.

Dr Mendelson says it’s about making subtle changes to restore the youthful shape of your face. This may mean smaller rejuvenations such as returning proportion to drooping eyelids or reducing lines around the eyes and mouth, among any other concerns you might have that you should discuss with your surgeon at your consultation.

Dr Mendelson stresses that it’s essential to find a surgeon who is fully qualified and experienced with the more advanced techniques of facelift surgery if you want the best possible result. “We still see people who’ve had bad facial surgery because the traditional technique is still being performed. It requires considerably less surgical skill from the surgeon and it’s less invasive for the patient. For some people, that’s enough. For us, it definitely isn’t.”

So, the best facelifts are the ones you don’t know have been done. The ones where you feel that someone looks great for their age but not so different or youthful that it’s unnatural. Gone are the days of overdone facelifts. We are now in a modern era where plastic surgeons are able to make you look just as you were a few years previously, with natural and subtle but beautiful results. We need no longer fear the facelift!

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