Not Just for Aesthetics: How Plastic Surgery Can Help Save Lives

Not Just for Aesthetics: How Plastic Surgery Can Help Save Lives

Many people think that something like plastic surgery is solely for looks and many people would be right. For the vast majority of individuals who took on plastic surgery in the past, it was very cosmetic-driven. However, with the exploration in plastic surgery benefits and our ever vigilant need to live well, plastic surgery can be a vital means to better living. Experienced plastic surgeons find more patients are signing on for surgeries not just for aesthetics anymore, but for life-saving treatments and solutions.


On average, we breathe some 20,000 times a day. Even as we age that number is still massively high. So what is someone who has poor breathing issues or impacted sinuses supposed to do? Imagine having to struggle for every breath you take. So while rhinoplasty has taken on all kinds of subtext for those that want the perfect point or bridge, for some people, a nose job is very necessary in order to properly breathe and maintain good airflow through the nasal cavity.

Breast Issues

One of the scariest things a woman can hear is that she has breast cancer. While breast implants have certainly become very popular in some circles, having a full, partial, or even mastectomy in order to remove cancerous breast tissue is a terrible reality. Getting back up on their feet after a mastectomy can often run hand in hand with having portions of the breast reapplied with an implant. Some health plans can offer partial coverage for implants if a mastectomy was needed.

For women that are endowed with larger breasts, this can become a serious problem and lead to developing painful back issues. Often times, removal of excess breast tissue is needed in order to shape the breasts to a more comfortable size in order to prevent serious back problems from occurring in the future.

Craniofacial Surgery

If you suffer some massive face trauma, burns, or anything else that could totally alter the look of your face, then you may need to undergo some kind of craniofacial surgery or have total facial reconstruction. You may have suffered a massive head and face injury during a car accident, or you may have been subject to burning and scarring from operating hazardous machinery. Whatever the case may be, this type of facial surgery can hold the key to your renewed appearance.


Another area where plastic surgery can vastly improve your life is through brachioplasty. Some say that losing weight is an awesome thing and it is. But after losing massive amounts of weight, do people wonder where all that excess skin will go? Brachioplasty gets rid of that skin under the arms and around the chest area which can be leftover after severe weight loss. You shed those pounds, now shed that skin too!

Plastic surgery is a choice we all need to make of our own free will. Of course your doctors may push for or warn against plastic surgery for a variety of reasons and you should speak with your medical team and weigh all the costs and benefits out before you do it. But if you use your judgment, plastic surgery can go a long way to improving your overall outlook and making your future feel brighter.

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