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Motiva Breast Implants with Dr Craig Rubinstein

Decades of ongoing research have gone into creating a safer, controlled advanced smooth surface breast implant that improves biocompatibility, resulting in Motiva®.

Motiva® continues to drive scientific understanding of the factors that determine the body’s response to implants, and that the complications associated with traditional macro-textured implants so far, have outweighed their benefits.

The unique SmoothSilk®/SilkSurface® design of Motiva® technology is designed for your body to feel and stay healthy, minimizing inflammation and its related complications that can commonly occur with other implants.

It is important to note that although you may have a desired cup size in mind, the choice of your breast implant size should be made on your anatomy. Choosing a breast implant too big or too small can affect the long-term results of your surgery and the aesthetic appearance.

Therefore, choosing a breast implant that is as close to your desired cup size, but within your anatomical parameters is key to long-term results and breast appearance. It is important to discuss your goals and implant choices in consultation with your surgeon before assuming a certain implant type is the best option for you.

Motiva is the choice of leading Specialist Plastic Surgeon, Dr Craig Rubinstein

Dr Craig Rubinstein is one of Melbourne’s top Specialist Plastic Surgeons for breast surgery for women. He has over 20 years of experience in aesthetic breast surgery including Breast lift, Augmentation and Reductions.

Dr Craig Rubinstein has used a range of the best breast implants during his career and his current implant of choice? The Motiva Breast implant!

Using top quality, reputable breast implant brands is vital to not only achieve and maintain your desired result but to also minimise any risks. Dr Rubinstein and his team use only quality manufactured breast implants that meet Australia’s high regulatory standards.

Furthermore, Breast implants are classified as a type of prosthesis and as such are monitored by medical device approval organisations. So, when it comes to breast implants what kind does an experienced plastic surgeon like to use? Motiva!

Motiva was approved for Australian use in 2016 and it is fast becoming the prosthesis of choice for many surgeons performing Breast Implant procedures.

How long do Motiva® Implants last?

It is important to know that breast implants are not lifetime devices. However, the life expectancy of a silicone breast implant cannot be precisely estimated or guaranteed, as there are many factors beyond the manufacturer’s control that can affect the longevity of a device.

The time period varies from patient to patient. Some patients could need replacement surgery within a few years after the primary procedure, while others can have their implants intact for 10 years or longer.

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