The Most Requested Celebrity Noses for Rhinoplasty by Plastic Surgeon Dr Ross Farhidieh

Most Popular Celebrity Noses

A perfect nose can really make a person’s face. A beautiful, well-proportioned nose can mean the difference between whether someone feels beautiful or not and rhinoplasty is one of the most popular plastic surgeries because of this. But what noses do people want? What are the most requested celebrity noses in the plastic surgeon’s office? We had a chat with Dr Ross Farhadieh from Panthea Clinics in Sydney and Canberra about the subject – he is widely renowned for being quite an authority on rhinoplasty and has performed many of them including many patients referred for revision surgeries. So, what really are the most requested noses for a rhinoplasty?

What aspects of a nose make it attractive?

Firstly, there are some things that no one wants in a nose. These include:

  • Large, oversized
  • Too wide
  • Crooked
  • Misshapen
  • Oversized or flared nostrils
  • Not proportional with the rest of the face
  • Too angular or “hard”
  • Bulbous or oversized tip
  • Humped

Dr Farhadieh says patient preferences can also depend on their ethnicity and cultural background. “The ideal nose is determined as much by personal preferences and aesthetic standards as by cultural norms. There is no standard appearance and each procedure has to be tailored to the individual patient’s needs. Any facial cosmetic surgery should ideally seek to preserve essence and character, while enhancing aesthetic form and the nature of the subject. It is vital that both surgeon and patient understand and agree with each other on what needs to be addressed.”

Having said this, Dr Farhadieh says, “The most common thing I hear is that I don’t want a ski jump nose.”

Staying true to yourself is fine, but most of us have an ideal in mind as to which nose or noses we find the most attractive. So, which celebrity noses are desirable? Generally, across the globe, you’ll find that the same noses are often requested or referred to in plastic surgeons’ clinics whether it’s Australia, the US, Europe or South America. Some of these are:

Top Celebrity Noses

Nicole Kidman – yep, our own Aussie darling, Nicole’s nose is perfectly proportioned with a great profile.

Natalie Portman – with her well-defined bone structure, Natalie’s longer nose brings everything together to enhance her beauty.

Halle Berry – a perfect example of staying true to your ethnicity and enhancing your other features, Halle’s nose is not too angular or small and looks completely natural. It is proportional with a perfectly sized tip.

Ivanka Trump – her smaller, slightly upturned nose fits in with her classic features perfectly, and is not too big, with perfectly sized nostrils and a great profile.

While these are just a few of many often asked for celebrity noses, you need to remember that what suits someone else might not suit you. Dr Farhadieh says while it can be useful to take photos or refer to a celebrity to give your surgeon an idea of the sort of nose you find attractive, you might need to be open about hearing why that particular nose might not be right for you. Putting another person’s nose onto your own face may not look the same or fit in with your other features. The best noses are designed around what will fit in with the rest of your face.

If you’d like to arrange a consultation with Dr Farhadieh at either of his two Panthea clinics in Sydney and Canberra, you can phone 1300 03 03 71.

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