Beyond the Breasts: Implants for the Whole Body

Beyond the Breasts: Implants for the Whole Body

Beyond the Breasts

When you hear talk of someone visiting a plastic surgeon to get implants, the breasts invariably come to mind. Although breast implants are by far the most common type of cosmetic implant in the U.S., they aren’t the only type people use to enhance their looks. Plastic surgeons around the country can use implants, usually made of different kinds of silicone, to change the appearance of many different areas of the face and body.

Body Implants

According to his website, Dr. Paul G. Ruff, a board-certified plastic surgeon in Washington, D.C., offers breast implants and body implants for several areas. Body implants are touted as being ideal for areas that are notoriously difficult to shape and tone just by hitting the gym. They can also be used to correct congenital deformities and those resulting from diseases that affect muscle growth.

The most popular body implant, if you don’t count breast implants, is the buttock implant. According to statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons®, 942 procedures to insert buttock implants took place in the U.S. in 2013. The buttock implant trend is not as big in Australia – at least not yet! But of course, this could change.

Other implant options include those for the calves, biceps, and pectoral muscles, all commonly chosen by men who are looking to achieve a sculpted, muscular look.

These kinds of implants are usually made of a solid, shaped silicone that is firm but flexible and lasts indefinitely. Surgeries to insert them usually take less than 2 hours and require a week or 2 of recovery time (although buttock surgery recovery may be longer).

Facial Implants

Facial implants are also usually made of a firm but flexible silicone, and they are generally placed in the bony areas of the face to refine a person’s profile. Like body implants, facial implants can also be used to correct various deformities.

The most common facial implants are for the chin and cheeks. High, defined cheekbones can give a man a strong, masculine look, and they can give a woman a youthful, elegant appearance. A chin implant can balance out a person’s face and replace a weak jawline with a more streamlined one.

Surgeries to insert these kinds of implants usually take 1 to 2 hours and require patients to take about a week off work. The results can last indefinitely.

Augmentation Without Implants

Although there are numerous cosmetic implant options, an alternative has risen in popularity in recent years: fat grafting. This process removes fatty tissue from one area of a person’s body through liposuction and moves it elsewhere. This has the dual benefit of slimming the area where the fat is unwanted (usually the abdomen, hips, or thighs) and augmenting the area where it could be beneficial.

Plastic surgeons and researchers have been experimenting with fat grafting techniques for decades, but in the past few years the science has rapidly evolved. Surgeons now commonly move fat to many of the areas mentioned above, including the breasts, buttocks, and face. Where cosmetic patients previously had to turn to implants to enhance these areas, they now have another, more natural option.

Board-certified plastic surgeons are qualified to determine which procedures best suit which people. If you are interested in any kind of cosmetic augmentation, with implants or fat grafting, be sure to consult with an experienced provider.

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