Understanding the Face with Dr Bryan Mendelson

Dr Bryan Mendelson
Dr Bryan Mendelson

Modern day facelifts are a world away from those overstretched, all-too-obvious ones of the past. We have more knowledge of facial anatomy and how the face and all its muscles, including the skin, works as well as the tools and know-how to work with it. And no one understands this more so than Dr Bryan Mendelson, plastic surgeon from Toorak in Melbourne. Anyone who’s done any sort of research, or has anything to do with the aesthetics industry, should be aware of Dr Mendelson’s skill and ability to make his patients look completely natural, and his book In Your Face has been read by thousands around the country and indeed around the world. We take a look at what makes Dr Mendelson so successful when it comes to facelifts and his innate understanding of the face and its spaces.

Skin Deep – Not Any More

We know that simply pulling the skin up and sewing it higher or tighter just does not work. This is the stuff of horror celebrity facelifts of the 80s and 90s.

The way to a more natural looking facelift is to work on the internal support structures of the face. Dr Mendelson tells us, “It might look as if your skin has sagged, but actually it sits on a sagging support layer – and this is where the correction needs to take place.” This technique is known as the SMAS procedure. This method greatly reduces the chances of excessive bruising and swelling which means less downtime and allows you to get back to your everyday life a lot sooner. It also produces a long-lasting, more natural effect without the skin appearing “pulled”.

The Signs of Facial Ageing

The main signs of facial ageing are:

  • Prominent jowl (laxity of skin along the jawline)
  • Laxity in cheek
  • Laxity in upper neck
  • Heaviness of nasolabial fold (that crease that runs down the side of your nose, down to the lips)
  • Marionette fold (the crease that runs from the side of your mouth down to your chin)
  • Heavy neck

Dr Mendelson says, “Some people are unfortunately also born to have a heavy neck, where the neck starts just beneath the tip of the chin rather than having a properly revealed throat. The neck and the jawline can now be restored to an attractive contour showing clear definition between the face and the neck. It requires excellent surgical skill and certain expertise in anatomy so currently it is only being performed by a few surgeons. It is called the pre-masseter lower facelift.”

Dr Mendelson states that ideally a facelift will bring clarity around the eyes, attractive fullness over the cheekbones and clearer lines along the jaw and upper neck. He says, “The result of a well-performed facelift is natural, and it’s subtle, and the result is lasting. In addition to which it also slows the appearance of further ageing.”

Understanding Anatomy

The reason why modern facelifts are so much more successful than the outdated and almost laughable results of the past is because of our increased knowledge of facial anatomy. Surgeons have a much more detailed understanding of the deeper layers of the face, such as the muscles, tissues, skin and how it all works together. This enables them to better manipulate their appearance and identify how best to do that on a case by case basis. However, if you are considering a facelift, keep in mind that in order to get a natural result, you need to ensure your surgeon is one of the few who actually knows his stuff.

Dr Mendelson is an authority in facial anatomy. His research into the subject is recognised around the world and was included in the classic anatomy textbook, Gray’s Anatomy. His findings have led to the development of the advanced surgical techniques that we see being adopted around the world today. Dr Mendelson performs live demonstrative surgeries in countries such as Milan, Cologne, Barcelona, Madrid, Istanbul, Dallas, Moscow, Taipei and the list goes on, to teach other surgeons his techniques and how he produces such natural looking outcomes.

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