Plastic Surgeons prefer Motiva Breast Implants with Dr Theo Birch & Dr Scott Ingram

Motiva Breast Implants

Dr Birch and Dr Ingram talk about Motiva Breast Implants

One of our most commonly performed procedures is breast augmentation, also known as bilateral augmentation mammoplasty, or a “BAM”, dare I say, a “boob job”. This is one procedure I see, hear and read about most; who is doing it, how much it costs and where to get it done. Rarely, however, do I ever read posts in forums or hear people talking about the choice of implant. For me this has to be one of the most important decisions, up there with selecting a qualified Specialist Plastic Surgeon and having your procedure performed in a reputable licensed institution.

Motiva released to the Australian market the latest in breast implants, producing an implant that, for me, offers the perfect balance between quality, technology and safety. Both Dr Theo Birch and Dr Scott Ingram now have considerable experience using these implants for both primary and secondary procedures. Despite their recent release here, Motiva implants have been in use overseas for the greater part of 10 years. While we don’t yet have the numbers to prove they are superior to other prostheses currently on the market I thought I would bring to the attention of both potential patients and other colleges some reasons that forward-thinking surgeons are starting to use Motiva implants.

When I asked Dr Birch “why the move to Motiva?”, his first comment related to minimizing the risk of breast implant associated anaplastic large cell lymphoma, BIA-ALCL. Although BIA-ALCL is extremely rare, it is believed that it may be an associated with biofilm formation on breast implants. It is known that breast implants with highly aggressive texturing have an increased risk of chronic biofilm formation, and this, albeit rarely, is thought to lead to the development of ALCL. Motiva claims that the “nano-texturing” on their implants results in much lower rates of biofilm formation while maintaining the lower capsular contracture rates seen with other textured prostheses, the best of both worlds really!

The true tissue dynamics, which utilize the latest in silicone gel technology, is another feature setting the Motiva implant apart from its competitors. Dr Ingram regularly has patients requesting a natural looking breast with a natural feel. To ensure this, Motiva has produced a 100% filled implant that mimics a natural breast. In addition, Motiva has produced more than 500 implant choices to suite the different needs of every patient. Too often there are horror stories of patients seeking a cheap BA and requesting for example a DD cup implant. An implant is selected and no consideration is given as to whether the implant size is complementary to your body shape and size. Motiva can in this case offer projection and in the case of a small frame additionally offer a small based implant to harmonize with the body. Choice of sizes is also important in the case of reconstructive procedures when a patient may have little to no breast tissue on one side compared to the other. In this case the option to select two completely different size and profile implants is a true advantage in creating a natural and aesthetically pleasing result.

Further to an extensive size and shape range Motiva has mastered the rheological properties of their silicone gels enabling control of viscosity and elasticity. What does this mean for you the patient? As both Dr Birch and Dr Ingram will tell you many patients come into a consultation and request anatomical implants thinking they will give the most natural look. However, most don’t recognized the potential long term pitfalls of an anatomical implant including implant movement, rotation, hardness and increased risk of capsular contracture. Motiva have created a 100% filled implant that adapt shape after implantation to give the look of the traditional anatomical implant. The Motiva implants are designed to mimic the natural breast. The point of most projection moves with gravity and patient position to provide a very natural result with a round implant.

Another first for Motiva implants is the integrated micro-chip transponder they each contain. Motiva implants have a tiny micro-chip transponder which records the electronic serial number of the implant along with other important implant data (such as size and shape). This allows the microchip data to be read and the breast implant to be safely identified from outside of the body using a small hand-held chip-reader. This is a great feature should implant information ever be required by the patient or surgeon and it otherwise not be available.

The micro-transponder also provides the patient access to implant specific data including the serial number, manufacturer name, date of manufacturer and lot number, all of which is contained within an app compatible with mobile devices.

Every surgeon along with his or her team is looking to achieve best patient outcome. It is my view that recent advances in the Motiva implants are in line with current technology and advances in the area. Both Dr Birch and Dr Ingram agree that diversity in size, nano texturing, micro-transponder integration all in line with the Motiva app are all moves forward in the strive to achieve best outcome for the patients.

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