Mommy Makeover – Quick Recovery Steps

Mommy Makeover - Quick Recovery Steps

Mommy Makeover procedures are growing well-known in the field of plastic surgery. More and more mothers around the world are choosing to have it to gain back the body they once had before pregnancy.

Mommy Makeover consist of more than one plastic surgery procedure, namely, tummy tuck, breast lift, liposuction, and butt lift. This means that more parts of the body are being reconstructed as compared to other singular procedures. Because of this, it is clear that the recovery steps from Mommy Makeovers are extended in terms of time and effort. 

Here are some things to keep in mind for a faster recovery after a Mommy Makeover procedure:

1. Limit your movement for the first two weeks. 

For the first two weeks after the surgery, it is advised to limit your body from moving too much. Excessive movement can hinder in having a faster recovery time. It can cause swelling of the body which interferes with having scar formation for a faster wound healing. 

2. Refrain from lifting more than 5 pounds for the first three weeks.

Since Mommy Makeovers include breast augmentation, lifting your arms again and again can slow down the recovery time. It can also cause your breast to deform which is more troublesome. Lifting can prevent you from giving your incisions the right amount of strength to endure stresses. Listen to your body – if lifting something can be downright painful, then it is better for you not to lift it. 

3. Have someone to help you do your usual chores. 

Everyone knows that being a mother is a tough job – especially if you have a child running around that needs to be taken care of. If you have just undergone a Mommy Makeover, it is better for you to have someone do your usual chores for you. Have a helper around your home to move around instead of doing it yourself. Resting is beneficial in having a speedy recovery time. 

4. Do not exercise or do any strenuous activities for the first six weeks. 

Incisions after undergoing tummy tuck, a procedure involved in Mommy Makeover, takes at least six weeks before healing completely. It is not wise to “test” your wounds by exercising or doing any heavy activities. If you have a habit of exercising regularly, it is best to put off that routine for a while. Excess heavy activities can make your body sore and swell which could make your incisions weak. 

5. Keep your wounds clean. 

It is recommended to keep your wounds dry for at least a day after the surgery. After a day or two, having a sponge bath is permitted but it is essential to keep the wound area dry for a week. If in case you ever wetted the area, you must dry the wound area as soon as possible. Apply medications prescribed by your doctors. Do not scratch your wounds because it may leave scarring. Itching is actually a sign that your wounds are starting to heal. 

6. Do not hesitate to ask your doctor anything related to recovery.

It is important for your doctor to know your progress and how well you are recovering. If you see any sign of complication, it is necessary for you to contact your doctor as soon as possible. It is better to be cautious and mindful of complications to avoid negative outcomes – not needing any follow-up surgeries – than to be careless and negligent. 

Dr. Patrick Hsu – Memorial Plastic Surgery

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